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Bridesmaids, These 9 Small Mehndi Designs Won’t Keep You Away From The Dance Floor For Too Long

When you're busy making sure everything is perfect at your BFF’s Mehndi, it's a task to get your henna done without missing out on the fun. So here's a list of small mehndi designs that you can flaunt at her ceremony and enjoy to the fullest.

The Lightsmiths

With smiles and laughter all around, and everyone from Dulhan ke Papa to her Punjabwali Massi dancing to Banno Tera Swagger, you know that the day is finally here, it’s your best friend’s Mehndi. And to make the day even better for all your bridesmaids, we have put together some of our favourite small mehndi designs that would look absolutely stunning on your hands and ten-fold the joy of this beautiful ceremony.

1. A Tiny Lotus

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

It is common knowledge that lotus is a symbol of clarity and purity, plus, it is also considered as a good luck charm, so ditch the rose motif and adorn your palm with a tiny lotus design this time. This design is clean and simple.

Plus, it will work well on either hand and even on the back, so you can get a mirror design and get these small mehndi designs on both the palms and slay in style.

2. Our Kinda Geometry

Image courtesy: Alisa Parveen

We all love (and are borderline obsessed with) the chadar design because apart from the fact that it looks absolutely stunning, it is sophisticated and delicate. So how about you take this love affair up a notch? Instead of getting the regular (chadar) design, get this geometric chadar designed on the arc between your thumb and index finger.

You can either stick to the same pattern for the fingers or go back to the basics for small mehndi designs and complete the composition with some leaves, flowers, and swirls.

3. A Mandala Can Fit Anywhere

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

Neatly placed in the centre of the palm, the Mandala pattern looks gorgeous all by itself. However, if you want a design more intricate than this, but don’t want to get a full hand mehndi at the same time, then choose this design instead. Small mehndi designs such as this one don’t take up much time in the making, plus, they look super pretty.

And the repeated tiny leaf design on the palm and the fingers make this design more aesthetically pleasing. You can also get more inspirations for finger mehndi designs here.

4. We Heart It

Image courtesy: SG Henna Artist

While some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, you can wear it on your palm, all thanks to this design. With bold strokes of beaded swirls and tiny leaves and a jaal design that is delicately placed inside the heart, this design is simple yet unique.

And the best part? You don’t have to stay away from the photo booth or the dance floor for too long to get this design.

5. Just Keep Swirling

Image courtesy: Amrita Henna

Swirls, just like the Mandala design or a conventional circular mehndi design, can fit anywhere. Confused about how to complete the finger design? Add a swirl. Need to add oomph to the peacock motif? Add some swirls.

Don’t want the basic henna bel? Get a swirl bel instead. This swirl-inspired bel is pretty unique and takes lesser time as compared to the paisley bel designs. Oh, and you can even get small swirls made on your fingertips if you don’t want to leave them blank.

6. The Miniature Bride & Groom Motif

Image courtesy: Krunal Tailor Henna Artist

Show your love for the would-be couple by getting a miniature bride and groom motif designed on either your palm or your fingers. You can also get them designed on one hand each. However, if you want to be more specific, you can get all the bridesmaids to get the bride miniature with Ladkiwale or bride squad written on your palm. These small mehndi designs would make for an amazing photograph idea.

7. The Classic Mandala Design

Image courtesy: Henna By Hira

When you are torn between getting your hand hennaed and dancing (plus, having more drinks), this selection amid small mehndi designs becomes your life saviour. The beauty of Mandala patterns is that they can be as big or as small as you want, so talk to the henna artist and tell them what you are looking for.

8. The Paisley Bel

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

The paisley bel has always been a go-to design for bridesmaids. In a list of small mehndi designs, this one is a classic. The spectacular use of bold and light strokes with elements like the flower motif, paisley design, and swirls makes this a winner.

9. The Beauty Of Intricacy & Bold Strokes

Image courtesy: Kiran Saheb Henna Artist

The best part about small mehndi designs is that they can either be a small intricate and detailed pattern or a simple composition of bold and light strokes put together beautifully. And this design right here showcases the best of both worlds; a perfect amalgamation of bold and light strokes and intricacy, this design is simply breathtaking.

While we get that you will be busy grooving to peppy Bollywood music, getting plaudits, and sharing inside jokes with your girlfriends at your best friend’s Mehndi ceremony, you also can’t miss out on the beautiful ritual of getting mehndi done. Plus, you want to show off your hennaed hands in that group photograph with your girl gang, don't you? So get off the dance floor (because they will play London Thumakda again) and get one of these small mehndi designs done.

Don’t forget to share this list with your squad and choose your mehndi designs in advance.