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All the Jodhpuri Sherwani Inspiration You Ever Needed! Check out These Dashing Desi Dudes Rocking the Style

Want to ditch the traditional sherwani for something unique and regal? Jodhpuri sherwanis might be your best bet for an enhanced and uber stylish look as a groom this summer!

The Lightsmiths

Distinguishing itself from other outfits available for grooms, Jodhpuri sherwani gives a refined and royal look.  The classic Bandhgala coat is buttoned down straight across the front in a luxurious fabric and sometimes with a touch of embroidery making the entire outfit appear appealing. You can choose to pair this classic look with any type of pants you prefer, ranging from dhoti to even straight cut trousers which give a sleek look.

There are an array of options and customisation available when it comes to Jodhpuri sherwani, you can ditch the traditional colour palette while embracing the intricate embroidery. A traditional groom outfit favoured by the royalty, this outfit has come to get many modern face-lifts and with that, it can be worn for small events as well as big ones, such as your wedding. So we hope this batch of inspirations help you find the one for you!

1. Featuring summer hues

The Lightsmiths

There is nothing we don't love about this groom's extremely stylish modern Jodhpuri sherwani. Even though this sherwani is embracing the classic design, everything else about it screams modernity especially the pastel palette. The attention to detail is just spectacular.

Set against the blue silk Jodhpuri sherwani, the pink and orange intricate embroidery all over the arms and the front just takes the outfit to another level. Even more worthy of notice are the details stitched onto each bottom adding symmetry and a pop. Seems like the perfect option for a summer groom!

2. The regal look!

Dipak Studios

Black has always been such an evergreen colour for grooms which immediately makes their outfit appear neat and stylish. Just look at this groom, there is nothing we would change in his attire as we absolutely love how modern and yet rooted in traditions it is.

This black Jodhpuri sherwani is paired so beautifully with an embroidered gold and beige shawl;  which was well complemented with a contrasting beige printed churidar. This outfit is so regal and strikes quite an impression making it the perfect attire for an evening function like a reception, cocktail or even engagement party!

3.  Nailing the all-white look

The Lightsmiths

While many may shy away from this effortlessly stylish Jodhpuri sherwani combination, we cannot advocate it enough! This groom looks so stunningly stylish in this simple yet so unique all-white Jodhpuri sherwani. The Bandhgala kurta which champions a textured material is definitely something!

With not even a glimmer of any other colour, this Jodhpuri sherwani is an ode to modern style and fashion while staying true to the traditional design of the sherwani making it extremely appealing. It is the perfect choice among the options for Indian wedding dress for groom in summer to beat the heat while looking dapper.

4.  All about modernity

The Lightsmiths

First off, how dapper does this groom look in this regal Jodhpuri sherwani? We cannot help but adore this look which is perfect not only for grooms but the best man and even relatives for a grand function.

This gold and grey set is set to win hearts and leave an impression on guests just owing to the sheer luxurious vibe from the embossed material and matte gold buttons. The pocket square in a milder colour gives it an extra touch. And the wedding Safa is definitely the show stealer. 

5. A little of shimmer & shine

The Wedding Salad

This groom's lustrous Jodhpuri sherwani is perfect for a modern-day groom owing to the pastel hues it uses so elegantly. Special points for the subtle coordination of colours between the bride and groom's outfit.

Moving back to the groom's Jodhpuri sherwani, we love everything! The lustrous sheen, the rose-gold motifs all along the sherwani, the contrasting design on the collar and the pastel pink shawl he is carrying. In fact, the shawl features intricate gold work on the borders which matches the bride's double dupatta so well yet so subtly making their looks compliment and complete each other.

Jodhpuri sherwani looks are versatile and abundantly fashionable while making the perfect attire from the groom to the groom's uncle, ranging from a small morning event to the big day owing to the huge range of options available. There is a perfect Jodhpuri sherwani to suit everyone's taste and fashion sensibility.

It is a well-known fact that nothing suits the Indian groom better than the sherwani dress. From modern hues like pastel pink and blue to the brooding traditional colours ranging from maroon to black; the simple ones to the ones that feature intricate embroidery, you can customise these Jodhpuri sherwanis however you like.

We hope this list inspired you to go with a Jodhpuri sherwani. So do let us know in the comments which sherwani won you over!