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6 Nice Hairstyles for You & Your Bridesmaids to Copy for the Big Day

Confused about the right hairstyle for the day? We have 6 nice hairstyles that you could try out for the big day. We have specially picked these out just for you!

Admirefotos, Medavakkam

Are you all set for the big day? Dress done, wedding jewellery done, bridal makeup done, shoes done, but there’s one thing that you’re still confused about – hairstyle? Without the right hairstyle, your look will be incomplete, right? Choosing the right hairstyle to go with your outfit is very important to put your look together. Just like you would go in for a makeup trial before your wedding day, it’s important to go for a trial when it comes to your hairstyle as well. You wouldn’t want to be stuck wondering what hairstyle to go in for on the day, so make sure to decide on this well in advance.

To help you out, we’ve put down 6 nice hairstyles that you and your bridesmaids could try out for the big day. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Go for that wavy look

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Going in for those loose curls and a wavy hairdo is always a great idea. Curls and wavy hairstyles are in right now, and you could never go wrong with it. If you’ve got a good length, then try out the wavy look for your wedding day. Curls are awesome, especially for the ones who are looking for the extra bounce and volume. You could leave your hair just like this with a nice puff in the front and flicks on either side of the head.

Let the Maang Tikka beautifully fall in the middle of the forehead for the best look. Nice hairstyles like this would go perfect with a lehenga, or any other outfit. If you’re having bridesmaids for the day, then you could go ahead and get the same hairstyle done for them as well.

Make sure to go for the right jewellery and makeup to look gorgeous.

The popular bun

Admirefotos, Medavakkam

When it comes to sarees, then this is one of the most popular hairstyles ever. But if you thought wearing a bun is only great when you pair it with a saree, then you are totally wrong! A bun can be worn with a lehenga, salwar suit or any type of Indian outfit too. In fact, it’s one of the best Indian hairdos you could ever go in for when you wear a traditional outfit.

There are different types of nice hairstyles with regards to a bun that you could choose from. Right from the regular bun and the messy bun to the braided bun, you could try out different bun styles to suit your attire the best. South Indian brides usually go in for a bun hairstyle to go with their lovely traditional sarees and beautiful gold jewellery. They usually cover their bun with flowers to give it a more traditional look.

If you’re a modern bride, who wants to go with a bun hairdo but doesn’t like the flower look, then choose from a wide variety of hair accessories like floral headbands, beads, stones, pins etcetera. Always try out your look beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles.

The fun fishtail braid

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Looking for that fun and free look? Well, the fishtail braid is one of the best hairstyles you could go in to achieve that look. It’s one of those nice hairstyles, you could do for a pre-wedding function like a Haldi or Sangeet.

There are many different ways you could make your fishtail braid standout. You could either choose to go for a tighter, neater look or go for that messy fishtail look that is stylish and trendy. Check out the hairstyle of this bride. Here, she has gone for the messy fishtail braid with pretty colourful flowers tucked nicely into the little gaps of the braid.

She’s completed the hairstyle with a lovely floral headband and gone for floral jewellery that goes well with her yellow outfit.

Braids are a popular hairstyle among modern brides who choose to flaunt one for their pre-wedding functions. There are a number of different types of braids you could choose from.

Right from fishtail braids to French braids and the regular braid, you can be creative and innovative when it comes to hairstyles. So, keep trying out different hairstyles before your functions to come up with the best hairdo.

The braided bun

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Want to make your bun look different and fashionable? Try out the braided bun that’s really stylish. This hairstyle looks perfect for those sarees, lehengas and even those traditional salwar suits as well. To achieve this look you would need a braided extension. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail, and start braiding your hair.

Once you’ve done that, start twisting your hair into a bun. Use the hair extension to attach the braid below the bun. To make your braid stand out, use beautiful hair accessories like beads, embellishments or even little flowers to bring out the best in this hairstyle. Team this hairstyle with the right makeup and jewellery to steal the show!

The twisted hair look


Just like a braid, you could go in for a twisted hairstyle that looks equally stunning. This is one of those nice hairstyles that you could try out for a grand occasion like a wedding or festive occasion. You could try this out with your lehengas, sarees and even Kurtis for the best look. There are many ways to achieve the twisted hair look. You could take a partition of hair from both sides and pin it up in the middle.

Then hold your hair into a ponytail and make two partitions and start twisting and twirling each part around. Once you reach the bottom of the hair, you could choose to leave it just like that or tie it with a hair tie. Use different fashionable accessories to make your hair stand out.

The cool headband look

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Floral headbands are an in-thing now, with most brides choosing these stylish headbands for their pre-wedding shoots and functions. These headbands come in different designs with coloured flowers, beads, diamonds and other embellishments that are just beautiful and fabulous if you’re looking for that fun and cool look. You could choose to add the headband look with poker-straight hair or even go for the lovely soft curls to look stunning.

These headbands look stylish even if you decide to go for that messy hair look as well. Check out this bride, who looks really cool posing away with that pretty headband on her head. These headbands are easily available in different colours, and you could even customise it to suit your attire for the day.

If you’re planning to get artificial jewellery for any of your functions, then you could order a headband to match up with your earrings, necklace and bracelets as well.

These were 6 nice hairstyles that you could copy for your big day too. Whatever the style, make sure to try it out well before the occasion, so there are no last-minute hassles.

If you’re looking to get a similar look for your day, then get in touch with our makeup and hair salon vendors for the best look for your wedding day.