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17 Sharara Suits You Can Wear to Any Wedding Ceremony

Sharara suit designs are totally trending, and we know you want this unique garment in your wardrobe! Read to know how you can add this to your wedding outfits list!


Way back in 2002, Shamita Shetty jived to a song about being a sharara outfit and instantly made the outfit super popular (and if you’re in the mood to enjoy something cringe-worthy, you’ll find the video at the bottom of this article). Now, sharara suit designs are back with a bang, and we’re ready to welcome them with open arms. With relatively short Kurtis and pants that are flared, this is the perfect ethnic outfit to wear any autumn weddings coming up.

Check out these 17 sharara suit designs that will let be the star at any wedding you attend:

This Pastel Blue Sharara

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

What’s great about this outfit is how incorporates two trending styles at once – pastel colours and the Sharara silhouette. Wear this to a Mehndi Ceremony at a farmhouse!

This Green and Gold Sharara

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

Sharara suit designs with heavy embroidery are, by default, appropriate for big weddings where you’ll be meeting tons of people. Wear this to your best friend’s Sangeet ceremony!

This Guju Inspired Green Sharara

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

If your wedding is themed around your culture and place of birth, your outfits should reflect the same! This one’s perfect if you’re looking to channel some hardcore Guju vibes! The best about this look is that you can totally repurpose this for dandiya nights! Wear this to a Gujarati engagement ceremony!

This Super Flared Sharara

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

Sharara suit designs with large flairs are perfect for creating the illusion of curves! Additionally, light colours like ivory and gold do a great job of making the wearer look super chic. Wear this to a not-so-low-key Puja Ceremony!

This Dual-Toned Sharara in Bold Colours!

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

Love playing with colours while creating your look? Pick Sharara suit designs with contrasting colours for a look that’s as bold as your personality. Wear this to your cousin’s Sangeet ceremony!

This Super Sparkly Sharara

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

If you’re a stickler for the contemporary, edgy style that’s currently popular, then why not find Sharara suit designs that incorporate the same? This sparkly silver one looks hella-modern and on-point! Wear this to your Bachelorette party!

This Bright Sharara!

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

When you want all eyes on you, you’ve got to choose bright colours like rani pink! Paired with muted mint green pants, this look just screams “I’m the bride!” Wear this to your Mehndi ceremony!

This White, Minimalist Sharara!

Image Courtesy: Concept One Studios

Sometimes, the best way to stand out is by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing! In the wedding scene, that would be to wear something so simple that the simplicity itself becomes a statement! Wear this to your Engagement ceremony!

This Mirror Work Sharara!


Mustard is a gorgeous colour to wear to a wedding because there’s something so happy about it. Pick Sharara suit designs in yellow with intricate mirror work to stun everyone! Wear this to your Gurudwara wedding!

This Mehndi Green Sharara!

Kalki Fashion

Here’s another colour combination that you don’t really see every day! If you want your look to be super different from everyone else’s, then such Sharara suit designs can work well too. Wear this to your cousin’s Mehndi ceremony!

This Red Sharara with Gold Embroidery!

Kalki Fashion

Brides looking to have a low-key day wedding should totally pick Sharara suit designs like this. All you need is a little bit of gold jewellery to complete the look. Wear this to your intimate wedding ceremony!

This pink Manish Malhotra sharara!

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra

Let’s not forget the designers while talking about Sharara suit designs! Manish Malhotra has a huge collection of Sharara suits you should check out! Wear this to your sister’s wedding!

This non-red bridal look!

Razz Films & Photography

Love how the dark green colour transitions into mint in this outfit, but it’s the printed chunni that totally steals the show! Wear this to your lavish wedding ceremony!

This simple mint sharara!

Razz Films & Photography

Not all your Sharara suit designs need to be super heavy. Add some lighter options to your trousseau to wear after the wedding! Wear this to your pre-wedding shoot!

This Pastel Blue and Gold Look!

Safarsaga Films

Want to dazzle all your friends with your style? Then you need to get a pastel blue sharara with gold embroidery like this. Wear this to your bestie’s mehndi and steal the show!

This Classic White and Gold Sharara!

Safarsaga Films

Sharara suit designs with a relatively plainer design can make you look incredibly elegant and effortlessly beautiful. Wear this to the first big family function after your wedding!

This Happy Yellow Sharara!

Image Courtesy: Shashank Issar

Finally, on this list of beautiful Sharara suit designs, we have this bright yellow Sharara with gold embroidery that will make you look brighter than the sun! Wear this to your sister’s Haldi ceremony!

No matter where you’re going, a gorgeous Sharara will not let you down. The stunning silhouette and the wide variety of designs you’ll see will make sure that you find a version of this outfit that’s perfect for any ceremony you’re planning to attend!

Oh, and don’t think that we’ve forgotten our promise! Here’s that Sharara video for you to steal 5 minutes from work and laugh at how weird the early 2000s were!

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