Wrap A Smile By Shreya Ahuja

Girls, when we talk about the perfect wedding, we aren’t referring to just one element or even one ceremony that defines this celebration, but it is all about the small and big harmonious, fun and bright details that make a wedding memorable in not only the bride and groom’s lives but even the guests including friends and family. From the colour setting of the mandap to the plate decoration for marriage that carries your ring, it’s all in the details.

There is one element that props up time and again from the beginning of the ceremonies to the very last and that is the plate decoration for marriage.  Well, these adorned, customised and decked up trays appear in the form of gifts, during Puja and even Shagun. While looking at the big pictures, there might seem more important aspects to concentrate on but brides remember it’s all in the details – big and even small! These plates not only make for great memories for the first gift, invitation and even bearing rings, they also make for perfect pictures as they carry all things important. Look at these plate decoration for marriage images and get inspired!

Plate decoration for marriage filled with flowers, love and gifts

Wrap A Smile By Shreya Ahuja

The most common use of these versatile plates and yet the one use that has become a necessity – plates to bear gifts, invitations and even trousseau. Modern day brides now chose to send the wedding invitations with a hint of bling, love and goodies inviting guests to join their special day and bless them! These goodies include an array of items catering to everyone’s palate from freshly baked cookies to a bottle of champagne – you can get quite creative. Some brides even make a special box just for their bridesmaids with everything cute, sentimental and pretty.

If you have made a special hashtag or even logo for your wedding, these invitations are the best way to showcase them as a part of plate decoration for marriage.


Moving one step further, these plates can also be used to bear gifts for your significant other, their family and trousseau. As you move closer towards the big day, the families yearn to shower the couple with lovely presents indicating their support and excitement for their union. Families can choose to send trousseau for the bride – from outfits for specific functions to simply some shimmering jewellery in these neatly and yet elegantly decorated trays.  

1. The ring bearer

The first big ceremony – in the series of your Indian wedding – is the engagement and here appears our hero element, the plate all embellished and decorated with flowers, glitter and everything nice carrying the ring elegantly. With everyone’s gaze centred on the couple and the rings, what better moment for the plate to draw the attention with the personalized touch. Apart from putting up the bride and groom’s name on the plate, you could also take it up by a notch and showcase your hashtag instead, quirky and yet pretty.  Don’t forget to ask your photographer to get extra shots of the tray in all its majesty with both the rings!

2. The traditional route - Shagun or Puja

Shagun – a token of luck and love – given to the bride from the groom’s family and vice versa as a sign of acceptance and welcoming. This first gift of the entire celebration calls for a well decorated and thought out tray to carry the choice of gifts. From fresh flowers to shimmery nets and vintage trays you can choose from a variety of options and even chose to DIY them after seeking inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest. Handmade gifts always have another dimension of love, attention and detail. Pujas also call for decorated thalis with neatly arranged elements carrying the tikka and even sweets. These plates and thalis are ever so versatile, so one could even reuse them later for any suitable purpose.

3. First family meal plate settings

Once the wedding commences, the family ties are strengthened with the union of marriage. The families gather together alongside the newly-weds for their first meal as a combined unit. This marks the beginning of not only the bride and groom’s journey but also of the families welcoming one another with a warm embrace to love and cherish one another with equal affection. With that said the plate setting for this grand meal holds an important and yet cherished spot for both the families. From simple to majestic, there quite a few options for one to consider before choosing the one that caters best to your liking.   

There is an entire industry that caters just to the requirements of plates be it decorative plates for sending out your wedding invitation, gifts to your significant other or even to carry your engagement ring up to the stage. From artificial decoration to fresh flowers, from pastel colours to a riot of colours, from custom-made to ready-made, there are all sorts of themes and intricacies in what seems like a rather simple element.  So go ahead and dive into the world of plates to add your own touch in something so small and yet significant towards your special day!

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-Written by Vaishnavi