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Punjabi Wedding Dresses For Groom Ideas To Rock Your D-day Look

Presenting 9 grooms who completely stole the show and displayed what perfect wedding dressing is all about. Your inspiration look-book for Punjabi wedding dresses for groom is here!

CoolBluez Photography

Weddings offer you ample opportunities to flaunt your outfits and dressing skills. But, if not done properly, it can also prove to be disastrous for you. Worry not, we’re here to end your woes and help you to end your search of a perfect Punjabi wedding dresses for groom.

What better than real-life examples to take inspiration from? Here you will find 9 Punjabi grooms who slayed with their wedding ensemble. So if you’re looking for a Punjabi dress for the boy, look no more.

The Peach Effect

Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar

Majestic is what comes to mind when you look at this gorgeous Punjabi groom. With matching turban, this Punjabi wedding dresses for groom is absolutely one of our favourites. The overall ensemble is in pastel peach hues.

With different shades of peach, this outfit is surely for those grooms who prefer decent apparels. The groom has paired it with a five-layered pearl neckpiece and a single-feathered Kalgi which speaks volumes.

All The Blues

CoolBluez Photography

The colour, the embroidery work, the contrasts, the overall look- everything about this groom is simply dazzling! This is how you carry a vibrant blue shade with class and attitude!

This groom has definitely given his wedding ensemble a lot of thoughts and put in a lot of efforts for the same. Look at how the colour of his turban and the heavy embroidery on his sherwani are matching. This is the key to ace such a look.

Al‘red-y’ In Love

CoolBluez Photography

Isn’t it absolutely marvellous how this Punjabi groom is carrying his red sherwani with elan? Notice how this groom has evened out the look by not wearing any neckpiece.

This groom’s ensemble in red and glimmering golden work is a perfect match for anyone looking for a stunning Punjabi wedding dresses for groom.

No-Drama Appeal

CoolBluez Photography

No Kalgi, no neckpiece, no shawl, no stole. Yet this Punjabi groom totally rocked his wedding dress with a simplistic pink turban and a decently embroidered sherwani.

Classy is what we call this gorgeous outfit! Without even a single accessory this groom aced the game.

Subtle & Elegant

CoolBluez Photography

This groom slayed in his seashell sherwani with a red turban and a matching pocket scarf. With a multi-layered neckpiece and minimal embroidery, this ensemble has redefined charming! An elaborate Kalgi on the turban just acts like a cherry on the cake!

This Punjabi wedding dresses for groom is perfect for people who wish to achieve a minimalist look as it doesn’t require you to carry a shawl or stole.

Gorgeous Green

CoolBluez Photography

This groom just redefined charming in our dictionaries with his mint julep sherwani and viridian green turban. Look how beautifully his turban is accentuating the bride’s lehenga. The delicate embroidery on his sherwani is just making the entire ensemble a perfect fit for the special occasion.

This type of Punjabi wedding dresses for groom is definitely an ideal example for those who do not wish to carry a neckpiece or don not want to wear a shawl or stole on their wedding!

Dazzle & Razzle

CoolBluez Photography

Resplendent is what this outfit is. This delicate ensemble with multiple shades of green is definitely a huge yes for someone looking for a dazzling Punjabi wedding dresses for groom.

This groom paired his all too beautiful sherwani with a multi-layered pearl neckpiece that is complimenting the dress all too well. The silk shawl with minimalist embroidery along with a matching turban is only adding to the charm of this exquisite ensemble.

Blushing White

Dreamweavers Photography

Yet again a gorgeous and decent wedding ensemble! This groom aced the game with an all cool ‘seashell’ wedding outfit with ‘blanched almond’ turban and stole. The turban is accessorized by a single feathered Kalgi which is just enough to accentuate the whole outfit.

The self embroidered kurta is all too beautiful and matches perfectly with the bride’s ensemble. For those looking for a dreamy Punjabi wedding dresses for groom, this can be a perfect example.

Aesthetically Outrageous


Exquisite is what comes to mind after seeing this groom in his peach sherwani with orange turban and shawl complementing his bride's peach lehenga. The heavily embroidered sherwani along with an embroidered shawl is a perfect ensemble for a daytime wedding.

A statement yet decent neckpiece and a simplistic turban are both complementing this look and are a perfect contrast to balance it at the same time. As you can see in the picture, balance is the key to not overdo your outfit.

The reasons why these grooms totally slayed in their wedding ensembles are -

Balance - a heavily embroidered sherwani goes with a decent turban, whereas a decent sherwani goes well with a heavy turban. Even if it's your wedding, overdoing it is definitely a big no!

Colour - whether going for a bright shade or pastel shade, remember that more than two colours are not a good option as it leads to colour clashes and doesn’t look good in the photographs as well. However, you can play with as many shades of the same colour as you want - as long as it is just a single colour!

We hope that these Punjabi grooms with their unique ensembles inspired you and will help you out with finding your perfect Punjabi Wedding Dresses for the groom.

Which of these are you most inspired from? Share with us in the comments below.