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10 Latest Wedding Card Designs for Creative & Memorable Invites

Looking for some latest wedding card designs to get inspired with some creative designs to set the right tone for the wedding? This is an article that you must check out!

Siddharth Madan
Siddharth Madan

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

To make sure that wedding that you are hosting is a truly remarkable affair and you and your friends and family have some fine memories of the big day, you need to focus on even the tiniest of details surrounding the wedding. To start with, you should try and make sure that the wedding invitations that you send out stand out from the boring and plain-Jane invitations that we are used to seeing.

After all, it is the wedding invitation that gives the guests an idea of what to expect at the wedding. It even sets the tone for the celebrations to follow.

So, keeping these factors in mind, we have picked some of the most interesting invitations in the below list of latest wedding card designs. Read on!

This simple wedding invitation with caricatures of the bride and groom

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Starting off this list of latest wedding card designs, we have this simple enveloped wedding invitation that stands out with adorable caricatures of the bride and groom-to-be. Rather than making the invite excessively blingy and decorative, you can also make it more personal by incorporating such adorable and creative elements into the design.

Such extravagant boxed wedding invitations with an idol of Ganesha

Alfiya Invitation

Weddings are such a big event in our lives and its only natural to want to take blessings from the elders and from God. So, you can take some inspiration from the above image on our list of the latest wedding card designs and send out such wedding invitations to the guests.

This vintage book-set themed wedding invitation

Alokik Exclusive

If the two of you are big Bibliophiles, you can take a page from the above image on our list of latest wedding card designs and similarly go for a vintage book themed wedding invitation for your guests. Such creative approaches make the invite more personal to you and are much more memorable than going for a more orthodox template.

This understated yet colourful wedding invitation

Image Courtesy: Himanshi Sharma Designs

For the next entry on our list of latest wedding card designs, we feature this fine looking wedding invite that strikes the right balance between being colourful and vibrant while still not being too over the top and shouty. If you have similar tastes, then such wedding invitations can be the right source of inspiration for you.

This extravagant peacock themed wedding invitation card

Indian Wedding Cards

Peacocks in our culture are synonymous with extravagance and visual beauty, traits that perfectly align with the grand wedding celebrations. So, it can make for a fine wedding invitation idea to add the magnificent Peacock as a major element of design.

This minimal and traditional wedding invitation card

Indian Wedding Cards

If you are someone who wants to stick to their traditional roots and appreciates such designs, then this entry on our list of latest wedding card designs might be a design that interests you. The traditional red and white colour scheme and the very subtle design set the tone for a traditional wedding celebration to follow.

Such super creative destination themed wedding invitation

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

Are you planning on having a fun destination wedding celebration? You can choose to trickle down the theme of the wedding into your invite as you can see in the above image in our list of latest wedding card designs. By making the invite fun and quirky, you will help build up the excitement for the wedding celebrations to follow.

This bright yellow wedding invitation with quirky elements

Rohan & Aparna Invitations

Next on our list of latest wedding card designs, we feature this bright yellow wedding invitation card that captures the vibrancy and the sense of happiness surrounding the Big Fat Indian Wedding in a very tasteful and creative way. This is why it makes for a fun invitation to send out to your guests.

This unique wedding invitation with an itinerary of the celebrations

Samreen Chawla Design, Delhi

For the next entry on our list of latest wedding card designs, we have this quirky wedding invite with an itinerary of the wedding celebrations laid out in a very creative and a unique way. Such cards are far more successful in capturing the attention of your guests and draw in a lot of excitement for your big day.

This interesting drawer themed wedding invite with some vintage charm

Samreen Chawla Design, Delhi

Love all things vintage? Then you will surely love this interesting drawer-themed wedding invite that is dripping with vintage charm and makes for a great visual design. It will surely be a memorable invite for the guests who receive it!

The wedding invites can be as creative as out of the box as you can think of or as simple as possible. We suggest you to take an approach that comes naturally to you and sets the right tone for the celebrations to follow for. Feel free to share your thoughts on the designs shared in the above list in the comments below!

Feeling inspired to get a unique design? Get in touch with these invitation card makers!

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