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Take Inspiration from These Ideas for Your Mehndi Ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is one of the most fun parts of a wedding weekend. Check out these tips to make the most of this celebration. Read this article and find the right dose of inspiration to turn your event into a lasting affair.

Álvaro Cabanas
Álvaro Cabanas

Mehndi ceremony happens to be one of the most celebrated and looked up to pre-wedding festivities. And, why shouldn't it be? It is colourful, vibrant and there is a lot of room for improvisation as well. Well, now that you are down to planning and arranging for this amazing pre-wedding function, let us help you with ways in which you can make it a smashing hit. Take some inspiration from this post and host the Mehndi ceremony of your dreams. 

You can also take inspiration for some unique Mehndi decoration ideas and some Mehndi games to ensure that your wedding guests have a gala night and the time of their life. 

1. Don’t ignore singing

Singing is a lot of fun and can be a great group activity for your guests. If you get everyone to sing popular songs and divide people into groups and play singing games, you’ll ensure people are able to break the ice and just relax. It’ll help kick off the festivities in a relatively easy manner and make lots of people very happy, adding Bollywood vibes to the event and making it special for everyone.

2. Dancing is a must

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Again, just getting people to dance together in groups is a really good idea. Include a traditional drum or two and ask everyone to follow the beat. Those who do it really well can even get special prizes. You want to give your guests many chances to have fun and take back precious memories with them. Include a mix of both traditional and contemporary music so that you can provide a little something for everyone present.

3. Hire professionals

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Hiring professional singers and dancers to encourage your guests to join in the fun is never a bad idea. They’ll feel a lot more comfortable that way and the shy guests will be able to relax and participate once they feel up for it. It’ll also help add some kind of structure to the event in case you’re not sure how to go about things and are looking for experts to pitch in and help plan things. Ask your wedding co-coordinator for recommendations and see what most people go for if you’re confused and not sure how to proceed.

4. Plan games


Games will help you and your guests feel like kids again. Relax, let go and allow yourselves to be a little silly. There’s so much you can do in this department such as a game like ‘Find the Bride’ to urge your guests to go look for you. Hide wherever you like, use the crowd to your advantage and scout for a spot beforehand and watch as your guests try their best to locate you quickly. The games should be casual and nothing too serious or competitive.

5. Mehendi matters

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You can ask your guests to try sketching designs and even draw samples on each other’s palms if they’re up for it. Pass around books with designs for your party attendees to seek inspiration from and reward the best ones once everyone is done. While everyone waits for their henna designs to dry, arrange for some good food options and refreshments for the party.

Now that we have narrowed down for you a few basics, make sure that you mindful of these as they are essential in making any mehndi ceremony a hit. From choosing a decor that is uber chic and classy for a Mehndi function setting, you can also customise the food menu, invest in buying some personalised wedding favours for your guests. Apart from these things you can even hire a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer who will spend time in capturing your special moments and also that of your friends. Make your Mehndi ceremony a memorable night full of fun and excitement for everyone around you.

We hope you liked our piece on how to plan a lavish Mehndi Ceremony. Have an idea or two? suggest through comments.