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Breathtaking Mehndi Jhoola Trends for Your Summer 2020 Wedding

Are you planning a summer wedding this year? Here are some stunning mehndi jhoola ideas for inspiration that are sure to make it fun & photogenic for you!

Hitched & Clicked

The idea of a quintessential mehndi is the Dulhan sitting on a beautifully decorated jhoola - the centre of the universe, with the wedding shenanigans bustling all around her. Mehndi ceremony is a matter of long hours of intricate art being beautifully put on not only the bride but even the bridesmaids, guests and so on and in such a situation, the basic necessity is a comfortable seat for the bride. 

But comfort is not all that it is, so while the fairytale unravels itself in the most beautiful colours and traditions of the rich cultural heritage we so dearly hold, the mehndi jhoola definitely needs to be a beaut to look at!

Here are some of our favourite mehndi jhoola ideas handpicked for inspiration for this wedding season.

The Dreamcatchers Steal The Show

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Keeping the traditions alive with the conventional marigolds, this mehndi jhoola design was created by Abhinav Bhagat Events with a perfect touch of the bohemian culture added to it with the pretty dreamcatchers. The streamers of paper planes are everything that adds to the quirk and the pink bougainvillaea is just the right pop of colours to add to it. 

It's All About Simplicity

The Cheesecake Project

Simplicity being the ultimate sophistication according to the great Leonardo Da Vinci, this simple mehndi jhoola with the typical shades of orange and yellow that deck up the hands of the swing with the purple fabric make it a simple yet gorgeous pick. The wooden swing adds to the rustic feel that might just be the perfect theme for your summer wedding. Add some cushions to it and get comfortable while looking pretty in floral jewellery and a pastel lehenga.

Parrot Topping, Please

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Floral and non-floral centrepieces have stolen the show at weddings since time immemorial but who says floral centrepieces are only for the food tables and entrances? This absolutely adorable pair of parrot installations on the mehndi jhoola make it as unique as it gets. The prevalent colours, being shades of pink and purple, set a pretty in pastel theme for the decor and the yellow and green of the floral birds balance out the pop!

A Jhoola with A Valley

Image Courtesy: Tanvi Pouri

There is no better backdrop than a valley to your mehndi jhoola idea. Conventionally yellow with a pinch of green might be a regular mehndi decor but what makes it stand out is the backdrop. It is not a regular mehndi in a lawn or porch, this open terrace with the absolutely breathtaking view of the mountains adds to the beauty of this otherwise simple decor. With the blue skies above and wind in your hair, the Mehndi ceremony will be unforgettable! Bonus points if it is a destination wedding!

Marigolds & Gerbera Pastels

The sky is the limit and that being said, marigolds are not the only floral limits to mehndi jhoola decor ideas. Using the pretty gerbera flowers in light orange and bright yellows alternatively with ferns makes this mehndi jhoola a treat to watch. As photogenic as it gets, the soft cushions and the solid backrest make this swing a comfy place for the bride to relax as she gets her feet and palms decked up in rich colours of the fragrant mehndi.

The Weaver's Nest Hammock Seat

Meraki Events

Inspired by the weaver bird's nest that is one of nature's best miraculous structures, spun so intricately, this mehndi jhoola breaks all the norms. With delicate twigs interspersed with leaves and chains or a rope to make the base a stronghold, this swing is everything aesthetic. The floral tiaras that stay suspended with flowers that add to the colour contrasts make it an adorable seat for the bride. This can be your best pick if you plan on a beach wedding.

The Aesthetic Pink Popper

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Designers

This mehndi jhoola looks so pretty - as if it has dived straight out of those fairytales, waiting for the princess to take her seat. With the simple yet solid colours of pink and white, this swing creates a serene ambience that balances out the hustle-bustle of the mehndi ceremony and other rituals. The Rani Pink cushions with the golden stripes match the marigold flowers on the swing handles. If you plan on wearing pastels for your mehndi ceremony outfit, this is the apt pick.

The Flamingo Trend is Catching Up

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

With the quirky flamingos decking up corners and centrepieces or entrances of the wedding decor trends in 2020, this mehndi decor is one for the bride who loves it rock-n-roll. The sparkles in the backdrop and the shimmery disco balls from above introduce a modern touch that breaks away from the traditional typical floral decor. The swing is a simple one with mogra decor to make it fragrant and pretty, but obviously the flamingos steal the show!

The Cheesecake Project

With a million poses that is on your mind while imagining yourself adorned in pretty floral jewellery with mehndi designs for feet and some for your palms, the mehndi jhoola is one of your major concerns to make your mehndi photographs alluring. From flowers to mirrors, dreamcatchers to disco balls, fairy lights to embroidered umbrellas and paper decor, the mehndi jhoola can be personalised with your choice of colours and requirements.

Did you pick a favourite for inspiration, yet? Get in touch with the wedding decor specialists on board with us who can help you improvise and shape your perfect dream wedding into reality.