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Jhula Decoration Inspirations for Your Bridal Seat During the Mehndi and Other Wedding Functions!

Jhula has been a fundamental thing in most of the North Indian weddings. It is the seat where the bride usually sits during her mehndi or haldi ceremony or even other ceremonies. It has to be perfect and hence these designs that would help you in mak


Since the Mehndi ceremony, haldi or tikka are so crucial in an Indian wedding, the seat where the bride sits during all these occasions has the utmost importance. Well, the most common practice is to decorate the jhula with flowers. It is a tried and tested look. However, some feel that it does not look good in these modern times. This is why we are helping you revamp your jhula decoration bit by bit until it looks exactly the way you want it to!

It is important not to forget about India’s culture, tradition, and the significance of flowers in the same. Most of the flowers and their colour holds meaning too. Therefore, it is important that you choose them carefully while picking the décor for your jhula.

The jhula has the ability to set the vibe of the party and is also important because of the fact that most of your pictures would have this in their background. So, with that in mind, the following are a few bright examples for jhula decoration that you can include at any of the events at your own wedding.

1. Get a roof full of flowers


This is a fine example of classic jhula decoration but with a modern twist to it. It is an excellent choice for people who want a mix of both. The seating area has good comfortable cushions with the flowers forming a conical roof on top of you, covering up three-fourths of the sitting area. This would look just amazing as a jhula for your mehndi ceremony. The taller the roof, merrier it would be. Furthermore, this design would also keep the elders happy too, as it does not just look cool but traditional as well.

2. The simple Jhula

Fiona Decor

For those who like simple stuff, here is one jhula decoration that just would not allow you to go overboard. It has a literal jhula with thick legs covered in flowers. Only two people can sit at a time here, one being the bride and other being the person responsible for applying mehndi or haldi. There is no scope of extravagance here, which makes it ideal for a close-knit ceremony. Another advantage of this design is its small size, making it perfect for an event that takes place inside the residence itself.

3. Ditch traditions. Go modern with this one

Image Courtesy: Enter Decor

Well, the millennials usually want to personalise things in life in general and the wedding is no exception. Frankly, there is no harm in doing so. One does not need to follow traditions for all the small things! This jhula decoration is a good example of how you can decorate and customise that bridal seat according to your needs. If you are hosting the event at a farmhouse or a penthouse, then having a literal jhula or decorating it with all the flowers may not be a great idea. The best solution would be to use a plush low couch with multiple seats on it. This would allow the bride to sit comfortably with enough space for the guests to sit with the bride and to continue with the custom. It is a practical and effective jhula decoration that you would surely love.

4. Do you feel that Garba vibe?


The definition of a big fat Indian wedding is having ultimate fun during all the events prior to and post the wedding. How about a Garba night during any of the events that allow everyone to have a ball on that day? You can implement your décor with Garba as the theme, and make sure that the same theme is followed when deciding the jhula decoration. Pinwheels, paper decorations, dancers dancing to the tune of Garba! Have it all to make it one grand party.

5. The simple diamond shaped net of flowers

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Using flowers in a jhula decoration creatively is the key to making things better. Having a background of flowers intertwined in the shape of diamonds is a beautiful way to decorate the seat where the bride or groom would be sitting. Use drapes to cover the background of the flowers to complete the sober look.

6. The classic jhula

Kabir Events & Wedding Planner

For those who want a classic and simple look, this design would suit you the most. It ticks all the traditional boxes of a wooden jhula, flower decorations and the use of simple colours. The tradition of treating the bride like a baby too is solved here using the classic jhula that swings just like a cradle.

Make sure that all the décor elements in your wedding look great by paying special attention to each and every one of them. Ensuring that your jhula’s décor is on point is one great place to start.

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