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Rajasthani Dresses For Wedding Perfect For The Bride-To-Be

Here’s your guide to Rajasthani dresses for wedding functions. From the colour of your outfit to the jewellery you need, find out everything!

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Dear bride-to-be, are you planning a Rajasthani themed wedding? We know how movies like Ram-Leela, Jodha Akbar and Padmavati have had you drooling over gorgeous Rajasthani dresses for wedding flaunted by Bollywood actresses. Are you confused about which Rajasthani dresses to wear or how to style them? Well, we are here to rescue you from that confusion. If you want to replicate those outfits or find the latest designs that suit you, you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Rajasthani Dresses For Wedding Functions

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The culture of Rajasthan is celebrated through its attires, hence the colours are always bright. Rajasthani dresses for wedding have prominent prints of Lehariya, Bandhej, Bandhini and Mothra. It’s through Rajasthani dresses that Gota-Patti is now back in fashion. All the Rajasthani dresses for wedding are paired with Odhani, with a draping style that has one of its corners tucked inside the skirt and the other end is worn over the right shoulder or the head.

1. Ghagra and choli

Ghagra is daily-wear for Rajput women. It’s a skirt which is loose and comfortably worn with a waist-length choli that looks like a top. If you want to go for something comfortable yet chic, you can choose a pair of Ghagra choli for yourself.

2. Lehenga and choli

Now you must be wondering how is Bridal Lehenga different from Ghaghra? Well, it is. Lehenga is a more fitted skirt, worn at the waist to enhance the shape of a woman. Lehengas are never worn as daily wear. Though a lot of brides go for Lehengas over Ghagras, and well, you can too.

3. Rajasthani saree

A lot of brides choose Rajasthani brocade sarees with heavy zari and Meenakari embroidery in bright colours. In winters, these sarees mostly have silk base whereas, in summers, fabrics like chiffon and georgette are used. You can decide on a saree for yourself according to the season you’re getting married in.

4. Rajasthani Anarkali

Anarkali suits have been in fashion for a long time, though, Rajasthani Anarkali is a relatively new concept. The only thing that differentiates it from other Anarkali suits is the print used. These Anarkalis are heavily printed with Lehariya, Bandhej, Bandhini or Mothra and have over 25 Kalis on each side, often worn by brides during wedding functions.

5. Rajasthani Kurti

During the Mehndi function, a lot of brides prefer wearing comfortable clothes. So Kurtis with Rajasthani prints and fabrics are often light and comfortable. Brides wear these Kurtis during wedding functions and look absolutely stunning.

From Bollywood To Brides

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Since time immemorial, Bollywood movies have been setting bridal trends, especially for Rajasthani brides. Whether it’s the embellished embroidery on outfits with precious stones and pearls, the brilliant multi-layered choker necklaces or the traditional Rajasthani Maang Tikka and Rakhri - the real-life brides look up to the real-life brides for fashion inspiration. In fact, ornate, Mughal-style bridal jewellery like the one seen above, made a comeback into weddings with films like Jodha Akbar and Padmavati.

Similarly, outfits from the same films had a significant influence on Rajasthani attires and it’s time you incorporate these styles in your ensemble as well.    

From Outfits To Location - Shades Of Rajasthan

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Every wedding season, new trends surface the markets and the idea of Rajasthani dresses for the wedding gets reinvented. With bright colours and a wide range of designs and fabrics, every year we see outfits that give us that ‘Rajput’ look, which by the way, we know you are totally digging. Rajasthan is one of the most popular locations for destination weddings. From Sangeet to Mehndi to Shaadi - brides often choose at least one function where they wear Rajasthani dresses for wedding functions. There are times when all the wedding functions have a Rajasthani theme too. If you are a Rajput or a Marwari bride, knowing about these Rajasthani dresses for your wedding will help you look picture perfect.

Rajasthani Dresses for Wedding: the Groom's Diary

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The grooms dress like royalty on their wedding, especially in Rajasthan. Rajasthani dresses for wedding for the grooms include the Achkan, which is a long coat, worn with churidar and royal shoes or Juttis. Their wedding attire is highlighted with a Turban with an embellished jewel or feather. Professional Pagribands are called to tie the Turban for a neat and royal look. Rajasthani dresses for wedding especially for the grooms cannot be complete without Sarpech which is the piece of jewellery on the turban. They also wear a long necklace for a stately appeal. 

Nowadays, the choice for the millennial groom in terms of Rajasthani dresses for wedding comprises of a blend of traditional and modern attires which they wholeheartedly flaunt on their big day and its related festivities. 

What Makes a Rajasthani Bride Stand out in the Crowd?

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1. Colour of the outfit

To be a Rajasthani bride, you need to get the traditional outfit right. It’s full of bright and contrasting colours and usually, brides wear red, orange, bright yellow or pink.  

2. Details to embroidery

The outfit should have heavy and intricate traditional hand embroideries like Sanjhi and zari by craftsmen of Rajasthan. Details of embroidery will make your outfit stand out and you will look stunning.

3. Jewellery you need

Pair your Rajasthani dresses for wedding with the right kind of bridal jewellery. Wear a Rakhri and Maang Tikka on your forehead, Timaniyaan as a choker on your neckline, a set of ivory bangles and Bajuband around your arms, Bichhiya on your toes and Bridal Nath made out of precious stones on your nose.

4. Wedding outfit - Lehenga Choli

Most Rajasthani brides usually wear a Lehenga Choli made out of a silk base and you can do the same too. The Lehenga is embellished with coloured semi-precious or precious stones like beads and amber. Traditional motifs and floral patterns are used on the Lehenga as well.

5. Customary Odhni

Rajasthani wedding attire is incomplete without an Odhni. Odhni is similar to Dupatta and is worn over the head of the bride. It’s that one piece of your garment that’ll make your outfit unique. In Rajput & Marwari weddings, Odhni is treasured for generations.

“I have lived my entire youth in Jaipur. Though I hail from Delhi, my heart belongs to Rajasthan and so, I decided to do a Rajasthani theme for my mehndi. I wore a Lehenga and Choli, with an Odhni. The dress code for my wedding guests was also Rajasthani,” said Dr Malvika Yogesh Kumar, a WeddingWire bride who got married last year.

Brides Who Aced Their Choice of Rajasthani Dresses for Wedding


This traditional red lehenga is among perfect Rajasthani dresses for wedding, which would surely make you feel like a queen. The intricate handwork and stunning jewellery make the bride look flawlessly beautiful.

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A traditional Odhni worn with intricate lehenga design and in a different draping style is among the favourite Rajasthani dresses for wedding that you can choose from. 

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The Leheria design on this bridal lehenga is one of the most popular designs for Rajasthani dresses for wedding.

We hope you’ve got all the information and inspiration to get your Rajasthani dresses for your wedding on point. If you have already finalised your wedding trousseau but still want to don a Rajasthani wedding dress, try one for your pre-wedding shoot

Tell us in the comment section which design, print and colour you are going to wear to your wedding.