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Donatella Versace, one of the biggest icons in the fashion world said, “A piece of jewellery is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it...” There is no debate over the notion that a significant role a piece of jewellery plays in the life of a girl. But does jewellery means just gold, silver and diamonds? Of course not!

A bride (or any girl) chooses the ornaments that define her! Where at one hand some brides simply adore the traditional South Indian jewellery with temple architecture, while others swear by their love for Gota jewellery or funky artificial jewellery! If you want to know where to find your kind of bling, we have a handpicked list of jewellery shops in Mumbai to start with. Keep reading and noting!

1. Imtiaz Motiwala Jewellery

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If you’re looking for a collection of vintage, contemporary and classic Indian real jewellery, Imtiaz Motiwala Jewellery is your place. This is one of those jewellery shops in Mumbai where a team of very talented craftsmen customise your jewellery that would suit your taste and personality. Specialised in designing gold and diamond jewellery, you are sure to find something that is ideal for every wedding occasion.

Starting price: ₹5000 onwards.

Time taken to customise: 20 days.

USP: Gold and Diamond jewellery in vintage, regional Indian and contemporary designs.

2. Moha


At Moha, there is something for everyone. From real jewellery made of pure jewels to attractive artificial jewellery, this is one of the not to be missed jewellery shops in Mumbai. With an expansive catalogue of their designs to customising each piece as per your requirements...Moha is the ideal answer to your Sangeet, engagement or wedding jewellery needs!

Starting price: ₹1000 onwards.

Time taken to customise: 15 days.

USP: Artificial jewellery and accessories in vintage, designer and contemporary designs.

3. MBA NX Jewellery

MBA NX Jewellery

Another gem of a store is the MBA NX Jewellery which is one of the leading jewellery shops in Mumbai. The detailing in their craft is what worth a visit. Ideal for traditional bridal attire, they specialise in designing intricate patterns with precious stones and pearls studded on artificial jewellery. Easy on your pocket yet maintaining a high style quotient, there couldn’t be a better place to complete your bridal trousseau with some antique designer jewellery. The artists at MBA NX are known for their marvellous craftsmanship. So if you’re in the city, you must plan a quick visit to the store for a divine experience.

Starting price: ₹500 onwards.

Time taken to customise: 20 days.

USP: Antique jewellery designs, artificial jewellery with precious stones and pearl studs.

4. Whorls and Curls

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Looking for something fun and fresh for your Haldi ceremony? Enter Whorls and Curls! If you thought all the jewellery shops in Mumbai are about metal’d be wrong! There is a whole world of floral jewellery waiting for you to explore. From tiaras, floral anklets to bangles and necklaces, Whorls and Curls have been specialising in all kinds of floral jewellery for the past six years.

Other than jewellery, they offer great range of floral accessories too. For example, wrist corsages, floral baskets, posy and hand baskets for bridesmaids, flower girls and grooms at a Christian wedding.

Starting price: Rs.150/- onwards.

Time taken to customise: 10 days.

USP: Bridal floral boutique for every need, corsages, headdresses, hand spray and hand baskets.

5. Allure


Since the year 2013, Allure has been designing the most exquisite forms of jewellery with the utmost finesse. One of the chicest jewellery shops in Mumbai; this has been an absolute favourite for its unconventional designs and materials. Their brass and copper ornaments created with precision are worth mentioning.

Starting price: ₹400 onwards.

Time taken to customise: 20 days.

USP: Floral jewellery, semi-precious stones, brass and copper jewellery.

6. Nehavi Creations

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Prepare to get mesmerised by some spectacular jewellery designs at Nehavi creations! Exquisite artisan jewellery with fine works ranging from classic, contemporary and designer, the craftsmen here understand the needs of every bride. They take pride in using supreme quality embellishments and appliqués teamed up with their creative expertise to come up with such extraordinary designs. So, if you’re looking for unique jewellery shops in Mumbai with some earthy and exotic jewellery, you can’t afford to miss this one!

Starting price: ₹4500 onwards.

Time taken to customise: 10 days.

USP: Floral, Artisan and Lac jewellery, ethnic and unconventional designs.

Now that you have some fair idea on which jewellery shops in Mumbai you must check out, start making a list. List of numbers and kinds of jewellery you want. Then allocate a specific number of days to your jewellery shopping. Take your bridesmaids and friends along. Keep all your catalogues and brochures handy if you know exactly what you want. If not, consult with the jewellery designers before you take your pick. Make your jewellery shopping spree in Mumbai a fun day out because shopping is not just a need. It’s an experience you want to enjoy with your closest ones!

Let us know about your jewellery shopping experience in Mumbai in the comment section below.