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12 Marriage Home Decoration Elements that Can Make All the Difference

Not just the bride or the groom, even the Shaadi Wala Ghar needs to do its part and doll up during the wedding festivities. Read on and get inspired!

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The marriage home decoration ideas are limitless and leave a lot of room for creativity. If you, too, belong to a home where a wedding is going to take place, you don't have to fret over the decoration ideas anymore. Here is a list of 12 unique elements that you can mix and match to add a fun factor to your decor and give a bride-like makeover to even the simplest of home.

1. Flowers

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The importance of flowers during weddings is unmatchable as wedding décor calls for extensive use of flowers. Various varieties of flowers can be used throughout the home or mixed and matched with other elements as marriage home decoration. Flower curtains near the entrance, swing with flowers, hanging flower decorations, flower and Diya combination, flowers on the staircase etc. are some of the most amazing ideas.

2. Rangoli


Rangolis are a must-have wedding element in Southern India but people from all other states and cultures can embrace these colourful creations. Gather some bridesmaids and create rangolis with earthen lamps and flowers all over the home. Rangolis not only look pretty but are known to bring prosperity, luck and happiness too.

3. Lights

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Lights are probably the most common ornamental item we use when we think of marriage home decoration and there are a zillion ways to use them. Adorn walls with lights, create a message with them, use string lights, place lamps, hanging bulbs on trees - the options are absolutely unlimited. You can even decorate your terrace with lights to create a makeshift dance floor or a bar.

4. Drapes

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Drapes, small and big, bright and muted, all types of them give the ultimate wedding feels to the house. While using them as 'tents' is a pretty common marriage home decoration use drapes made with lacey, flowy fabrics in pretty colours to create the backdrop for ceremonies and rituals.

5. Kalire

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Kalire are beautiful North Indian jewellery strictly worn by brides but are being used in wedding décor too. If you belong to the girl's side, take liberty and hang Kalire all over your home to increase the aesthetic value. They create a lovely wedding vibe and look fantastic in pictures.

6. Dream Catchers

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Dream catchers are said to chase away bad dreams, capture good vibes and filter good thoughts. To create a stylish and positive modern wedding decor, use dream catchers as marriage home decoration. Their feathers, tapestry rings, lace, macramé and geometry will add astonishing beauty to your decor.

7. Bright Hangings

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What's fun without oodles of colours! Bring more colour to your wedding home by hanging bright coloured accents all over your home. Tassles, Parandi, lamps – all these elements can add colour and make any nook look attractive.

8. Kites

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A beautifully made kite can be framed and displayed on a wall like art. Kites are a cheap and beautiful way to decorate your marriage home. Thanks to their colours, they can add appeal to any type of home decor. Add some sequins and mirror to the kites before using them to increase their beauty.

9. Bangles

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Bangles are beautiful and yet another indispensable element in Indian marriage home decoration. Mix and match bangles with other decorative ideas such as floral strings. If not this, buy them in bulk and get strings of bangles composed. Mix and match them with drapes, flowers and lights to add a little more sparkle.

10. Candles


Candles are a way to add an old school and romantic charm to your marriage home decoration. Pick scented ones for your special room or beautifully decorated ones to brightly light up your home. Grab a ton of tea light candles and arrange them in beautiful patterns across your home.

11. Photo Booth

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How can you not have a dedicated photo booth for your Instagram addict friends! Get a DIY photobooth erected, keeping the theme of your wedding in mind. Earthen pots, flowers, fairy lights, lamps – the options are limitless. Add an added fun factor by keeping some quirky slogan placards handy.

12. Balloons

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One sight of balloons is all that's needed to bring happy and fun memories of childhood back. Balloons beautifully decorate your home and draw the attention of kids and adults alike. Their varied colours add a fun element and a unique look when mixed with traditional marriage home decoration; don't forget those helium balloons.

Adding these elements as marriage home decoration will break the monotony of your décor and make your home look picturesque in no time. Pick just one of these elements or play with all twelve of these, as per your budget and liking. These elements are not just pretty but help set the mood right for festivities too. Keep it simple or go extravagant when decorating your beautiful home.

How would you like to decorate your home to make it wedding-ready? Share with us!