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Think Lemon Yellow Isn’t the Right Shade for a Dude? Check Out These Men Rock This Colour at Weddings!

Does the idea of wearing lemon yellow make you cringe? Check out these real grooms rocking yellow Sherwanis and Kurtas on their wedding, and basically killing the fashion game! We’re sure they’ll change your mind!

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

No matter which guy you speak to, they all seem to hate lemon yellow. While some think that the colour is too cheerful, others think it’s more appropriate for women. It’s time to break these gender stereotypes and experiment with fashion, guys! Don’t think you can pull off such a vibrant shade? Watch these real grooms do it, and then rethink your life decisions!

1. This groom getting into the Haldi theme!

CineLove Productions

Your wedding is obviously going to be one of the happiest moments of your life, so why not let your outfit reflect your happiness too? Lemon yellow is a lovely colour for the same! Go ahead and pick a Kurta pyjama set in this colour and wear it for your Haldi!

2. These Dulhan ke Bhais!

Destination Phtographers

The Phoolon ki Chaddar ritual is a lovely moment when the bride enters the wedding venue, walking under a blanket of flowers held by her brothers. Bros in the house, if you want to rep your sister, why not wear matching lemon yellow outfits?

3. This groom is twinning with his bae!

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Most couples these days love matching their outfits to show that they are a team! So, if your bride is planning to wear a yellow lehenga, do not shy away from sporting the same shade! If you think lemon yellow is too bright for you, wear a Bandi jacket on top to break the look!

4. This adorable moment made brighter by yellow!

Kanyaadhan by Aayushi

How cute is this picture? The bride’s yellow blouse matches the groom’s lemon yellow outfit perfectly and let's not miss the Haldi on his face. This looks like a couple that loves to have fun, and their colour choices definitely reflect that!

5. The father of the bride showing off his pride!

Knots by AMP

Do you know who is the happiest during a wedding? It’s the father of the bride. Look at this man smiling away in this lemon yellow Sherwani as his daughter begins a brand new journey in life! Picking a yellow wedding Pagri was a great idea on his part!

6. This sherwani that promises good times ahead!


Every groom dreams of making his wife totally happy, no matter what. Let everything about your demeanour show that to your bride – from the smile on your face to your lemon yellow sherwani!

7. This complimentary duo!

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

There are more than one ways to look like a team, and this couple has nailed it by wearing complementary colours! The groom’s lemon yellow Sherwani looks great and has enough embroidery on it to justify it as the main wedding outfit!

8. This embroidered Sherwani with Dhoti!

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

Here’s another lemon yellow sherwani that has a ton of embroidery work on it, making it perfect for the main wedding day. One of the things that helps this outfit stand out is the fact that the lower part of the ensemble comprises of dhoti pants, rather than regular pants. It’s a great choice and definitely apt for summer weddings!

9. This pre-wedding shoot look!

Sona Sachdeva Photography

The pre-wedding shoot is officially a rite of passage, and if you’re going to have one, why one bust out a beautiful lemon yellow kurta set from your closet and wear that? Look how lovely it looks against the historical backdrop!

10. Another great pre-wedding shoot look!

Sona Sachdeva Photography

Speaking of historical backdrops, here’s another pre-wedding shoot where the groom is wearing a lemon yellow kurta and the bride is also dressed in a lehenga! The two look lovely together, and the message of this picture is certainly that this outfit will go down in history!

11. This super happy yellow outfit!

Studio Kelly Photography

If you don’t want to blind your guests with your outfit, but definitely do require it to be on the heavier side, pick a lemon yellow kurta that has thread embroidery in the same colour.

Pair it with white pants for a subtle look, or black pants for a night look! Don’t add any bling to your outfit as, in this case, the Kurta is enough. However, if you’re really keen on wearing jewellery, pick a deep green beaded necklace as that will look great against the yellow.

12. These bros celebrating the stag party!

Image Courtesy: Wed Capture

The stag party or the bachelor’s night is a tradition that’s catching on in India too. Wear something casual, yet funky, when you’re out celebrating with your bros! A yellow outfit can show them how happy you are, and will also help you stand out!

13. This fluorescent number with a touch of green!

Sona Sachdeva Photography

Neon is in fashion, and if you want to go down that route, then pick a florescent yellow outfit that has a touch of green!

As you can see, yellow isn’t the colour just for kids or women! Men can look extremely dapper in this shade, and should definitely consider carrying it off at their wedding! If you want to take baby steps, just wear a yellow Bandi over a different outfit for now and see how you feel about that colour!

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