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The Right Marriage Muhurat by Date of Birth For Your Wedding

Getting married at the right time? Find out all that goes into finding the auspicious marriage muhurat by date of birth for your wedding ceremony right here.

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Marriage is one of the most sacred things in one’s life. When it comes to planning such an auspicious action, it is obviously important to lock down on the right, auspicious date to ensure that the heavens themselves smoothen the road ahead for you. In this article, we explore how to work this date and time, also called the marriage Mahurut by date of birth methods and choose one for yourself.

For those who believe in an auspicious marriage Muhurat, you may choose to shortlist one by either your date of birth, names or horoscopes. These methods, based on ancient astrological beliefs, are considered safer (and more believed way) to get it right. You can choose your auspicious wedding date by using the Panchang or Almanac Hindu calendar.

Understand all that goes behind marriage Muhurut by date of birth and the broader roles of figuring out the wedding season. Even the most practical marriage decisions that you make - from your choice in bridal lehenga to jewellery, as well as wedding photographers.

What Goes Behind a Marriage Muhurat by Date of Birth

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Everyone has a unique birth chart. The position of planets and their transits differ from person to person according to their date of birth. So, if you're a believer in a marriage Muhurat by date of birth, this is the first discussion that you should have, ideally before you make any other wedding decisions. We recommend visiting an expert astrologer or wedding pandit to arrive at a Shubh Muhurat.

Normally, an astrologer divines a marriage muhurat by date of birth in these four streams:

1. Abhijit Muhurat

It starts 24 minutes prior to midday every day and subsequently ends 24 minutes after midnight. In northern parts of India, this Muhurat is considered as very auspicious and beneficial.

2. Dho Ghati Muhurat

This particular Muhurat lasts only for 48 minutes. Depending on your almanac, the astrologer would be able to divine whether you need to fix your auspicious date in this Muhurat on a given date.

3. Lagna Table

Before predicting the exact time for marriage, a Lagna table is very important as it is afflicted by some bad planets. Lagnas are categorised under common, fixed and dual signs. The Pandit would check the 10th house of both the bride and groom's almanacs to find out if there is any malefic effect of planetary transition.

4. Hora

In the absence of a favourable Muhurat, Hora Chakra is considered the ideal time to hold any of the wedding rituals.

5. Saaya dates

One of the easier hacks when it comes to an acceptable marriage Muhurat by date of birth are the block of Saaya dates which appear during the time for your marriage Muhurat. 

These Saaya dates are those days where any time would be a good time to get married. In fact, many believers would hold marriages solemnised on Saaya dates as the one which would last forever and ever. 

Finding Your Shubh Muhurat

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After coming up with a bevvy of dates for your marriage Muhurat by date of birth, you need to select a Shubh Muhurat, one that would be the right wedding date for you. Remember, that the idea behind this concept is to maximise the celestial gains for a newly-wed couple. Here is how you can shortlist such a Shubh Muhurat for marriage based on your Janam Kundali or birth charts.

For January:

Choose your wedding dates around the third week - possibly January 25 or 26, to capitalise on the general block of holiday dates (which often are nearer to a long weekend). And once you've done this, quickly block a wedding venue - these are very popular dates.

For February:

This year, the special marriage muhurat by date of birth can be combined with weekend dates like the 8th, 10th, 23rd and 24th, to avoid the last-minute mad rush.

For March:

If you find your marriage muhurat by date of birth falling on the first week weekend, then block your wedding vendors from March 2 to March 4, combining the Maha Shivratri as well.

For April:

Opting for a springtime wedding because of a blessed marriage muhurat by date of birth during this time? Then, try to coordinate with the auspicious set of dates from April 15 to April 25. Do not wait for a midnight set of Pheras on the last day, though - April 26 is not an auspicious date to get married.

For May:

Gotten a set of marriage dates for the month of May? You're lucky. As per Hindu marriage calculations, nearly the entire month is a good time to get married. These include the 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 28, 29, 30.

For June:

Planning a wedding in the month of June is also a good idea, if you have the weather factored in just right for your equation. You will find a bounty of good dates to plan for. You'd also get no objections from guests with younger children (who would be readily available to attend your occasion).

Here are the more prominent marriage dates for the month - 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 25 and the 26th. Choose June 17 for a full moon wedding night.

For July:

Don't go for a July wedding, especially if you're a believer for a marriage muhurat by date of birth. There are only two auspicious dates for the month - July 6 and July 7. If you can consider days that don't by a conventional Hindu marriage date calculator, then look into plans for a monsoon wedding or an off-season wedding for this time.

For August:

Off-season - do not book your dates this month.

For September:

Off-season - do not book your dates this month.

For October:

Off-season - do not book your dates this month.

For November:

The auspicious Saaya dates begin from this month. Find your marriage muhurat by date of birth for this month and easily block your venue and vendors for any of these dates - 8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 23, 24 and 30.

For December:

Choose your wedding dates in the first half of the month to match the auspicious dates cycle. These are December 5, 6 and December 11 or 12. The rest of the month is okay as compared to the general holiday mood of the month.

In fact, if you do choose to go with December 11 and 12, be ready for a full moon, winter night wedding.

Plan ahead: What to do with your marriage muhurat by date of birth

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Based on the proposed month, an expert astrologer will go through various dates from Panchang. If you are planning your wedding that is far ahead of schedule (think more than a year from now), then the astrologer can consider several other factors such as Chandra Bala, Tarta Bala etc.

In fact, you're looking for more advice on how to plan your wedding as per such an auspicious date, we consider walking though our wedding planning checklist.

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We hope we've managed to clear some doubts over booking a marriage muhurat by date of birth this year. Let the positive energies of the Shubh Muhurat resonate positive vibrations into your life ahead and help the two of you into a strong relationship with each other. Book an extensive consultation with an astrologer to get the timing right as well.

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