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Use These Harry Potter Wedding Hashtags for a Magical New Beginning

Are you a Potterhead that simply cannot let go of Hogwarts? Use these Harry potter wedding hashtags to add your personality to your wedding!

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Harry potter influenced a generation of kids who grew up to become adults that believe in magic. And as Dumbledore would have us believe, love is the strongest form of magic there is. If you're a die hard Potterhead who will never leave Hogwarts behind, why not let magic be a part of the biggest day of your life - your wedding? Use these Harry Potter wedding hashtags to make your wedding even more enchanting than it already is.

1. #Always

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Can you have a list of Harry Potter wedding hashtags with #Always? Though the Prince’s Tale was quite polarizing – with many people believing Snape to be a true hero while others couldn’t forgive him for being a bully – the word Always holds a very special place in the hearts of most Potterheads. Not only does this word mean you will always love your bae, but it also signifies that you will always, ALWAYS, love Harry.

2. #GryffindorWedsSlytherin

Image Courtesy: Daily Dot

There’s not a single Potterhead who doesn’t know which house they are in, thanks to Pottermore! If you and your bae are in opposing houses, then why not use Harry Potter wedding hashtags that show the same? There is nothing cooler than a Slytherin deigning to accept a Gryffindor in his or her life. Lololol.

3. #MyPatronus

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Here’s a sentimental one for you. Do you think that your husband or wife to be is the literal embodiment of utter happiness? If that’s the case, wouldn’t that make him or her your Patronus? If your love rescues you from your darkest moments, then this is one of the most apt Harry Potter wedding hashtags you can use.

4. #Lumos

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Another sentimental take on Harry Potter wedding hashtags, this one works if your lover is the light of your life. #Lumos is a really happy hashtag to use!

5. #Expelliarmus

Image Courtesy: Philadelphia Magazine

Confused why we’ve added this one? This is the disarming spell and if you think that your bae disarmed you with his charm, then this the hashtag that you should use! Of course, this is one of the Harry Potter wedding hashtags that will require a bit of explanation, but to be fair, so will most of the rest if you’re inviting a lot of Muggles to your wedding.

6. #MischiefManaged

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

If there’s one thing most Potterheads won’t forgive J.K Rowling for, it’s killing Fred. SERIOUSLY, that still stings. But, back to your wedding – this is one of the best Harry Potter wedding hashtags that you can use. It has a really cute vibe to it, especially in the Indian context where dating can sometimes be frowned upon by parents!

7. #Amortentia

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Amortentia is the strongest love potion in the world. If you’re planning to use Harry Potter wedding hashtags at different areas of the venue, stick this one at the bar! Make sure you’re serving themed drinks if you want to go the extra mile!

8. #WitchcraftAndWizardry

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Using these gender-specific words can be a cute way to signify your union. If you are looking for Harry Potter wedding hashtags that are rare, then this one is great because you won’t see many people using it at their wedding!

9. #Alliswell

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

The danger of using this hashtag is that a lot of people may think you’re a huge fan of 3 Idiots. But, this iconic phrase signalled the end of an era for many people, and it even gave us a bit solace. It makes you think that the story continues, and though you cannot ever pre-order a Harry Potter book or wait in line for the movie, the series still lives on in your heart.

10.  #TheChosenOne

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

If you’re looking for Harry Potter wedding hashtags that denote your love for each other, this one is great for showing the world that you two have chosen to spend your lives together.

11.  #TheMarauders

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

If you and your spouse to be were school friends who’ve seen it all together, then this hashtag suits you. After all, Harry Potter is as much about friendship as it is about love. Celebrate the fact that you two will always have each other’s back no matter what!

12.  #AccioBae!

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

Accio is the Summoning Spell. If you are someone who always wants his or her better half next to them no matter what, you can use this hashtag and make it a part of your wedding décor.

13.  #AfterAllThisTime

Image Courtesy: Elegant Weddings India

A variant of Always, this hashtag works if you have had a long courtship period, and are finally getting married!

These Harry Potter wedding hashtags can bring a ton of feels to your wedding and make the two of you bond over one of your favourite things in the world all over again! Use them in different areas of the venue so that your friends can enjoy discovering them! Add something quirky to your wedding decor and show your guests why your wedding is a magical ride they will never forget!

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