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Plan Your Punjabi Food Menu List With This Perfect Guide For All 6 Courses

Planning a big, fat wedding with a 'Burrah' attitude? Here's a 101 guide on how to compile and curate the ultimate Punjabi food menu list for your D-day. Take notes for your taste buds' utter delight.

Bhawna Goel
Bhawna Goel

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The planning for every big, fat Punjabi wedding is incomplete without a conversation about food. If you ask any Punjabi about how a wedding was, their first assessment would be 'Khaana achcha\bura tha'. And that's why you better pay attention to your Punjabi food menu list.

Building A Punjabi Food Menu List

The Basil Kitchen

To ensure that you get a glowing, positive review from your wedding guests, look at some of the ideas that we've got for you to add to your Punjabi food menu list to give it an edge and to reflect the true Punjabi heritage and culture in your menu.

1. Welcome Drinks

Bombay Essence Caterers

Lassi lies in the heart and soul of every Punjabi. So, it only seems fitting that you serve your guests with Lassi as a welcome drink for your Punjabi wedding. You can try different variations of lassi like sweet lassi, chaas, mint lassi, mango lassi, or rosewater flavoured lassi.

Another beverage that makes a great welcome drink if you’re going for the desi Punjabi vibe can be Aam Panna. What better way to welcome your guests besides serving them with a ‘king of fruits’ beverage?

You can also try summer wedding menu favourites like Shikanji, Lemonade and even mocktails like Kala Khatta to hit all the right notes.

2. Starters

The Creative Kitchen

The very first stall where the aunties head to is starters stalls. Some starters that you can incorporate into your Punjabi food menu list are Dahi Bhalla, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Papdi Chaat, Gol Gappe or Punjabi Samosa.

To add a millennial touch, you can serve Gol Gappa shots or try out any of these quirky Pani Puri games.

These starters are surely a great way to kickstart your food menu.

3. Live stalls

Aparna Catering

To level up your Punjabi food menu list add live food counters. Ask your wedding caterer to set up a Paneer tikka live station. This is one station where you’ll find all the uncles, aunties, and kids lined up to devour the fresh off the Tandoor Paneer tikka will chutney.

You cannot forget Sarso da saag and Missi Roti when it comes to deciding what to add to your Punjabi food menu list. And what’s better if they are served hot and fresh off the stove?

We all know that Punjabis love to savour their fried food, one such delicacy from the Punjabi cuisine is the Amritsari Fish. It is made by marinating the fish overnight with dry roasted spices and then finally deep-frying in a rich batter of gram flour. A live Amritsari fish food station will surely leave your guests talking about the food at your wedding for a long time.

4. Main course

Petoo, Bangalore

We all know that Punjabis love their 'kukkad'. And the first thing that comes into mind when thinking of dishes to add to your Punjabi food menu list is Butter Chicken.

Another delicacy from the state of Punjab is Pindi Chana, which will surely be a hit among your vegetarian guests.

And lastly, add Dal Tadka to your main course menu to give it a wholesome feel...

To take your Punjabi food menu list to a whole new level, you add these dishes to your main course selection.

5. Desserts

Petoo, Bangalore

The favourite section of all the guests is the dessert section. Kulfi is an excellent choice for your dessert options for your Punjabi food menu list. You can serve kulfi on a stick or make a sundae with various syrups like rose syrup, mango syrup etc.

Gulab Jamun is another dessert which is a go-to for every wedding guest.  Serve it hot with ice cream.

Add Jalebi and Rabri to your dessert menu.

These dishes will do wonders in pleasing the sweet tooth of your guests.

6. Beverages

1947 Restaurant, Bangalore

If you want to serve alcohol at your wedding ceremony, you add a number of drinks to your bar menu like...

a) Patiala Peg

b) Bloody Mary

c) Long Island Iced Tea

d) Sweet Honey Bourbon Cider

e) Sparkling Sangria

f) Pineapple Rum Peach Tea

g) Rum & Coke

h) Champagne Mojitos

i) Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade

j) Pina Coladas

You can personalise the drinks by adding tags like his & hers. Another tip would be to bottle up some cocktails and add the tag 'Just Married'.

For a non-boozy selection of beverages, you can always serve coffee and juices but if you want to amp up your beverage items for a Big-fat  Punjabi wedding, some non-alcoholic beverages that would surely be a hit are...

a) Apple Cranberry Mocktail

b) Mock Mojito

c) Citrus Cucumber Water

d) Lemon Lavender Water

e) Virgin Bellini

f) Raspberry Daiquiri

g) Milk & Cookies Jar (For the kids)

h) Rose Lemon Spritzers

You can serve them in beautiful glasses with garnishing to give a more fancy appeal. Even if your guests are big drinkers, they'll surely appreciate a crisp mocktail.

These are some of the dishes that you can incorporate to your wedding food menu to look after the hearty appetite of your guests. A Punjabi wedding is a wild ride filled with happy memories, loud music, beautiful outfits, bling and delicious food to nibble on. So, buckle up and grab a cocktail in one hand and a Samosa in the other one to enjoy your D-day with these delicacies on your Punjabi Food menu list and make memories with your family and friends that you'll cherish forever.

Let us know which dish will you be serving at your wedding. For more ideas, get in touch with our wedding vendors

Written by Bhawna Goel