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Simple Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas to Deck the D-day Up

If minimalism is your style and you don’t go OTT, here are some inspiring simple Indian wedding decoration ideas for a fabulous wedding within a budget.

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Minimal and elegant décor where the tiniest details make a statement, simple Indian wedding decoration ideas add gorgeous aesthetic without a dent in the bank. We have gathered some ultimate simple Indian wedding decoration ideas to add life to your grand event. Each one of these ideas will give you the ‘Insta wedding’ appeal that you desire for some amazing shots!

1. Gleaming Lanterns

Image courtesy - Shades Photography

Sparkling lanterns with twinkling fairy lights make any wedding event look like a fairy tale. Even though according to Indian wedding superstitions, candles should not be lit at a wedding, nowadays not many people believe in it. 

Different ways to create this:

  • Hanging them from the ceiling
  • Placing them in the centre of each table
  • Dangling from tree branches
  • Hanging them of different heights
  • You can even use different objects to create lanterns like mason jars, glass fish bowls, and empty bulbs.

These are easy to DIY as you need two simple elements to create this look.

Approximate cost: ₹6000 onwards

Nitin Arora Photography

Image courtesy - The Con Artists

2. Minimal Mandap

Bhumi & Simran Photography

This is a great option for any outdoor wedding. Fabric drapes and floral accents are all you need to decorate an outdoor wedding, nature’s beauty takes care of the rest of it.

Different ways to create this:

  • Creating floor seating with colourful mattresses, booster cushions, floor cushions
  • Simple chair seating arrangements with a bunch of flowers tied to the back of each chair
  • Fabric drapes going along the pillars of the Mandap creating a mesmerizing colourful shadow

Approximate cost: ₹12000 onwards

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3. Under the umbrella

Bhumi & Simran Photography

Umbrellas are a great prop for any event décor. The can be used to create different decoration, fun photo shoots and are also a practical part of a bright summer wedding. You can procure regular umbrellas or handicraft items, Rajasthani umbrellas.

Different ways to create this:

  • Hand umbrellas from the ceiling
  • Use traditional fabric to create the umbrellas for an ethnic touch
  • You can use just the wire of an umbrella, spray paint them white and add a few pastel flowers to make a picture-perfect prop.

Approximate cost: ₹8000 onwards

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4. Cycle of Whimsy

Image courtesy - The Con Artists

The cycle of whimsy adds fun and Bohemian touch to any wedding décor.

Different ways to create this:

  • Cover the entire bicycle with Marigold flowers
  • Create a photo booth corner
  • Turn this into a three-wheeler bombarded with flowers for some amazing pictures
  • Add a placard with the bride and groom’s name on it and make each shot a memory
  • Create multiple arrangements to fill up space

Approximate cost: ₹5000 onwards

VRS Wedding Organiser

5. Creative Backdrops

Fotografia 9

You don’t need to add creative decorations to the entire venue, just a few stunning backgrounds do the trick.

Different ways to create this

  • Use fresh flowers to create a stunning backdrop
  • Marigold mesh backdrop for the perfect Mehndi pictures
  • Papercraft is a great way to add interesting elements to the backdrop
  • Dreamcatchers and windchimes for a dreamy backdrop

Approximate Cost: ₹7000 onwards

Riveting Events

6. Swinging Celebration

Anoop Photography

This is another one of out-of-the-box simple Indian wedding decoration ideas. Instead of just chairs and couches, you can add a few swings as well. Creative pictures are an added bonus!

Different ways to create this:

  • Big wooden plank swings spray painted with a vivid colour
  • Floral garlands along the sides of the swings
  • Cover the entire seat of the swing with flowers to make it look like a floral cloud to sit on.

Approximate Cost: ₹4000 onwards

Wedding Architects

7. Raining Roses

Image courtesy - The Con Artists

Flowers aren’t just for the table, hang them from the ceiling and make it look like it’s raining roses.

Different ways to create this:

  • Not just roses, you can opt for any flowers that you wish
  • Make small bunches and then dangle them from up above
  • Lush green fern garlands add freshness to the venue
  • Throw in a few Marigold flowers (Genda Phool) for a dash of auspiciousness.

Approximate cost: ₹10000 onwards

Nitin Arora Photography

8. Quirky Quotes


In the world of hashtags, quotes make their way right to the centre of simple Indian wedding decoration ideas.

Different ways to create this:

  • Hang or place some quirky quotes around the venue for a quick laugh and creative pictures.
  • Different quotes for different areas of the venue, entry, photo booth, bar, stage etc.
  • You can create signs on spray painted boards that give direction to different areas of the venue.

Approximate cost: ₹3000 onwards


9. Gota Décor

Tarun Chawla Photography
For a touch of tradition in your wedding décor, add traditional elements like Gota, mirror, and Moli to create simple yet colourful decorations.

Different ways of creating this:

  • Dangling Gota flowers from ceiling and pillars
  • Add embellishments like pearls and mirror work
  • Use thick Moli string instead of colourful threads
  • Use them along with fabric drapes for a fuller look

Approximate cost: ₹4000 onwards

Naach Gaana Vyaah

10. Pop of colour

Adding a pop of colour to a minimal white wedding speaks volumes for itself. It’s an easy touch that stands out in an otherwise simple wedding.

Different ways of creating this:

  • Colourful fabric drapes going across the room
  • Fabric canopy on seating arrangements
  • Vibrant fabric accents on white furniture
  • Spray painting small elements with vivid colours to make them pop

Approximate cost: ₹2500 onwards

Tarun Chawla Photography

The key to nail simple Indian wedding decoration ideas is location and colour. Pick a location that is naturally beautiful and does not require much make-up and play around with the colour scheme to make the subtle elements pop.

Inspired for your own wedding decorations? Go ahead and find the right vendor for yourself right now.