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5 Wedding Etiquette Tips For A Smooth Wedding Hosting Experience

If you’re confused about inviting people from work at your wedding, here is some useful advice to help you out. Read these wedding etiquette tips before you send your wedding invites!

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You make your wedding guest list keeping in mind all the people you'd want to be around on your big day. And even though you don't have to invite everyone, it is only polite and courteous to invite your office colleagues. We're not talking about inviting the whole office or your office acquaintances, but your friends and boss.

After all, you spend a considerable amount of time with them and it is only natural that you'd want to invite them to the most special day of your life. We are sure even they are looking forward to your wedding - both because of your nuptials and also as a way to let off some steam with the people with whom they spend the maximum number of hours in a day. 

Though the choice is always up to you, there is a certain set of wedding etiquette you should follow when inviting them, since to keep things cordial in your workplace is extremely important. After all, you don't share an informal relationship with all your work friends outside of the workplace. So here are some wedding etiquette pointers you should keep in mind while inviting office colleagues and your boss to your wedding and related festivities. 

1. Invite your boss to your wedding 

Akanksha Negi Invitations

The very first on our list of wedding etiquette that each one of us must keep in mind is how to invite your boss to your wedding, which might we add is essential if you are planning to invite the rest of your work posse to your wedding and related wedding functions

If you have a boss or a superior you report to, make sure you invite them because not doing so might come across as rude if you are inviting a bunch of other people from work to your wedding. This especially is valid if you’re inviting other people from your workplace.

Your boss will expect an invitation for sure and will feel really nice if you send out a special invite to make sure they all the details are sent out well in advance. Go talk to your supervisor and issue a personal invitation.

2. Don’t invite a few members from the team

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Remember that if you’re supervising or leading a team, it would be inappropriate to issue invitations only to certain members from the team. This can feel tricky especially if you’re on a limited budget but it’s really best to invite everyone or no one at all.

If it’s too overwhelming, you can even announce a separate party, especially for the office gang to make sure they don’t feel excluded. You must bookmark this wedding etiquette and follow it to the 'T' as you will be working these people for a while and to have any kind of bad blood in your team won't be wise. 

As much as you'd want to say that it is your wedding day and hence your choice, you need to realise the long-lasting implications of the actions that you take right now.

3. Take several issues into consideration


You must think about the general vibes in the office and your comfort level with your colleagues, whether your fiancé(e) will issue invites to co-workers, your overall budget and the limitations set by the wedding venue, other logistics, the total number of people in your office, the total number of people on your team, and more.

Make proper pros and cons lists and check all the available options before you take the final call. It’s best to not rush into this and consider everything before taking a call.

4. Steer clear of common blunders

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Don’t fall for common mistakes and tread carefully because to keep your work environment sane and peaceful is very essential. If you come from a small team, ask everyone to come. It’s also best to send invites personally to your colleagues instead of handing them out in the office.

Whatever you do, try to make it as much personalised as possible. Whether you do that by giving a small gift with every invite or writing a private joke on the envelope for every attendee that only the two of you would know. All of this will not take much of your time but will have a long-lasting impact on the person which is something to strive for at your workplace.

Make sure everyone has all the details they need and no one’s confused about the schedule. Avoid making your wedding a major topic during work conversations to keep things as professional as possible in this scenario.

5. Listen to your gut instinct

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It may be impossible to call everyone and most people will be able to understand this especially if you share a strictly professional relationship. Many may even heave a sigh of relief because they may just want to spend the time with their families or avoid awkward situations with wedding gifts. Follow your instinct because this is your special day, and you must make turn it into a happy and memorable time for yourself and your friends and family combined.

We hope that our wedding etiquette tips will come in handy when you need them. We have certainly tried to cover everything we could think of. They will help you avoid getting into hot water. You can also send e-invite to your colleagues in order to keep things in a professional domain and also save some extra bucks for your honeymoon. Inviting your boss might also earn you some brownie points for the coming appraisal (just kidding). For the ones you're closer to, you can send them a WhatsApp invite. Though, remember to avoid any common goof-ups when sending them out. Now put on your creative hats and design a wonderful invitation to send your work colleagues and following this wedding etiquette listicle for a smooth work/personal life.

Share your experience of inviting your work colleagues to your wedding and did you end up following any of the wedding etiquette mentioned in this listicle before sending out your invites?