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How do Different Cultures of India use the Ring Platter? Find Out!

A ring platter has become a part of the wedding story that holds deep significance. No matter what designs you use, here’s everything you may need to know about this crucial item!

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A ring platter is exactly what it sounds like – a tray or surface on which families carry the engagement ring and other accompaniments. Across India, no matter what cultural norms a bride or groom may follow, an engagement ceremony and the ring platter remain constant (albeit with minor variations). The concept of such a platter comes from the fact that most families consider it inauspicious to enter their in-law's homes empty-handed during the wedding week. The ring platter offers a stable surface on which they can carry rings, Puja items, gifts, and anything else they can think of to decorate their engagement ring Thalis.

Let’s look at a breakdown of how people from different cultural backgrounds use these platters, along with some fun ideas for you to use!

1. Using the ring platter during a Muslim Wedding

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During a Mangni, which marks the start of Indian Muslim wedding traditions, the bride and groom exchange rings. However, that’s not all. The groom’s family also brings gifts to the bride to herald an auspicious beginning. During such ceremonies, the ring platter is often a huge one that can accommodate a set of clothing, fruits and sweets. More often than not, the clothes presented to the bride at this occasion are meant to be worn during a future occasion (sometimes the Nikaah, and at other times, the reception).

How to use an appropriate platter?

When gifting large items such as an entire outfit, choose more traditional platters or trays. An ornate silver tray is ideal for two reasons. The first is that it looks lovely. The second is that it can bear the weight of heavy traditional clothes and jewellery without buckling.

2. Using the ring platter during a Christian wedding

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Christian weddings are markedly different from all other weddings in India, primarily because they do not go on for many days. True to this theme, the engagement ceremony is also a simple one that most commonly takes place right before the wedding day. The rings exchanged during the ceremony are often blessed by a priest before the exchange takes place. After this, comes the gifts!

How to use an appropriate platter?

In an Indian Christian wedding, the groom gifts the bride her favourite things – perfume, clothes, jewellery, and so on. As Christian aesthetics are not deeply associated with a traditional platter (the way Hindu ceremonies bring to mind Puja Thaalis), couples can get creating when picking out their ring platters. They can use pretty hampers, boxes with funky prints, and antique platters.

3. Using the ring platter during a Hindu Wedding

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Hindu pre-wedding rituals like the engagement do vary from region to region. However, in spite of variations in customs, the essence of the ceremony remains the same. The Sagai ceremony marks the beginning of the couple’s journey, with families gathering together to exchange rings. While this is often coupled with the Roka ceremony in urban areas, many families prefer having separate ceremonies for both as there is sometimes a significant gap between the two.

After this ceremony, families exchange gifts as a part of the Sagan ceremony. This is where the platter comes into play.

How to use an appropriate platter?

The answer to this largely depends on the religious elements that you wish to incorporate in the engagement ceremony. Many families pick traditional plates or trays with a bowl filled with Tikka, something sweet to offer the couple once they exchange the rings, and Diyas. These platters may also contain small idols of Gods and Goddesses, as per the family’s beliefs.

Similarly, the platter can also be one that contains gifts, and is presented to the couple during the Sagan portion of the ceremony, instead of during the engagement itself. Close family members may offer their gifts on ornate platters while others simply offer wrapped presents or Lifafas to the couple.

4. Should you experiment with the platter?

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Of course! With modern couples preferring aesthetics that suit their personas, more and more people are turning to quirky platters over traditional ones. There’s no rule that says these platters need to look extremely ethnic in order for your engagement to be valid! Go ahead and get funky trays and statement plates to use instead!

5. Games associated with the platter

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In some cultures, particularly during Gujarati weddings, families hide engagement rings in deep platters filled with water, milk, and red colour. The bride and groom must dip their fingers in the mixture to find the rings. They get 7 chances to do so and the person who wins most often is believed to be the dominant figure in the marriage!

With your wedding right on the horizon, it’s time to source some great wedding ring trays to hold all your things in! Make it quirky if you love showing the world who you are!

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