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5 Simple Ways to Avoid the Stress While Planning Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a fun and happy vacation, but honeymoon planning can be stressful. Avoiding it isn't a tough task, though. Here’s how to keep honeymoon stress at bay:

Álvaro Cabanas
Álvaro Cabanas


You navigate through wedding planning, you realise what a boon the wedding planning services are and wish there were some for honeymoon planning as well. Doing it all on your own can be quite a daunting task at first. Researching for locations, reviews, flights, packages, making it cost-effective, creating a packing checklist, we agree, is stressful. But you can beat the stress by keeping these tips in mind:

1. Plan well

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If you keep things for the last minute, chances are you’ll panic and even snap at your partner. The wedding stress will be a lot to take and you don’t want to deal with everything all at once. The easiest way to avoid this kind of frustration is by getting over with your honeymoon planning well in advance, making sure both your interests and preferences are covered and booking on time. Think of planning for your honeymoon as a fun activity, an escape from wedding planning stress and work accordingly.

2. Go slow

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Once the wedding is over, you don’t need to rush and leave for your honeymoon immediately. A part of smart honeymoon planning is to take a couple of days off and book a suite in the city. Get your energy back, catch up on your sleep and get excited for the trip together. Trying to be too quick will make you grumpy as you’ll still be recovering from the wedding madness and you won’t be in a mood to take off right away. Relaxing will be therapeutic and make you feel a lot better before your honeymoon.

3. Don’t neglect your health


It’s understandable that you may feel rather jumpy considering you just got done with something as major as your wedding. All those parties, late nights and frantic events filled with delicious food and lots of alcohol will require taking a step back once everything is done. Recuperate, eat healthy meals on time and get enough sleep. Make long romantic walks with your spouse to de-stress at the beginning of your trip a part of your honeymoon planning.

4. Negotiate

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You may crave a quiet day by the sea and he may want to find the best beer bars in town and experiment with local food. The key to efficient honeymoon planning is to consider both your demands and make room for them. You don’t need to go with only one option, find some time to fit both your interests to avoid unnecessary fights.

5. Relax

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It’s not possible to explore every type of location at your honeymoon itself. You must remind yourself that you have a lifetime together to seek many more new experiences. As a smart honeymoon planning move, don’t push yourselves too much and do remember to take good breaks from checking out new places to just unwind and let go. You don’t want to forget to have fun. Don’t be too uptight and experiment with an adventure or two. You’ll be back with precious memories and many stories.

Follow these tips to keep stress at bay when you are busy with your honeymoon planning. If you need help while honeymoon packing, we've got you covered in that respect as well. Also, remember that your honeymoon is a celebration of your wedding and not a task to check off your list. So take a breath and enjoy!

Tell us your stories of navigating through the honeymoon planning experience in the comments below.