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21 Party Makeup Tips Every Woman Must Include in Her Daily Beauty Regime

Swamped with weddings and post-wedding Dawats? We'll help you look like a million bucks from the comfort of your home. These are some party makeup tips every woman must abide by. Follow these quick party makeup tips to look like a flawless beauty.

Tripti Malhotra

Any function is a 100 per cent more fun when you feel good and look great. In the peak wedding season when you have a dozen appearances to make or are prepping for your own wedding, the stress can take a toll on your overall look. We are all too familiar with having a break out right before the big day! Right? We know you want to look like a million bucks worth making heads turn your way. To ensure that there is nothing holding you back to shine brightly like a diamond on your wedding or that of your BFF, we have prepared this listicle of some party makeup tips to set your sail. Read on, to prep on and put your glam look on!

The best party makeup tips one could ever give starts by working on your health first and then do something about the facials! These are three of the most essential party makeup tips that will help you achieve a pearly skin and feel good form the inside. 

Tripti Malhotra

1. Water is your new best friend. Quite literally! Remember how your mom kept railing about having at least 8-10 cups of water every day! Well, she was right! Ensure that you drink at least 2.5 litres of water every day as our skin cells like every other cell of our body are made up of water. If you want a radiant skin then this is the first and foremost important thing that you must abide by 

2. Increase your intake for fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits & veggies are the most vital source of natural vitamins and minerals., both of which are the building blocks to ensure that your skin stays fresh and glowing. If you wish to have radiant skin, as Jennifer Lopez does then ladies you better lock it up with some fresh veggies 

3. Vitamin C, B and Vitamin D are your the two pals you must keep in your close proximity. Natural products which are laden with Vit C & B such as green tea which also acts as antioxidant and direct sunlight are some of those many things you must expose your skin to. Start your day by throwing in some fruits and veggies which are direct sources of these vitamins and make smoothies and gulp it down! Do it for a while and you'll know what we were talking about!

Party Makeup Tips to Prep Your Skin Before You Apply Makeup

No matter how expensive your makeup products are they still might take a toll on your skin if used in excess proportions. S, become a wise bee and follow these party makeup tips to ensure that your skin is ready to shield itself against the harmful chemicals that may or may not be in your cosmetics. 

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4. Use a face cleanser that is most suited to your skin type! No beauty regime is complete without a cleansing face wash. For those who have dry skin, you should opt for a cream based cleanser as it will keep your skin moisturised. For oily skin, a gel based or foam based cleanser will get rid of toxins, dirt while still keeping your face moisturised 

5. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and let it dry naturally. Using lukewarm water will help open your pores and lift dirt and bacteria off of your skin

6. Squeeze a drop of toner on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. A toner wipes away any leftover dead cells. Be gentle and don't press it too hard against your skin, you don't want a flay red skin right before your wedding! Do you now?

7. Exfoliate regularly! You can also make your own scrub with ingredients such as sugar and olive oil

8. Before layering your skin with makeup, apply a thin layer of moisturiser which contains SPF 15 

9. Exfoliate your lips using the same scrub you used to prep your face

10. Seal the deal with a primer! Primer prepares your skin for anything you are going to put on your skin. 

Tripti Malhotra

Party Makeup Tips Once You've Applied the Makeup

No matter how well you applied your makeup, you still must prepare yourself in case your fake lashes fall off in the middle of a function or if your lipstick becomes chapped. The following party makeup tips will help you keep your game face on even in the myriad of weddings and functions which run along for long hours

11. You must, we repeat you must use a setting spray once you have put makeup on your face! A setting spray ensures that your makeup stays put. The setting spray helps to prevent your makeup (foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and more) from smudging and fading

12. Use a napkin to dab on your lips everytime you at or drink. This will prevent your lipstick from smudging

13. If you have oily skin then you must carry a blotting paper with you. Say bye-bye to smudges and makeup running down your face as you dance the night sway

14. Makeup kit! If all else fails you must be stocked with a handy makeup kit! Prepare a small kit with some essentials such as a lipstick, a lip balm, some napkins so that if you need a quick touch-up then you're good to go 

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Party Makeup Tips for the Aftercare

Congratulations if you're the bride who just got hitched or even if one of your BFFs got married! All those hours you spent to put your glam on, now you must spend some time raising the endless layers of makeup off of your face! 

15. Use a cleanser to remove makeup from your skin. Break down the process and don't try to take it all of in one go. Take a few cotton pads and put a drop of cleanser on them. Now part by part start cleaning your face in a circular motion and don't forget your hairline, under your chin, and around your ears. 

16. Use a wet tissue to white the cleanser off. And, then double check if any part of your face still had blotches of makeup! 

17. Use coconut oil. Take a few drops of coconut oil and start rubbing it o  your skin in a circular motion. The coconut oil will keep your skin hydrated. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal in nature and is laden with moisturising properties, which help clean and restore your skin to its former glory

18. Take steam to open your pores

19. USe a clean towel to dab your skin to get rid of water droplets. Do not rub it harshly, the idea is to gently dab a clean towel on your skin

20. Use a night cream before you hit the sack! 

21. Pick a cream that works best for your skin type. You want to add moisture to your skin while you sleep. Your skin cells heal themselves while you're asleep. So night time is perfect to apply a serum or a cream

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We hope these party makeup tips helped you get a sense of what must be followed before and after you have applied makeup on your skin! Follow these party makeup tips and make them a part of your daily beauty regime and wait for the magic to happen! you will be amazed at how good you feel both on the inside and the outside!

What is your daily beauty regime like? Tell us through comments!