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The venue is important

You don’t need to feel restricted to forcing yourself to stick to a wedding in the cooler months. Opt for a summer wedding if you want to but be smart about where you decide to host your celebrations. It’s probably a good idea to take the party indoors and really work with the décor because you’ll have the advantage of allowing your guests to relax in an air-conditioned environment. Simply choosing to party indoors won’t dampen your celebrations if you get creative about your décor and entertainment options. You can opt for a wedding outdoors later in the day as well, when it’s cooler.

Make a trip out of it

Why not plan a destination wedding in some of the cooler parts of the country in the summer? It’ll be dream come true to welcome your guests in a place like Manali and you’ll be able to offer something new to everyone. That way, you’ll be hosting a dreamy summer wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city too. You also won’t have to fret over the weather or humidity as the conditions will be just right for all your wedding ceremonies and parties this time of the year.

Check your options

What are you offering your guests when they arrive at the venue? Do consider include summer favorites liked iced tea, cold coffee, refreshing coolers and lots of bottles of water and lemonade so that your guests can keep their energy levels going and not feel dehydrated. You can experiment so much with the kind of ice-cream flavours you offer. In all probability, almost all your guests will flock to this counter like crazy and it’ll be a hit!

Pay attention to your wardrobe

Are you wearing clothing that will make you sweaty and uncomfortable after a few hours? Do you have way too much black in your final wardrobe for the wedding celebrations? Be smart and go for lighter, breathable clothing and fabric options instead. Your look will be refreshing and fit just right with the mood and summer vibes. Don’t worry too much about piling on the jewellery and make-up if you prefer to keep things more natural and weather appropriate.

Have a beach wedding

This is a great time to head to the beach with all your friends and family. Go to a pretty destination like Goa or Gokarna and say your vows by the sea. It’ll make for beautiful pictures and priceless memories. There’s a lot you can do and even host beach parties with special events such as a day filled with gamed outdoors and activities to keep your guests entertained.