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9 Ideas for Latest Blazer Style For All Your Pre-To-Post Wedding Shoots

Grooms! Do not feel sidelined by the brides, get these latest blazer styles, and you would also shine in all of those photoshoots that you are getting done.

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Photoshoots are the norm of today. However much you say that you want or do not want them, they are an inevitable part of your wedding that you have to bear through. Since you have to do abide by them no matter what, then why not make sure you look your best? Now the ladies have a hundred and one choices of what they want to wear and what they can wear, what about our men? This is the reason we bring to you the latest blazer styles because even grooms need to look there most glamorous in the wedding photos. Why should all the brides take away the spotlight? We can guarantee that even if you cannot steal the spotlight away from your bride this time, you would at least hold your own with these latest blazer styles.

1. The Plaid Blazer

Don & Julio

A man who knows what suits him goes a long way. This holds true for all aspects of a man’s life especially his dressing sense. This Plaid double-breasted blazer will surely make people look twice at you. One of the classics in blazer fashion, you have to look no further if you are looking for a conventional yet outstanding style. You can add a matching tie and pocket square to bring out the plaid further. Wear it for a day photoshoot so everyone can marvel at its colours. 

2. A Suede Style Blazer

Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography

The latest blazer style this year would be suede. This blazer style and material comes and goes and right now, it is in. It is something you can wear to look a part of the crowd and apart from the crowd, as when seen from far it might seem similar but as you come closer you would see the nuances. To make this latest blazer style even more attention-worthy, try on a simple but rich tie. Wear this blazer for a shoot with all your boys wearing the same outfit. 

3. Floral Blazer

Sagal Bedi

Taking a step away from the usuals, let us look at this floral blazer. As we foray into the latest blazer styles of today, let us look at some new blood. Floral is a design that is not just restricted to women now. Even men are embracing different patterns, and nothing is just feminine now. The speciality of this blazer though is in its colour. We usually associate florals with light colours, but this blazer breaks all of those concepts, and blazes on a new path. If you wear this blazer sans accessories, it would still look amazing. Wear it for a photoshoot relating to your mehndi, as it will suit the theme. 

4. Subtle Printed Blazer

Infinite Memories

A man usually steals the show with the understated details. This latest blazer style is no different; the purple blazer has the most subtle printed design on it, which a viewer would not catch if they are standing too far away. This blazer style would make sure that for the photoshoot you would also stand apart and these are the small distinctions that would make sure you do. Maybe get a pocket square and a tie/bow, in the same colour shade as the blazer. Wear this look for a night shoot, or a crowd shoot where you stand apart. 

5. A Tweed Blazer

Y &O

When you want to go down the simple road then there is nothing like a tweed blazer. Though it might not be a new addition to the latest blazer styles list, it sure is an evergreen one. A tweed blazer makes one give out a boy-next-door feel. And well let us just admit that it is an attractive look to carry off. With this simple tweed jacket, you might dominate the photoshoot, but people would be tempted to look back at you again and again. Go for a printed pocket square to get a contrast with the plain tweed. Wear it for a casual photoshoot and get a fun vibe out of it. 

6. Textured Blazer

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra's Official Facebook Page

One of the newest addition to your latest blazer style should be a textured blazer. This blazer is not the one you would find everywhere and is definitely a different look if you want one. The textured cloth adds another depth to the blazer and it is stunning to look at. This blazer should be worn in its full glory and would definitely make you hold your own in a photoshoot. Add in a contrast coloured pocket square and you are good to go. Wear it for a day photoshoot so the textured style shows. 

7. Velvet Blazer


Another notch in the latest blazer styles post is the velvet blazer. Velvet is a cloth that is usually not associated with men. So, why not turn this thinking around and get a blazer done in it. This blazer makes sure that people know that you are different and eyes are drawn to you. Don on a tie that contrasts with the blazer colour, same for the pocket square. As for the photoshoot, you and your bride wear something complementary, as sometimes matching for such a different cloth can catch more eyes. 

8. Lapel Work Blazer

More Mischief

Something new that we find when we are looking for the latest blazer styles is lapel work. This literally means the work done on the lapel. It could be done by thread work or even by using different embellishments. These lapels are concepts that make sure people do not miss it. The work on it can be anything you want it to be, from something that is inspired by nature, to something that is personalised for you. Also, that is not the only thing special about this blazer, even the inner cloth of the blazer is so distinct from the outer one that one notices. Wear a pocket square that matches your shirt colour and forgo the tie. Wear this for a shoot in the morning so the lapel work is not missed by anyone. 

9. The Classic Black


Last but definitely not least is your classic black blazer. These blazers are the oldest styles, but whenever you are looking for the latest blazer style, you will find this there. This blazer as an addition to your blazer collection is something you will never regret. You can keep wearing it for years, and it would never go out of style. The best part about a black blazer is that you can pair it up any way you want with your partner and also with the accessories you want. So why not go for a totally different coloured pocket square and flaunt it out. Wear it for a night shoot and you would look smart as hell. 

Honestly, who does not love a well-dressed man? And today even men love to be dressed in their best. So make the best use of this latest blazer design and make sure your photoshoot does not go in vain and you show your best side.

So, tell us which one is your favourite blazer to try?