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6 Real Rajasthani Dance Forms You Can Prep For An Amazing Sangeet Performance

Your sangeet night is the most exciting and fun night of all your functions. So how do you make it even more entertaining for everyone? Try a theme-based approach, by prepping to groove on these Rajasthani dance forms.

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Weddings in India are not really complete without everyone jumping on to the dance floor. Whether you’re from the bride’s side or the groom’s, it’s all about putting your best foot forward, so that the Sangeet ceremony becomes the best night for everyone involved. The dance numbers are no longer random thumkas that you come up with on the spot, but they have become a platform of competition where it is a basic necessity to put your best foot forward. You will have to practice and hire professional choreographers who will make sure you remember the routine and execute it well on the stage for you to look absolutely dashing and set the stage on fire.

All that given, do you know what would really act as the cherry on the cake? Special, theme-based dance-offs, like a Rajasthani dance act!

Sangeet song and dance routines with a theme-based tinge, especially a Rajasthani dance, are different and people seem to enjoy them. They also mean a fair bit of preparation, what with hiring a dance choreographer, practice sessions and group energy. Don’t worry, if you think that you may not be able to pull-off an expert rendition. You can still mix some of these styles in your wedding dance to have some fun.

Rajasthani Dance Forms for Sangeet Dance-off wins

Here are six traditional Rajasthani dance forms which you can cue up for your own Sangeet dance performance:

1. Ghoomar

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It is probably the most well-known dance style from Rajasthan. Often seen as a ladies sangeet moment, this Rajasthani dance form is seen repeated across festivals, weddings and religious occasions. Women don colourful traditional Rajasthani attire, while they spin, twirl and keep you mesmerised with their graceful movements. Deepika Padukone has gracefully danced to this genre in the well-known and proclaimed to be one of the best period dramas, Padmaavat. The turns might look pretty smooth on stage, but the efforts required to make it perfect is another story to tell.

Recommended for: The bride or a set of bridesmaids

Our tip: Why not go full Bollywood and perform the most recent version of the ‘Ghoomar’ song?

2. Bhavai

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Though all of these dance forms require skill and practice, Bhavai in also requires a lot of balance. It involves a dancer carrying about nine decorated pots on her head. It is a difficult dance to do and requires a lot of practice, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be incorporated in your sangeet in some fashion. If you do not want to carry the pots, you can hire professional dancers who can perform the act for entertaining your guests before or after the Sangeet ceremony. It will be an amazing act for sure!

Instead of the full set, carry a single or two small pots for the performance, if you want to do it yourself still. This will look beautiful and will be more manageable to the person doing it. Or get a professional to do it, as they did during the grand Haldi ceremony for #SujayKiAdi.

Recommended as: A welcome dance, done by the sister of the bride/groom.

Our tip: This Rajasthani dance can be performed on the ever popular ‘Kesariya Balam’ song.

3. Gair

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Enough with dance forms that only the woman can do!. We introduce the Gair, a Rajasthani dance form for both men and women. Men beat sticks to the rhythm of the music as they swirl in majestic traditional outfits with a flair.

Recommended for: The groom with his groomsmen, as they would look grand and bold performing it.

Our tip: This dance is usually performed on dhol beats, but if you want you can always choose to do it on a song of your choice.

4. Kalbeliya/ Kalbelia

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This dance form is also known as the snake dance, as the movements of the dances are similar to that of a snake. Traditionally, dancers carry out this sensuous Rajasthani dance form in black attire, to mimic the serpent better. 

It is even performed by men at times, and if some of them want to give it a shot why not. Though the movements are hard to capture if you are not a skilled dancer, still throwing this form of dance in your performance will be appreciated by everyone alike.

Recommended for: With practice, the bridesmaids could maybe perform it.

Our tip: A dance like this will only be appreciated if it has the appropriate beats, like with ‘Rangeelo Maro Dholna’.

5. Chari


Similar to the balancing act that’s Bhavai, this Rajasthani dance form is also a stunt segment all by itself. Traditionally, Chari is performed while balancing a pot on the head with a burning lamp inside. It may seem a little too dangerous to perform at sangeet even with practice, but we can still use some parts of it.

Whosoever performs it can have coloured paper swirling in the pot and not an actual fire. This would also look remarkable and be very safe.

Recommended for: This dance is also usually performed by women.

Our tip: You can perform this dance on the song ‘Tute Bajuband’.

6. Kathputli

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The Kathputli (puppet) dance is a very interesting Rajasthani dance form. It is traditionally performed by making actual puppets dance or convey a story. Increase the scale, by acting and dancing like puppets, like Shahrukh Khan and Rani Mukherji from Paheli. 

Recommended for: It can also be performed by both the bridesmaid and the groomsmen, to act out the bride and the groom’s story.

Our tip: This song can be performed on a fun song like the ‘Chaudhary’ song.

So, there are many Rajasthani dance forms that you could learn, adapt and blend into your own Sangeet dance performance. Overall, get ready for the night with the right wedding choreography, bling and energy. And dance your special night away.

Are you as much a fan of Rajasthani dances as we are? Tell us in comments, which of these dances have made its way to your list already.