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Picture Perfect Peach Colour Combination Suits for the Bridesmaid

Looking for the perfect colour to wear? We know how hard it can be coordinating an outfit and then pairing with your pals. So, here's an idea that works - peach colour combination suits.

Tarun Tahiliani

Whether you notice it or not, every wedding has a colour palette. These colour palettes seem to vary for everything that compiles a wedding, from the decoration to the dresses we wear. These colour palettes can also sometimes be overwhelming and the clothes even more so, therefore find a colour and outfit that is easy and simple, like peach colour combination suits.

Peach is a wonderful colour to go with, as it rarely overpowers the one who is wearing it. The peach colour combination suit will pair up brilliantly with almost any other colour. Since the peach colour is such a neutral colour itself, pairing it with other colours usually adds a little flair to it. Even wearing it in a monotone can have an impact, and then you can accessories it as you would like to.

Why Peach Colour Combination Suits should be the Dress Code for the Wedding

Peach is a dreamy colour with subtle hues to elegance and gracefulness.  The peach colour combination suit will pair up splendidly with almost any other colour. Since the peach colour is such a neutral colour itself, pairing it with other colour usually adds a little flair to it. Even wearing it in a monotone can have an impact, and then you can accessorise it as you would like to.

Now let us delve into the latest wedding trend pertaining to peach colour combination suits for your wedding -

Say Buraaaah in the Peach Colour Punjabi Suit Combination

Image Credits - Mehar Photography

The subtle tone of peach can look bright if drenched in the floral motifs and white shades of splendour. If the bride is wearing a bright colour then you can adorn your peach colour Punjabi suit combination in a subtle manner. Else you can wear an Anarkali with intricate designs to look that perfect whilst standing with your sister bride. These bridesmaid can be your inspiration as they are adorning their picture-perfect peach colour Punjabi suit combination with some vibrant floral motif and intricate designs.

Matching it right - You can find a similar mathapatti and punjabi jutti designs too.

Look Graceful in Dark Peach Colour Suit Combination

Abhinav Mishra

Are you planning to walk down the aisle with your sister who is adorning  a vibrant shade? Then do not forget to look at the Abhinav Mishra collection. His collection is sassy, vibrant, and trendy. You can ask your girl squad to pick these peachy shades for a picture-perfect squad look!

Matching it right - Wear a tradition matha patti and give a royal façade to your demeanour.

Adorn the Peach Colour Suit Combination Dupatta for those Sister Goals

Image Credits - Deo Studio

Nowadays there is a fad of matching the dupatta or the dress with your bridesmaid squad. Yes, matching and colour coordinating is something that is trendsetting. If you want to show some serious enthusiasm towards that picture-perfect peach combination look then you and your entire squad should wear the same peach colour dupatta. Indeed, nothing can get more alluring than adorning a same dupatta stitched in the same style and fabric.

Swear by a Peach Colour Suit Matching Lipstick

Image Credits - Daniel Bauer

With a peach colour combination dress make sure to wear a natural shade lipstick. The neutral shades beautifully accentuate the feminine features. Here Katrina is swearing by a light neutral shade with her a peach colour attire! Isn’t she looking like a trailblazer?

Matching it right - Wear a sassy dangler along with this subtle shade to look elegant.

Peach Suit Colour Combination in Floral Patterns

Photo Courtesy: Joy Designs

The pinkish peach combination suit, with floral embroidery looks light and refreshing, and the deep pink lower just with brocade just adds to the charm. This colour tone looks flattering with most skin tones so it should not be a problem for most bridesmaids. This peach colour combination suit is just the thing to be worn for morning function of the wedding days.

This look can be perfected with dangler earrings and a neutral makeup look and leave your hair loose to look a little lively.

Matching it right - Find a darker base pants and a lighter top to play the contrast just right

Heavily Embroidered Peach Colour Suit Combination

Anita Dongre

Day weddings are just the time to get this masterpiece out. This heavily embroidered suit would fit in perfectly for a morning wedding. All the bridesmaids would look lovely in this look, and would have quite free movements too. This would be very important when they would need to run around to make sure everything is going smoothly.

The low floral bun and long jhumkas complete this peach colour combination suit effortlessly, and wouldn’t be hard to carry about too.

Matching it right - As the focal strength for this piece is the embroidered back, find the fit with a thin dupatta and lying low on the accompanying jewellery.

Dazzle in Peach Colour Combination Suit in Anarkali Style

Kirandeep Photography

Image Credits - Kirandeep Photography

Choosing a singular Anarkali jacket would go well for all your bridesmaids if you delegate them to find their own separates Churidars with it - these could be golden, silver (depending on the kind of embroidery on the Anarkali suit). These work well altogether, especially when they're brought together for a bridesmaids' photoshoot.

Matching it right - Shop together for the same Anarkali - you will love the experience.

Peach and Pastel Combo Colour Combination with Peach Colour Suit

Image Credits: Sabyasachi

If you want to look similar to your girl gang but still look like you belong, then go for the peach and pastel combo. Either you wear the peach outfit while your bridesmaids are in various shades of pastel, or you could wear a pastel outfit with your bridesmaids are in different tones of peach.

These colours together look light and pleasing and would look amazing for your Mehndi function. You can complete this peach colour combination suit outfits dangling earrings and open hair with floral accessories.

Matching it right - Choose a single embroidery style and pick multiple colours in it.

Multiple Peach Pink Combination suits for the clan

Romesh Dhamija Photography

Picture Credits - Romesh Dhamija Photography

Though different from the rest, another idea could be to have your bridesmaids in different kinds of outfits of peach shades. This way they look a part of your bride tribe and still have the show of their individual choice. You can have them all wearing a small trinket as your bridesmaids, which is also indicative.

Matching it right - Stick to the colour but try different shades in the same colour.

Perfect Peach Colour Suit Combination

Image courtesy: Mehar Photography

Keep your cool by asking your bridesmaids for something peach and then letting their creativity come alive with these peach colour combination suits. While one chose to go all peach, the other chose a contrast peach lining with her pastel green suit. The fact that the two pair in identical suits really makes them pop.

Matching it right - Choose the same peach colour combination suits in a variety of colours and ask the tailors to add a single colour accent to all of them.

These peach colour combination suits look amazing in day weddings, as the colour is perfect for a day function and with light colours, especially pastels in fashion, you cannot go wrong here. As the bride, you can too wear something in similar peach shades to look like the part of the gang, as at your wedding no one is more supportive than these people.

All these peach colour combination suits are just ideas that you can try for your bridesmaids’ outfits for various functions. Though there is no doubt that peach shades look best in the morning, these outfits look pretty dashing in the other functions too.

Liked the idea? Tell us in comments if you’re going to go with our idea of choosing peach colour combination suits for your bridesmaids or even groomsmen for that matter.