The southernmost state of India, Kerala, is rich in culture and gives utmost importance to weddings. Keeping the religious value and love for culture in mind, Kerala couples prefer weddings that are true to the roots and yet highly enjoyable. While some couples like to keep their videos focused on culture and prayers others like to include mainly the fun elements. Regardless of the style and theme of the wedding, the results are truly magnificent when translated into videos. Let's witness how Keralites are creating passionate Kerala wedding videos and what we all can learn from them! Before we proceed to check out the videos, let’s explore the components that are exclusive to Malayali weddings and make for some stunning Kerala wedding videos and help to produce such larger-than-life videos:

  1. Weddings take place in the morning – and they are usually followed by a reception ceremony in the evening. This helps strike a balance between culture and celebration.
  2. They are simple – and take place in a serene ambience. After the ceremony, the party is moved to a more opulent setting where everyone can indulge in food, dance and fun.
  3. The bride wears a ton of gold – Malayali weddings are famous for the amount of gold that the bride proudly wears on her wedding day, which gives a scenic charm to the video.
  4. The food is too die for - The vegetarian wedding feast is a delight for the senses. Let's not forget yummy food = happy guests!
  5. Rich in culture – Kerala boasts of rich culture and hence the weddings can range from Hindu to Christian and Muslim. This helps witness various customs and traditions in each video.

1. Embrace culture while keeping it fun

This Kerala wedding video is all about showcasing the couple and their ceremony in great detail. The video features beautiful close-up shots of the couple, their clothes and jewellery. It features a melodic song, candid shots, and gold jewellery, which is breathtaking. The Hindu ceremony has been kept simple, pious and raw, with heartfelt expressions on display. The video also features the reception, which displays the Malayalis' love for celebrations.

2. A stunning bride

This Kerala wedding video starts on a happy note followed by an exceptional love quote and shots of the deity. The focus has been kept mainly on the bride, her expressions, her emotions and her beauty. This video features a mesmerising entry of the bride to her ceremony and shots of the family, enjoying each moment. As the party moves to the reception area, everyone starts tapping to fun Bollywood music. A classic example of tradition meets modern!

3. A blessed life

Kerela weddings revolve around worshipping the lords to bless the couple with happy married life. This video starts with shots of the deities and moves to the Vidai part, which is emotional and beautiful at the same time. Close up shots of the bride with a beautiful song in the background are giving this video a dreamy appeal. The getting-ready shots of the couple are astounding and leave us with a super happy couple at the wedding ceremony cum reception.

4. A memorable just married


A starry-eyed bride, romantic getting-ready shots and excited bridesmaids, these elements start this fun and not-so-clichéd Kerala wedding video. The bride makes her entry with bikers and heads towards to venue in a luxury car. We love how the couple is proudly flaunting the "just married" sign from the sunroof and the dance to celebrate like there's no tomorrow. The kissing, the romance, and the emotions are adding more impassioned moments to the video.

5. Keeping it intimate

Getting all dressed up and then spending those last few moments of bachelorhood with your family is a perfect idea! For a church ceremony and an intimate reception afterwards, this style of video is perfect. It features so many emotions, expression of love and shots of the couple's love story. This style of Kerala wedding video is apt for introvert couples who'd like to keep it private.

6. A rowdy dance performance

What's a Kerala wedding without some rowdiness! This absolutely fun Kerala wedding video features the couple along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen - and their love for dance, fun and food! This one highlights the popular culture and lifestyle of young Kerala. The lovely ceremony, dramatic bridal entry, carefree dance moves, bright colours can make anyone want to hit the dance floor. Kerala wedding videos are mostly about translating the views and emotions of the brides and the grooms. These videos are truly splendid not just because of the rich culture but because of the passion they show. We hope this guide will help you pick and choose Kerala wedding elements that you’d love to feature in your wedding video to make it more amazing. 

Do you have more ideas to make Kerala wedding videos iconic? Share with us your ideas to make your Kerala wedding videos the most amazing ones!