Finding a perfect suit for your big day is a great deal. From the right colour to proper fit and style, there are a lot of things to consider. That’s why we bring to you these tips that will help you buy a suit that’s not only most appropriate for Indian weddings but will also complement your overall personality. After all, your big day attire should make you look even better, isn’t it? At a glance, tips to buy wedding suits in India.

Wedding suits in India - Picking the Right one

1. Set a Budget

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A classic tuxedo and a casual two-piece suit are usually priced very differently. The main factor is the fabric and the construction. Also, small details like the lining and the buttons can add up to the overall cost. So before you head to shopping set a realistic budget and then look for a suit accordingly.

2. The Fabric

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One of the most important factors to consider when picking wedding suits in India is the season of the location. Tweed and flannel fabrics are great for colder months as they will give you a warm and soft look. Alternatively, for summer or beach weddings think linen or cotton fabrics. Also, if possible buy your suit in the same season as your big day as you will have more variety to choose from.

3. Suit Style

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When it comes to wedding suits for men, the options are endless. From formal black ties and tuxedos to relaxed loungewear, there are various types available. You may be used to a specific suit style, but for your big day, it’s best to try on a different range. Who knows you might just surprise yourself.

4. The fit

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Remember that a wedding suit is still a suit and it means that the proper fit is of utmost importance. Regardless of whether you choose a slim, regular, or tailored fit, make sure to pick the one in which you feel comfortable while sitting and standing.

5. The Colour

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Choosing the right colour for your wedding suit can be very tricky as more than your choice it depends on the fabric you pick. The truth is that some shades don’t work well with certain fabrics. Also, if you have a theme wedding, consider picking a suit that complements the colours of the day. If in doubt, stick with the classics like blacks, greys, or blues.

6. Versatility

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It is an important point to consider. Before picking a suit for your wedding, ask yourself if you will be wearing it after the big day or not? Most likely you will be wearing it to work or maybe for fancy occasions with your partner. Keep this factor in mind so that you don’t pick anything that’s too loud and crazy.

7. Have a chat with your bride

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When it comes to wedding day outfits, the style of the groom should match with that of the bride. For a perfect look, it should neither be more formal or less formal than her. Also, if possible consider matching the colour of your suit with the colour of your bride’s dress. The aim is to be right in the line. Obviously, you don’t have to match the exact colours, but at least what type and shades would best pair with her would be an interesting conversation to have.  

8. Accessories

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Accessories are not just for the brides. Right complementing detailing can really help to enhance your looks and appearance. If you have already got your heart set on specific groom accessories like shoes or cufflinks, make sure to take them with when you go suit shopping.

9. Shop early

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The process of buying wedding suits in India should start around 2 to 3 months before the big day. Especially if you are going for a tailored fit, the timeline of the outfit should be made considering the total time for making and alterations. Also, during the wedding season in India, it is always better to keep in mind that you may not get the final outfit on the date you want, so keep the odds in your favour and start early.

Hope these tips will help you find a wedding suit that you can’t wait to slip into. Just make sure to do some research on styles, trends, and fits before you go shopping.

Have more questions with your wedding day attire? We are happy to help. Drop us a line through comments.