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12 Rose Design Mehndi Ideas for the Bride and Her Besties!

No wedding look is complete without one’s mehndi-clad hands. Check out these rose design mehndi looks that will look breathtaking on every bride and her bffs!

The true essence of any wedding lies in the small traditions of the culture. Ceremonies like Mehndi, Sangeet and the wedding are what bring people together. They enjoy themselves and this ultimately increases their bonding.

While the Sangeet ceremony is all about the party, the Mehndi is the calm ceremony that offers room for chit-chat. Mehndi is put on the bride and groom to relieve their stress as henna has healing qualities in it. While it dries, families sit together and talk about the future.

We all love roses and if you can add them to your mehndi, then what’s better than that? Here are 12 rose design mehndi ideas for the bride and her bridesmaids!

1. Aladdin characters mehndi

This mehndi with a rose design is perfect if you are a Disney fanatic just like us. The movie characters Aladdin and Jasmine belong with each other and their story symbolises true love. Add your own names in the design to create a more personal touch in the mehndi. You can even replace the characters with your other favourite Disney fairy tale characters.

2. Hand full of roses

If roses are your favourite flower, this mehndi filled with rose design motifs is the one for you! The main attraction is the big roses while the small roses decorate the entire hand. A perfect choice for your bridesmaids as the length of the design is just enough!

3. Symmetrical mehndi

Another palm size rose mehndi option which is perfect for your bridesmaids! The symmetrical design does not feel repetitive because of the variety in the design itself. It will look beautiful on the small hands of teenage girls.

4. For the back of your hands

The back of the hand is as important as the front. This rose design is fabulous and the pattern is as intricate as the front designs, which is great because most artists do not pay as much attention to the details at the back. We love the use of roses at the tips of the finger, and the centre rose design used to finish the mehndi!

5. Long-distance relationship

We love the idea of telling a story with small details in the mehndi motif. If you and your partner were in a long distance relationship and have finally decided to tie the knot, this mehndi with rose design is #goals. Your guests will be in awe of your creativity and we assure you, many of them will definitely steal this idea!

6. Rose stripes

This mehndi with rose design will work for all the bridesmaids. With their matching outfits, the symmetrical mehndi will fit right in. The whole design is understated, with only the roses being highlighted. The same theme is used in the tips of the finger.

7. Heart on your fingertips

The tips of the finger are the hero in this mehndi. It is perfect for you if you are having a love marriage. The minimalist use of roses in the centre of the design and the big roses at the end create the perfect blend. Even a bridesmaid can choose this rose design mehndi because of its simplicity.

8. Rose connectors

If you love roses but don’t want them to be the centre of attention in your mehndi, this design is perfect for you. The small roses don’t dominate the entire design and just connect the palm and arm design.

9. One for the nature lovers

Nature, freedom, positivity, and happiness are some words that pop up in our head after seeing this rose mehndi design. This design is perfect for the bride and the bridesmaid too. The use of rose design is subtle and adds a variety to the pattern.

10. A rose

This rose design is perfect for all the bridesmaids. It’s simple and portrays your love for roses beautifully. The length is ideal and will not take away from your heavy hand jewellery.

11. For your right hand

Here is a mehndi for the back of your right hand where the rose design is the centre of attention. The design is intricate and a lot of attention has been put into it.

12. For your left hand

A single rose in a circle, this rose design represents the circle of life. The chain design gives the illusion of a bracelet, so you ladies can keep your hand free from any jewellery.

All these mehndi designs are sensational and will look beautiful on every bride and her bridesmaids.  You can make a design your own by adding personal details like your’s and your partner’s name, the date of your wedding, a symbol or design that highlights your love story. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, check out some tips on how to make your mehndi darker

If you want a great design of your own, check out these amazing mehndi artists!

(All these rose design mehndi were taken from Henna By Divya’s Instagram)