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Wedding Games Ideas To Make Your D-day Even More Stellar

Booked on an idea of a destination wedding? Good. Next, liven things up. Your wedding doesn’t have to be serious and boring. Why not incorporate some fun games into your wedding weekend to entertain your guests?

Little Dreams

Yes! You chose to have a getaway affair with a destination wedding in a quaint setting of a mountain top or on the sandy beaches of an Island somewhere - how dreamy and picaresque. Getting away from all and sundry for your special day at a scenic location - that sounds like a perfect wedding already.

However, what do you do with your select crew when you're not dressing up, or sitting down for your solemn ceremonies? Apart from clicking pretty wedding pictures and sending them on sight-seeing expeditions, you would have lazy mornings and afternoons to fill. So, what to do to kill time and have fun at the same time?

Why not play games instead? Who doesn't love to indulge in some light banter and some friendly competition? So, we have rounded up eight wedding games ideas & inspirations which are perfect for any big fat Indian family who is out to have some fun and forge some bonds. 

Wedding Games For Your Destination Wedding:

Do it with fun. Here are some awesome wedding games you can play with your guests on the sidelines of your destination wedding and make your wedding a never-ending ride of fun, frolic and lots of merry-making:

1. Memory Lane

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Getting to know your partner and would-be family is a tricky task, especially when everyone is polite, putting their best foot forward. Opt for this ice-breaking wedding game and take a fun-filled way to know each other.

What's the game - Hand out index cards and have each wedding guest write a description of their favourite memory with the bride or the groom. After this, get someone to read out aloud every memory and the bride/groom has to correctly remember with whom they shared that memory.

An alternate version of this wedding game could be pitching the question to your partner and asking them whether it's true or false. This helps them get to know you and your family better.

2. Embarrassing Memories

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Imagine if you saw a yesteryear version of yourself in bloomers on the big screen at your wedding? Or had your mum talk about the pranks you pulled as a child? Instant mortification aside, this too adds to the experience, especially when you know that you're with a closed set of loved ones at your destination wedding.

Take it the next step and convert these embarrassing moments into a wedding game.

What's the game - The bride and the groom make their own teams. Every member of each team has to speak out a really embarrassing memory they shared with the bride or the groom. The team with the most embarrassing memories win.

3. Wedding Charades

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Can you guess to win? Then put your movie trivia and acting bones to good use and think of ways to win this set of dumb charades with your siblings, friends and family.

What's the game - Just like the classic dumb charades, this set of wedding dumb charades is restricted to wedding-based movies (think Hum Saath Saath Hain, Vivah and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun). Write some romantic wedding related moments from Bollywood movies and keep them in a jar. The player picks a chit and has to enact ways so that their team gets it.

4. Couple Musical Chairs


Get ready to grab that chair. All you need are willing teammates and a few chairs, though even sofas or a set of cushions would do perfectly nice.

What's the game - You can have this wedding game played just like the normal musical chairs, but with a twist. The new rule is – the couple is allowed to sit on each other's lap if they don’t have a seat left. Of course, the singles and the kids are allowed to play it too but they can’t have that extra lap.

5. The Valued-Group

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You know that you value the people you've chosen to invite to your destination wedding. This game would ensure that they all know that, in a fun-filled, tongue-in-cheek way.

What's the game - Get a host for this entertaining way pf making your wedding more fun. All the ladies’ value is 10 while the men’s value is 5. The host will say a number, say 20. Then get your teams to form groups of that value to win! The number of rounds, gifts and level of difficulty all depend on how you choose to do it.

6. Dramatic Cricket

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It's odd to think about packing a set of cricket gear to a destination wedding. That, however, is something you should ideally not forget (or ask your resort to procure). Get both sets of your relatives, close friends and siblings to prove their knowledge of the game on the field. 

What's the game - Divide the team into the bride’s and the groom’s and play cricket! It’s going to be a really fun and passionate game with each side trying to do their best.

7. Grand Antakshari

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C'mon - we've all played it. And when you're sitting with your friends and family on a sunny day, the moment when all conversation stops is the perfect time to break into a song.

What's the game - This time, the Antakshari competition occurs between the bride and groom families. Divide the teams into the bride’s side and the groom’s side. Then, see how the play becomes intense with each side determined to win. 

8. Cocktail Games


Getting a little tipsy with friends? Mark the time with some funny moments, games and trivia.

What's the game - Make your pre-wedding time fun by incorporating some wedding games. You can play never-have-I-ever with some alcohol by its side. The ones answering “I have” get to have a shot. Truth or dare is a good option too, alongside Pani Puri games and other games.

Your friends and family are with you on an extended holiday. Make the most of everyone's time as you goof around, make memories and move towards your own special day. Pick those wedding games which work the best for you and your wedding guests. Make sure you include all the Maama, Chacha, Chachi, Uncle and turn this destination wedding into a never-ending party that will help you forge newer bonds which will outlive the ages - after all family is the closest thing we have to magic.  

Gear up with these wedding games and let us know what works for you.