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What Goes Into The Marriage Card Matter? Find Out How To Nail The Essential Elements

More people are now opting for customised wedding invitation cards and thus thinking of marriage card matter is another one of the wedding chores that gets added to the list. Keep reading to know what to add!


In India, the wedding invitation cards have a typical design or style with the same old marriage card matter that everyone opts for. The similar looking cover page, the fixed pattern of writing the content inside the main leaf and the usual colours of red, golden, maroon are just a few things that get repeated in almost every Indian wedding invitation card. However, people are now open to making customised invitation cards that have a bit more uniqueness in them. The easiest way to make your invitation card unique is to include the marriage card matter with some personalised messages or stories!

But remember, the basic wedding invitation etiquette has to be followed no matter what the design is! This basic marriage card matter that you definitely have to include is the information about the events and the names of the bride and groom along with the names of the parents. With some invitation cards, people are just opting for the names of bride and groom with everyone else’s names in the R.S.V.P section. These all are just a few minor changes that you can opt for according to your personal preference!

1. Identify the information you want in your card

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The essence of sending out an invitation card is for the guest to get information about your wedding. So, naturally, you must put all the information that the guests require. Apart from the basic information of the event and date, you must add your contact number as well. Furthermore, you can add a pictorial representation of the map to the venue if it is not an easily accessible place. All of these are marriage card matter is something that you must definitely add in the card.

2. How to make it fun?

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Now, comes the fun part. You need to think of ways of putting this information in a fun and quirky way if that is the approach you are going for. This is the ideal thing to do if you are having a close-knit marriage with very few numbers of guests coming to your wedding. If this is the case, then you can add some fun excerpts from the lives of the bride and groom and almost all the guests would be able to understand the jokes and stories.

Such fun marriage card matter just adds a bit more character to the card and makes it something that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, such fun cards give an idea about the wedding party the guests can expect. It just shows that yours will be a wedding where everyone can have fun to their fullest without any inhibitions. You can go for this funny and quirky route but make sure that you do not go overboard with it. Stick with casual puns.

When it comes to designing such wedding cards, you can go with some doodle images or some cool caricature of the bride and the groom. All this adds to the uniqueness of the card. Draw the map in a fun way with some famous landmarks shown on the way with some funky symbols or doodles to represent them. Use your creative mind and have fun with the invitation card.

3. The sophisticated design

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If you are looking for a sophisticated wedding invitation card, then the first thing to do is opt for light colours like white, blue, turquoise and so on. Once you are done with the colours, make sure that you do not add too many design elements or patterns to it. The marriage card matter too should be minimalistic with only the necessary information in it.

You may add philosophical or wedding love quotes at the beginning and the end and that’s about it. You do not have to go overboard with anything in such a design.

4. The traditional design

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You can go as creative as you want with traditional designs as well to give it a unique touch. Opt for a colour that is not from the clichéd colour palette of red, maroon or golden. Add a few traditional patterns that you see in mehndi designs to make the wedding invitation card beautiful. You can add a few shlokas to the marriage card matter apart from the general information. Do not forget to include the symbol of Lord Ganesha at the cover and top of the inner leaf to make it auspicious!

You just need to make sure that you put all the necessary information as the marriage card matter. Once you are done with that, be creative with the rest of the content that you want to put and go for designs just the way you want. It’s your wedding so have fun with it! Pick designs that express your personality and you’ll love them no matter what!

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