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21 Unexpected Household Items You Can Use for to Make Your Own Ring Ceremony Tray!

Everything related to your wedding is special, but nothing is as cherished as the ring you wear to mark your engagement. Give them the status they deserve by using creative ring ceremony trays!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

It’s the age of self-expression and the celebration of individuality! We all document our lives through social media, pay great attention while curating our own unique style, and plan out pre-wedding shoots designed to show off who we really are. So, why stop there? Use these amazing household items to create your own ring ceremony tray!

1. A quirky tray with a funky print

Image Courtesy: Chumbak

Who says that pre-wedding functions must be a sombre affair? Jazz things up with a ring ceremony tray that has a quirky print on its inner surface!

2. A blend of ethnic and modernity!

Image Courtesy: Ellementary Homes 

What better way to celebrate the union of two families than by showing a blend of different values. This copper tray has a highly ethnic vibe that’s offset by the pastel pink inner surface. Is it an Instagram-worthy ring ceremony tray? Totally!

3. An organiser tray

Image Courtesy: Label Life

If you’re into home décor, you know that organiser trays are all the rage these days. Use them to your advantage to create a tray for your rings. You can style them with beautiful Diyas and marigold flowers to make it look more ethnic.

4. A Proverbial Silver Platter

Image Courtesy: Good Earth Silver

Adorning a gorgeous silver platter with all the accompaniments needed during a ring ceremony, like the Tikka, rings, flower petals, and other items can be a great way to add a touch of luxury to the function.

5. A funky cushion as the base

Image Courtesy: Chumbak

Prince Charming offered Cinderella a glass slipper on a lavish cushion. Why not have your rings sitting in ornate holders, balanced on a cushion too?

6. An opulent surface!

Image Courtesy: Le Creuset

When it comes to opulence, nothing beats marble surfaces. This stone has been dominating the Instagram aesthetic for a while now and rightly so! When you place something on it, it looks gorgeous! So, why no use a marble base for your ring ceremony tray?

7. A fairytale that matches your own!

Image Courtesy: Chumbak

If you and your fiancé are both avid readers, then using a hardbound book as the base to balance your rings can be a great way to express the same.

8. A minimalist tray!

Image Courtesy: Le Creuset

Grab an elegant, minimalist tray from your kitchen and adorn it with your favourite flowers to dress it up. Use a large tray if you want to add a ton of accompaniments, or a small one if you just want to show off the rings.

9. A wooden chopping board!

Image Courtesy: Ellementary Homes 

Get super creative by using a wooden chopping board and accessorising it to look like a ring ceremony tray. This one’s ideal if you and your fiancé both are total foodies!

10. A modern, metal tray!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

Go for a more contemporary vibe with a sleek, metal-based tray that adds modern overtones to the ceremony!

11. A statement Thaali!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

If you’ve got bold china in your home, use a statement plate as your ring ceremony tray! The bolder, the better!

12. A DIY Picture Board!

Image Courtesy: Propshop

Start this new journey by remembering everything you’ve already shared together. Make a DIY picture board with your favourite clicks and use that as the tray!

13. A funky box!

Image Courtesy: Chumbak

Your ring ceremony tray does not have to be a literal tray (as evidenced by all the ideas above!). Use an ornate box and fill it with rose petals. Leave the rings right on top for a unique presentation.

14. A décor piece you love!

Image Courtesy: Ellementary Homes 

Modern décor pieces come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got one that truly represents your personality or the home you want to make with your fiancé, incorporate it the function as the medium to carry the rings!

15. A framed quote that speaks to you!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

Nudge your husband-to-be in the right direction with a framed quote that captures the spirit of your marriage!

16. A wall plate you’ve always loved!

Image Courtesy: Chumbak

Wall plates are pretty common décor items. You can pluck them off your wall, style them with Puja things, and create a great tray for rings!

17. A contemporary glass piece!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

Nothing says modern the way glass and metal does. If you’re planning to be a couple that breaks all tradition, start by making a statement during your engagement!

18. A statement cheese board!

Image Courtesy: Label Life

It’s the perfect tray if you are a cheesy couple (#SorryNotSorry)!

19. A typographic piece!

Image Courtesy: Le Creuset

A ring ceremony tray designed with typography can look really cool in an otherwise traditional setting.

20. A textured tray!

Image Courtesy: Ellementary Homes

Adding texture is a great design trick that works even in real life. Using a textured ring ceremony tray can help you add to the aesthetics around you. If you decorate it with delicate flower petals, the juxtaposition of the same can be lovely!

21. A tiered tray!

Image Courtesy: Ellementary Homes

What if you could exchange rings, and then immediately reach for a cupcake to celebrate? Using a multi-purpose tiered tray can help you do just that! It will certainly add an element of grandeur to the ceremony!

With these ring ceremony tray ideas, you can express yourself to the fullest at the dawn of your new life!

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