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Churidar Colour Combination for the Groom on His Wedding Day

Churidar trousers add a unique element to Indian outfits. This is a list of unique churidar colour combination ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

Weddings are that time where we get to embrace our Indian traditions and wear traditional Indian clothes that we would not wear otherwise on a day-to-day basis. There are so many outfit styles that you can wear that you will be spoilt for choice. Every region of the country is home to traditional designing techniques that have their roots in the rich history of our country.

In this article we will focus on churidar colour combination ideas for your wedding day outfit. Churidar trousers are unique to India and are worn the way one would wear salwars.

These trousers are broader at the top and narrower at the bottom. What gives these trousers the unique name is the excessive folds at the bottoms which make a bangle-like design. Churidars go very well with Kurtas and Sherwanis and add another layer of elegance to it.

The following is a list of 8 churidar colour combination ideas that you can take inspiration from and make a fashion statement at your wedding.

1.  Red Sherwani with Golden Churidar

Anita Dongre

To start with this list of churidar colour combination ideas, we have this traditional combination of red and gold that is something you can never go wrong with for Indian weddings. The golden churidar compliments the red colour of the Sherwani beautifully and completes this elegant look for the groom on his wedding day.

2. Black and Black outfit for the groom

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

In many Indian cultures, black is considered as an inauspicious colour and is avoided for wedding outfits by many people. However, if you are someone who doesn’t restrict themselves from any shade of clothing for the wedding, nothing can match the elegance of black.

In the above photograph, the groom is wearing an all-black wedding day outfit with a churidar that goes very well with it.

3. White churidar on this regal Sherwani

Image Courtesy: Dreambox Creations

In the above photograph, the groom is wearing a regal ivory outfit for his wedding day with the dupatta and the turban in a deep maroon colour to compliment the bride’s outfit and add a splash of colour to the design. The white churidar trousers take the style quotient a little further up.

4. This elegant white Sherwani with churidar

Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

In the next photograph on this list of churidar colour combination ideas, we see the groom wearing a classic white Sherwani with black and gold dupatta and regal juttis that provides a nice contrast with the white colour. The churidars are an ideal choice for bottom wear for such outfits and add to the appeal.

5. Blingy golden churidar for the groom

Image Courtesy: Glimmer Films

Gold is another colour that is a big favourite amongst most Indians. The shade is associated with wealth and opulence and is also considered very auspicious for wedding celebrations.

If you want to wear an outfit with a lot of bling, you can go for something that is inspired from this golden Sherwani with a maroon velvet dupatta. You will surely attract a ton of attention from your guests who will surely be awestruck by your outfit on the wedding day.

6. This subtle pink Sherwani with churidar bottoms

Image Courtesy: Glimmer Films

For the next entry on this list of churidar colour combinations, we have this photograph of the groom wearing this understatedly royal ivory Sherwani with elements of pink and intricate design work.

The light shade of pink and white are colours that symbolise peace and calmness and make for a great choice if you want to keep things subtle and classy. The narrow fitting churidars fit in well with this wedding outfit for the groom.

7. This purple outfit with a floral design

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official Instagram account 

Here we have a unique design for the Indian groom wear that sets itself apart from the usual Sherwani designs that we are tired of seeing during weddings. In an elegant shade of purple, the outfit is adorned with colourful floral patterns that makes it stand out. The floral prints are carried forward to the churidar as well, which makes for a bold fashion statement.

8. Bright Red Wedding outfit with churidar

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official Instagram account 

For the last picture on this list of churidar colour combination ideas, we have another bespoke designer outfit fin the traditional shade of red and with bold floral printed patterns that make it look so unique and stylish. The churidars with the continued floral design add another layer of aesthetic. If you truly want to give the bride a fair competition on who is better dressed on the wedding day, you can try your luck with such designs.

Churidars may not necessarily be the highlight of the outfit, but they do make a sharp fashion statement and complete the look. We hope that this list of churidar colour combination ideas helps you make some great choices of outfits for your wedding day.

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