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All You Need to Know About the Pink Makeup Look

Pink is known to be the classic girly shade since forever. This classic shade is also one that finds its way in everything that a bride chooses for her wedding. Pink makeup, however, is one that is totally in the game right now and loved by the mille

Ruhani Puri Makeup Artist

Makeup becomes a woman’s best friend as she grows up, more so when she is about to get married. It is the one thing that she is hyper about till almost the last moment of getting it done. The trends and fads that keep coming and going surely make it easier for the brides to choose their pick. Pink makeup is one such fad that is currently trending. Although there is nothing new about the elements of a pink makeup look that didn’t exist earlier, it is the name and the specific categorisation within it that interests the brides of today much more.

The elements of a pink makeup look are commonly known, but the combination that is used in it speaks volume about the craft of any makeup artist. Although makeup looks work differently for every bride depending on their skin tone, skin type, as well as their outfit, the elements to create the look remain the same. The pink makeup look being an all-time favourite of the brides plays along with elements like eye shadow, blush, lipsticks and highlighters. Some brides like to go all in and opt for a bolder look, while some like to keep it simple. We’ve put together 5 of the best pink makeup looks on the bride that we have spotted recently to help you understand its elements better.

1. The Subtle Touch of Pink

Beauty & Makeup Artist, Sirat Brar

This is one of the favourite pink makeup looks of brides that like to look natural and not all done up. This look focuses to get the eye shadow, blush, highlighter as well as the lip colour as close to your natural skin shade as possible. It works best for brides that have a pink undertone and this pink makeup look banks on your natural glow and undertone than fancy cosmetic products.

2. A Pure Pink Pout

CoolBluez Photography

As the name suggests, this look focuses on getting your pink lipstick on point. While the number of shade options can be a gazillion, every bride must go for a statement shade that makes a world of a difference to her entire look. Every girl knows how some shades don’t make much of a difference to their face and while others completely transform it for the better. This has to be that perfect pink shade for you. We’d also suggest you keep the eyes and blush as minimal as possible and let your pink lipstick take the lead. Some of our most favourite lipstick choices for this look are - M.A.C All fired up for the brighter skin tones and Huda Beauty’s Cake Day lipstick for the medium to deeper skin tones. 

3. Smokey Mauve-Pink Combination

Infinite Memories

One of our favourite pink makeup combinations is the mauve and pink put together. There is something about this combination that is so fresh and millennial that we’d love for all our brides to try this one for any one of the wedding functions for sure. While the rules are simple, all you have to do is to try the mauve and frost pink shades of eye shadow colours instead of the traditional black, grey and silver. To balance the amount of pink that you use for this look, we’d suggest that you choose a pinkish nude lipstick shade and subtle blush to complete the look. 

4. The Pink Glitter Glam Look

Orange Beauty Lounge Family Salon

Glitter is a favourite of the millennial brides and so is ours. While how and how much you use it is really a code to crack. Too much of it can make you look gaudy, while too little can go unnoticed. We don’t want either to happen to you.  Much like eye shadows, pink glitters come in a ray of shades, choose one that works well with your outfit and your lipstick. Adding glitter to your pink makeup cannot just give you a touch of glitz but also a much wished for diva look with the eyelids sparkling. 

5. The Full on Pink Makeup Look

Aakriti Gandhi Makeup Artist

While we have been talking about moderation in all the pink makeup looks, some brides also wish to go all in when it comes to their favourite colour. This look requires you to get your hands on the best shades of pink eye shadow, glitter, highlighter as well as lipstick and then working it all together. This one is the top pick for brides that choose to wear a pink lehenga on their wedding day, as we totally believe pink is the new red when it comes to wedding lehengas

It is a widely loved makeup choice by the millennial brides, and the many variations that can be added to it make it an all-time favourite too. We hope we’ve helped you crack this super hyped bridal look and made your choice a lot easier.

We’d love to hear your version of the trending pink makeup look. Tell us in comments how you totally owned this one on your big day.