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Indian Food to Serve at a Wedding – Some Must-haves on the D-day

Add these items to your list of food to serve at a wedding and we bet your guests will love you even more than they do! Keep reading to know what we’re talking about!

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

Nothing inspires an immediate physical and mental reaction the way food does. Seriously, think of your favourite dish right now (mine’s butter chicken), is your mouth filling up with saliva? Are your hands itching to grab the food? Can you picture the last time you ate it?

The thought of food really does something to all of us (yes, even to the ‘non-foodies’ out there), which is why it holds so much importance in our culture.

From people saying mu mitha karo when something great happens, to mothers spooning sweet yoghurt and sugar in their children’s mouths before an exam, food plays an essential role in India, which is why it also plays an essential role in your wedding too!

If you are wondering, what food to serve at a wedding, check out this list compiled after some heated debates in our team!

1. Biryani

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

The excitement that people generally display over a beautiful pot of steaming Biryani can only be described with the phrase toot padna because that is what people do over it. Whether you are Team Hyderabad or Team Lucknow when it comes to your Biryani, this is definitely one of the must-have options for food to serve at a wedding.

2. Butter Chicken

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

If you’re looking for a crowd pleaser while wondering what food to serve at a wedding, you can definitely include butter chicken in your list. Honestly, is there anyone on the planet who does not like butter chicken? Serve it with butter garlic naan and your guests will love you.

3. Chole Bhature

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

Chole Bhature is another major crowd pleaser, and you can add this to a day event like your Mehndi or Haldi along with delicious lassi and you’re sorted. Since this is a heavy meal, we’d suggest that you not add it to the buffet for a night event.

4. Dal Makhani

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

Dal Makhani is one of those rare dals that can inspire even hardcore non-vegetarians to look up from the chicken and meat. Creamy and amazing, this dal is a great option to add to your list of food to serve at a wedding.

5. Fish Curry

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

There are so many variants of fish curry in the country - you can probably find a dish that’s perfect for each guest! But, of course, you’re not going to have an entire buffet just filled with fish curry! A Bengali fish curry is a delicious option from the Bengali menu, if you like the sharp taste of mustard seeds, while Goan fish curry is another great option if you like spicy food.

6. Gol Gappa

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

In most Punjabi weddings, Chaat is served during the Mehndi function. If you’re planning to go down the same route, do make sure that you have Gol Gappas, aloo Tikkis, raj kachoris, and, of course, Chole Bhature as they all go together!

7. Paniyarams

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

Paniyarams can be great appetisers as well as part of the main course. Serve them with a spicy coconut dip and you’ll see your guests flagging down the servers for more!

8. Paronthi

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

Paronthis, or Parathas, are classic additions to any food buffet or menu. Almost everyone loves eating these stuffed breads. If you want a hardcore street food feel, get in touch with someone from Chandi Chowk to set up a live counter of their trademark fried Paronthis. YUM! (do include white butter at the table for people who want that).

9. Thandai Panna Cotta

Image courtesy: La Petite Chef

As a savvy host, you may want to offer a few fusion dishes too. So, if you’re wondering what food to serve at a wedding to help your guests end their meal on a great note, then you should get Thandai panna cotta served at the wedding!

Of course, there are chances that you’ll also want to serve more than just Indian food. If that’s the case, there are definitely a few Chinese, Thai, Burmese and Japanese dishes to add to your wedding menu. Khow Suey is a great crowd pleaser when made well, and most guests cannot stay too far away from classics like chilly chicken, dim sums, and spring rolls.

For indoor events with air conditioning, you can serve sushi and sashimi, along with salty miso soup!

As a host, you must ensure that your guests enjoy every moment spent at your wedding. A large part of this depends on the food you offer, which is why you must brainstorm over the food to serve at a wedding thoroughly.

Don’t just resort to typical food items just because they work. Include elements from Lebanese, Italian and Mexican cuisine to your list of food to serve at a wedding, apart from the Indian delights we’ve already spoken about!

Not too sure about the food to serve at a wedding? Speak to these professional caterers for more ideas!