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9 Party Looks That Are Worth Drooling For

Scroll on for some of the most drool-worthy party looks to try out in 2019. Celebrate with glitter eyes, classic smokey look or quintessential strobing. Check out how to achieve the different makeup styles and slay effortlessly.


Aside from the lit-up soirees, endless binges, nostalgic reunions et al, weddings are a great excuse to spread the cheer and bask in the blissful ambience. Yes, we love the peppy, glittery confetti and some champagne to soak the party feel. Having said that, you cannot miss out looking extra with those statement gilded lips, mascara-laden eyes or unicorn lids.

We scoured the pretty Indian brides on social media and real weddings to gather smashing party makeup looks for you. Remember the adage that says; show up late but show up with a winged liner.  Admit it, it’s always fun to doll up even if it takes additional time, so scroll down to check some of the exceptionally amazing party looks.

Sculpted Strobing

Roma Ganesh Photography

Strobing is the current makeup highlight of the season and we’re totally crushing at it. Bright and defined visage with brushes of highlighter and contour stick will sculpt your jawline like a sharp knife. Long-lasting and illuminating finesse, strike a diva look at the upcoming party, just moisturize your lips well and paint it with a classic Ruby Woo.

Go for an avant-garde bronze eye shadow smoky eye look to add some drama and daze. Finally, apply a sleek eyeliner in black or blue to enhance your eyes and brush off the dust with a fan brush at the high points of your face.

Classic Smoky Eyes

White Frog Productions

When in doubt, smoke it out and don’t think twice about rocking it on a Saturday night. It works like magic, hands-down. All you need to do to achieve the classic smoky eyes effect is by prepping your eyes well, moisturize and highlight them with an earthy eye shadow hue. Now, apply some crème shadow to make it dewy and glossy, and brush through the inner corner to outer corner softly.

Mix one shade darker to the same shadow colour on centre crease and keep intensifying until it blends in perfectly. Now, line your lower waterline with kohl and finally complete the party look with falsies for your eyes.

Monochrome Makeup

White Frog Productions

Quite in vogue this wedding season, Indian women are raging at the lip and cheek monochromatic makeup party look. Call it in with your bridesmaids and paint your lips in your favourite shade of pink.

Then, tint your cheeks with a pretty pink stain. This will instantly radiate a soft blush party look and who doesn’t like to do pink? It looks great on every woman. When going monochrome, make sure you experiment with pastel shades first.

Glittery Magic

Through the Barrel

It’s party time and you can’t resist going overboard with some shimmer and glitter. Ditch the au naturale everyday makeup and embrace the luxury of gold dipped eye shadow to scream boldness. Define the beauty of Indian big eyes with matte cat eye look and nude lips to instantly amp up your exuberance.

Bushy brows are a big yes, so don’t take an appointment to thread the hairy brows. Instead, brush them to define its arching shape and fill in with a brown pencil.

Traditional Party Look


Taking inspiration from the conventional party look of a traditional Indian woman, all you need is kohl and red lipstick. Ooze some oomph with classic kohl-rimmed eyes, dramatic falsies and ounces of eyeliner applied in equal measures above and below the waterline. Further to this, create a sleek cat eye look for a pseudo-modern bridal party look.

Invest in a gorgeous lipstick to brighten up your face and choose one shade darker than your complexion. Here’s a little tip, before you paint your lips, always contour and apply a generous amount of lip serum to allow the dark lip shades to last long.

Electric Lips

White Frog Productions

Escape the boredom of pastels and nudes, go the classic way and pop the cherry with a dash of red lips. Go easy on your eyes with heavy mascara and light kohl, let the focal point be your plump and attractive lips.

Rose Gold Wings

Roma Ganesh Photography

If you’re the woman who likes her mobile cover, spectacle frame, watch or even a daily diary in rose gold, then you must have taken notice of this highly attractive party look. Start by diffusing your eye shadow with a creamy taupe shadow and layer it with a shimmery rose gold shadow on top and at the lower inner corner of the eyes.

Line your upper waterline and apply strokes of mascara upwards to further dramatize the party look. Keep your lips nude or pink.

Unicorn Makeup

White Frog Productions

You can consider this unicorn inspired makeup with a subtler version to stay underrated yet steal the thunder. Get glamorous with pink and blue hues of eye shadow and blend in perfectly until you re-create a lavender look.

Define the high points of your face and define your features. Finally, finish your look with a pretty, light chocolate or tan lipstick to complement the playful eyes.

Sundowner Party Look


What if you have plans from desk to dinner with your significant other or tickets to a concert, this swoon-worthy party look will totally be a head turner. Start by preparing your skin, exfoliate and moisturize it. Prime it well and layer it with highlighter pigments.

Now, start by creating a statement smoky eye party look and further apply a long-lasting nude lipstick. Don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting powder and setting spray to maintain your masterpiece work of art.

Amidst the fancy and quirky party looks, from cocktail makeup to unicorn makeup, tell us which one did you heart the most? To go safe with flawless makeup, choose for the one that beautifully enhances your features and adds a dash of glamour naturally. Classic smoky look works wonder for women who love to experiment and usually go overboard with their kohl stick.

Let us know if we missed your favourite party look in the comments below.