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Hitched Soon? Here’s How You Can Draft a Marriage Invitation Mail to Office Staff While Being Cordial yet Professional.

So many tasks to conquer and so many people to invite. Drafting and sending a marriage invitation mail to office staff is one of those mammoth tasks which we are here to help you conquer. Deciding on whom to invite from work just got so much easier.

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Your family and friends are all prepped and teeming with excitement for the big day. However, the task of sending a professional but welcoming marriage invitation mail to office staff is still looming large in the to-do list. There’s so much to decide from the kind of language and words to incorporate to whom to invite and when to invite. We get it, all these decisions can be taxing while also trying to stay within budget. Well, here’s a little know-how from our end to help you sail through the process with ease.

1. What To Include

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  • An exciting subject line: Let your invited colleagues know that you would be genuinely pleased to have them be a part of your day. Though it's also important to maintain a little formality, your subject shouldn’t just seem boring and disinterested. Else, the staff is likely to assume that you are doing this purely out of formality.
  • Open with an endearment: Your basic “Hi”, “Morning” and other such salutations won’t do it. Add an element of warmth and a bit of excitement to it. Moreover, try sending out separate emails with the invitee's name in it. We know, sending out a personalised marriage invitation mail to office staff individually can be taxing but its just a bit of extra effort. After all, you see them every day!
  • A short yet sweet body: So far, your colleagues must have figured what the mail is about. So write a short 1-2 liner invite and follow that up with all the important information. Wrap the body up with politely asking them to RSVP, so that you know whom to expect.

2. What To Avoid

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Before you even begin to start curating a marriage invitation mail to office staff there a few things you definitely need to avoid.

  • Inviting too early: Do not send out a mail a month or two before the wedding. Chances are, people may forget. On the contrary, avoid being too late also! Of course, you cannot possibly send a mail out a day before the wedding. Neither do you have the time nor does it seem welcoming! 10-15 days before the wedding seems like a safer bet.
  • Text-heavy mails: You do not want to indulge in a 3 paragraph long e-mail which your busy colleagues won’t even read. They do not have a lot of time, so if you do write a really long, heartfelt invite they might not even read it.
  • Informal email to your boss: There’s a difference between your co-workers and your boss. While you may send out a friendly informal mail to your colleagues, remember the one you send to your boss should be formal and crisp yet welcoming.

3. Who To Invite

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It all comes down to this. Curating a marriage invitation mail to office staff may seem easy. However, deciding who to invite from work can be tricky.

  • The boss: Regardless of whether your relationship with your boss is good or not, its always a good idea to invite them. S/he may even decline, but its essential for the boss to know that you value him/her.
  • The close friends: This one’s a no-brainer! You hang out with them every day and your tea breaks with them are a respite. They probably don’t even need an invite for they are coming anyway.
  • Your team: It’s another thing if your team/department is huge. However, it's important to prioritise them. More often than not, teams are close-knit and do expect to receive an invite. So before anyone, think about them because they are ones who'll be taking your workload when you head for that honeymoon.

4. Ideas and Suggestions

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As emphasised before, try to maintain a balance between formal and informal when sending a marriage invitation mail to office staff. However, there’s no harm if you wish to be a little creative with the mail.

  • Witty subjects: Be quirky and funny. This is a nice fun way to grab your office staff’s attention while also adding positivity to their day.
  • GIFs: GIFs too are an interactive way to invite someone to your wedding. It's better to opt for funny GIFs that are not too distracting but just make the mail a bit more catchy.
  • Industry-specific: A funny way to send a marriage invitation mail to office staff, this can work as an inside joke too. Your co-workers understand industry jargon, so use them and add a little personal twist to it that is creative and fun.

Alas! These were our few cents on how to draft a marriage invitation mail to office staff. Make sure to employ all of these small tips into your decision making and see things get easier. Be crisp, engaging, welcoming and fun. At the end of it, it's your wedding, so do it your way and do not stress too much. Focus all your energies on having fun but get this sorted first!

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