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Simple Hair Designs That Makes Your Face Look Slimmer For The Camera

Want your wedding pictures to look flawless? Well, some simple hair designs can do the trick and make your face look thinner and more toned. Still confused? Well, read on to find out.

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For some brides, makeup makes their face look chubby, while for the others the heavy outfits they wear make them look plump. What they cannot get away is the pressure of looking thinner and prettier on their big day but what they can do to make it better is go for simple hair designs that make their face cut look sharper and clearly defined.

What are these simple hairstyles? Sometimes in an attempt to do something extraordinarily fancy, brides end up looking too made up. However, what they don’t realise is that some very simple hairstyles have the ability to make their look thinner and more camera-friendly as well.

Don’t worry, we’ve curated a list of our favourite simple hair designs that can work to make any face cut look sharper along with hair accessories that can make them look fancier.

The Ballerina Bun - Top Knot

Knotting Bells

The thing about these voluminous buns on the top is that it gives the bride’s face an angle that is just perfect for all the wedding pictures. This is what is called a vertical illusion in technical terms for these simple hair designs.

To make sure that your top knot is perfect for the face, all brides need to take care of is to have their hairstylist tug and pinch their hair from the perfect place in order to complement their face cut. For the brides that think that pulling all their hair behind makes their face look weird, you can always leave a few strands of hair lose around the face.

Hair Accessory Tip: While the ballerina bun gets immense focus on the bride’s face, a few buds of roses added to the bun can complete this bridal hairstyle while making your face look much thinner.

Low Side Loop Bun with Face Framing Waves

Image Courtesy: Blooms by Vanita

While most brides consider the face-framing waves as a wonderful idea to cover the fat on their face and make the pictures look much better, the fact is that these waves must be strategically left lose depending on the shape of your face.

What almost never goes wrong is a low side loop bun as it makes a bride’s face look more naturally done and hair not tied back tightly. This is one of those simple hair designs that keep the bride comfortable and not wanting to scratch her hair out of the bun hairstyle.

Hair Accessory Tip: Floral accessories are sure to look breath-taking with these simple hair designs, however, make sure you keep the size of the flowers small as it is a low side bun that does not need large floral accessories.

The Flawless Side Braids

Image Courtesy: Akash Virani Photography

A side braid is one of the most understated simple hair designs. This one is for the brides that want to stay carefree but not go for a bun. The side braid not only makes the face of the bride look sharper and toned but also immediately draws attention to the face shape.

The variations in a side braid are many, from choosing from the different kinds of braids, to how messy they want their side braid to look, there is too much that brides can experiment with.  By using a curl-enhancing spray they can give this entire look a more dramatic look.

Hair Accessory Tip: While side braids look good without a hair accessory as well. But if you wish to add something to it, we’d suggest you choose tiaras over your head, either floral or jewelled to complete this brilliant look.

Casula Fishtail Braid with a Side Parting

Simmy Makeup Studio

Just as the name suggests, this one is the natural hair curls that our Bollywood actresses famously wear. The side parting along with these lose curls cover the face of the bride from an angle that makes their face more photogenic for the camera. 

The easiest way to go for simple hair designs like these is to ask your stylist to give you side-swept curls and then you can loosen them by combing them with your fingers until you think they lose enough for your preference.

Hair Accessory Tip: This requires absolutely no hair accessory.  In fact, adding a hair accessory might take away from the glamour quotient of simple hair designs like these.

Middle Parting On Straight Hair

Meera Sakhrani Beauty

For the brides that follow hair trends closely will know that this is one of the biggest fads of the current times. The middle parting most definitely is something that doesn’t suit every face type. But if your hairstylist knows the trick to make it work, she’ll know just the right amount of volume that she needs to give your hair from the top to make the middle parting work for you. The hair falling on from both sides does not just make your face look thinner but also makes your facial feature look sharper.

Hair Accessory Tip: This is one of the simple hair designs that look the fanciest when paired with statement earrings or a big Maang Tikka, making the bride carry a perfect blend of Indian traditional jewellery with a western hairstyle.

Tousled Bob for the Short Hair Brides

Prerna Khullar Makeup Artist

While all our simple hair designs are workable for brides with short hair, we still do not want to make them feel left out. The tousled bob is a simple hair design specifically for our short hair brides. Most brides do not believe that short hair can also have a slimming effect on their face; however, the trick lies in how tangled your short bob hair look. The perfectly tousled bob makes your face look slimmer and prettier for the camera.

Hair Accessory Tip: The short hair brides do not have too much to work about hair accessories, as adding them can cover their hairstyle completely. So avoid any hair accessory and go for chunky dangler earrings to make your bob hair stand out.

High Ponytail

Image Courtesy: The Styles by Sha

As much as brides love to keep their open on their big day, the fact is that a well-tied ponytail makes your face look the sharpest. Don’t believe us? Then try it on your own to see what it can do for your face cut.

It does not just elongate the face but brings the entire focus on your beautiful facial features, and makes them stand out.  Brides must remember to use a mist with simple hair designs like these to keep the flyaway hair under control for as long as the function continues.

Hair Accessory Tip: The high ponytail is one of the western looking simple hair designs that shouldn’t be spoiled with any hair accessory. However, a Maang Tikka is something that can be used to complement the hair and also complete the entire look of the bride.

Making the face look slimmer and more photogenic isn’t a very big deal if the brides have the right hairstylists. A good hairstylist is one that understands face shapes and cuts well to gauge what works and what does not. While all the above hairstyles are known to have slimming effects on your face, it is always better to discuss them with your hairstylist to understand which of them will be the most helpful in your case.

They can also help you plan the entire look better by deciding which of these simple hair designs would go with which of your outfits. So, if you have been stuck with the decision of bridal hairstyles for a long time, contact your hairstylist and let them know that you’ve done your research now.

Which of these simple hair designs do you like the most? Tell us in comments which are the tried and tested ones in your case that surely make your face look slimmer.