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Beginner's Guide on How to Get the Best Kerala Muslim Wedding Videos Made for Their Own!

Check out the freshest Kerala Muslim wedding videos as we list down pointers for you to help visualise, along with your videographer, how the wedding video movie should turn out to look like.

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You have gone through the previous works of various wedding photographers and have now finalised on the one who impressed you with their work and with the right budgets. What’s next? You want to give in your inputs for how the wedding video should turn out to be but are cinematographically challenged as well. Well, let us give you a crash course on just that! Allow us to introduce you to the freshest lot of Kerala Muslim wedding videos that have recently surfaced on the internet.

Each video featured on our list has some unique factors about it, which you and your spouse-to-be can consider for your upcoming wedding functions. Among these Kerala Muslim wedding videos, you will find a match that will bring tears of joy in your eyes as you will sit cherishing these memories, decades later from now as well. Squeak clean your eyeglasses and check these Kerala Muslim wedding videos out!

1. The Portrait Movie

Posing for the videos might seem like an imposed and artificial way of achieving a wedding video. But when done with the ‘Portrait Mode’ on, amalgamated with some candid shots here and there, the portrait movie style of Kerala Muslim wedding videos comes to life! Adding effects to the camera panning with possible Bokeh background uplifts the uniqueness quotient of such style of wedding videos. Another feature that is quite repetitive and appealing in this style of Kerala Muslim wedding videos is the fast forward and pose feature, which keeps the flow of the video crisp, short and up to the point.

Since portrait shots require the right amount of light and backdrops, it is highly recommended that you discuss the venue, scope of natural and artificial lights and help the team setup pivot points across the wedding venue for them to take perfect portrait shots candidly and with the right depth.

Suggestion To Videographer - Since portrait video mode is as candid as the videographer can get, you can discuss with the expert in case you have a good pose or a good side of your face that you prefer over the other side.

2. The Musical Movie

If you and your partner share a special romantic song that has a story behind it or is something that you two truly relate to, pass on the link to your videographer. Discuss with your videographer to produce a musical movie of your wedding, with unspoken words and a song that truly touches the hearts of the audience. The musical movie consists of a timeline of the beginning - till the end. Right from the Sangeet and Mehndi ceremony of the bride, to the groom getting ready for the wedding, details on their attire, him heading to the wedding, followed by all the ceremonies of the wedding in the right sequence till the very end of all the celebrations; the composition and compilation of it all is what makes this musical movie unique.

The best part about getting such Kerala Muslim wedding videos produced is that it refreshes the entire timeline of events that took place at the wedding, leaving the audience a room to discuss and recollect their own memories later.

Suggestion To Videographer - Discussing the flow of events and informing the videographer about your wedding look will help the team to visualise the entire timeline of events to capture on time and in sequence.

3. The Local Love Story

Incorporating the local backdrops of the city you two belong to, or simply touching the geographical roots of your family’s origin can be a great way to add local flavour to the Kerala Muslim wedding videos. Given that Kerala is blessed with natural landscapes and beauty all around, the videographer will be able to achieve great shots of the surroundings while focusing on the wedding functions and you two as well. To add on a romantic twist to this kind of wedding video, get yourself video-recorded with your partner against the backdrops of your city’s famous tourist spots. Such kind of creative elements in a Kerala Muslim wedding videos is perfect if you have a local love story to tell. So go ahead and show your audience where this love story bloomed!

Suggestion To Videographer - Since there are video shots beyond just the wedding functions, pre-schedule an appointment with the videographer weeks in advance, so as to get the video shot peacefully, without the worry of preparing for the wedding or surviving on a time crunch.

4. The Bollywood Production

A medley of latest romantic songs setting up the mood of every wedding function being captured on camera is the key element of these kinds of Kerala Muslim wedding videos. But the dramatic Bollywood vibes don’t end just there! An amalgamation of pre-wedding video shots, the various wedding functions, the grand entry, the candid celebration video moments, the post-wedding cinematographic sequences is what dramatizes the Bollywood style Kerala Muslim wedding videos further. Talk about a stylish video compilation to remember your wedding with and this Bollywood production is your true calling! Since the cinematographically enhanced videos do come with their set of colour-schemes, after effects and video panning styles, you can look out for more of such Kerala Muslim wedding videos to gather various effects or a cinematography style that you would like to follow for your own wedding video as well.

Suggestion To Videographer - You can prepare and share a list of songs that you would like being added to the wedding video.

In case you have always fantasized about a Bollywood movie sequence, like a Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta moment on a traditional boat of Kerala singing to the tunes of 'Jiya Jale', then this is your chance of matching some dance steps with your partner while the videographer takes over the aerial drone shots to capture the moment perfectly! Setting your visualisation wheel on loop, soak in inspiration from these unique Kerala Muslim wedding videos and go ahead discussing the flow of your very own wedding video with your partner and then the videographer.

Remember to be as expressive with your videographer as possible, as this practice will help the team understand your visualisation and requirement right. Sample videos are the best way to convey to your videographer what you need and what you don’t need. So don’t fret from visiting popular social media sites in case you need more Kerala Muslim wedding videos to finalise on the theme of your own wedding video.

Tell us which video among the listed Kerala Muslim wedding videos has truly touched you. For us, all four are a winner in their own unique ways!