While choosing an outfit for your grand wedding can be a daunting task, let us make it simpler by presenting evergreen classic options for grooms through centuries - Rajwadi sherwani. As the name suggests this form of traditional wear for men has its roots in age-old traditions and customs. These Rajwadi sherwanis were often the choice of the royal blood and were gifted to the rich by the royal and hence were a symbol of luxury. Owing to its fine fabrics and intricate embroidery for the longest time it remained restricted to the rich and elite royalty.

With that said, through the ages, the design of Rajwadi sherwani has now come to become a major groom dress inspiration on their big day. The luxurious and decadent vibe seems to fit the occasion while giving out an elegant and timeless vibe. Though in the present fashion, these royal Rajwadi sherwanis have been modified for the modern taste while remaining true to its inspiring past. So let's check out these grooms, to find the best fit for you!

1. The royal image

Dipak Studios

Ok, even though grooms are the focus of this article we could not help but get distracted by how regal and classy this couple look together in the frame. The bride's elegant red lehenga compliments and almost completes the groom's beige Rajwadi sherwani with a red dupatta.

The way the border of the bright contrast stole is highlighted too is quite fashion-forward especially against the muted-beige embroidered and embellished Rajwadi sherwani. The long kurta peeping under the sherwani gives the outfit an extra dimension making it appear extremely fashionable.

2. Bold in black

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An unusual colour for a groom but this colour itself will do the trick! Set against the beige and gold intricate embroidery the bold black just does so much justice to this Rajwadi sherwani and how! There is nothing we don't love about this groom's suave look. 

The matching Jutti and pearl Haar just complete his look giving it the much-needed accessories. We usually would suggest adding some contrast, but that would just spoil this brooding look the groom has going!

3. The modern hue

Hitched & Clicked

Taking a path away from the usual colours groom's usually pick, this groom gets it spot on with just this pastel summer hue of baby pink. The luxurious shimmering silk just makes it through despite the intricate flower motifs embroidered all over in an off white and gold tinge just giving it the oomph factor.

This is the perfect Rajwadi sherwani for the modern summer grooms who want something beyond the conventional colours. With a contrast magenta colour to compliment the bride's bridal velvet lehenga, this groom goes the extra mile to get their coordination game on point with such a simple yet elegant element, we love it! Is there anything better than wedding couples coordinating their outfits? We think not.

4. Simply classy

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This groom's simple Rajwadi sherwani delivers quite an impact owing primarily to its basic yet royal Jodhpuri sherwani vibe which we dig! There is nothing classier than the colour combination this groom is rocking: from a khaki to white and even a contrasting emerald.

It is regal and elegant. The paisley motif strewn across his Rajwadi sherwani in a symmetrical fashion with a thick embroidered border on the khaki stole, this is a perfect pick for them simple grooms who don't want to go OTT this summer.

5. Intricate work


This Rajwadi sherwani is just precious for so many reasons! Firstly can we just talk about the simple yet so impactful bold embroidered work all over the sherwani, which is so so heavy, it appears simple on the surface but on second glance you notice the details which are so elegant?

This Rajwadi sherwani is the perfect choice for any groom as you can dress it up or down with any accessories owing to its welcoming colour scheme also making it a front runner for this summer!

Just compiling this list, gave us major fashion goals from these regal and elegant grooms who rocked the Rajwadi sherwani trend so effortlessly. From a variation in the embroidery to colour and even prints, there is a Rajwadi sherwani for every groom's taste, preference and even occasion if you do decide to wear it for a cocktail or engagement party. The sherwani dress has been an epitome of royalty through the ages and we do not need a moment's time to wonder why.

So which groom's style did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.