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Unique Dulhan Necklace Set Designs to Slay at Your D-day!

Looking for some unique dulhan necklace set designs to don on your wedding day? We have curated this article for you.


Your wedding is perhaps the one and only day in your life that you can wear the most exuberant and opulent set of jewellery that takes the beauty of your bridal outfit to another level.  You can wear stunning jewellery sets that will make you look like royalty on your wedding day.

There are so many options available in the market, you can choose from a plethora of different designs made from different ornaments.

To help you get inspired by some interesting jewellery designs for your wedding, we have curated the following list of Dulhan necklace set for you.

This Polki Dulhan Necklace Set With Green Precious Stones

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We start this list of Dulhan necklace set, we have this gorgeous Polki diamond necklace with elements of gold and well complimented by the green stones that add another layer of beauty and a dash of brightness to the design. You can go for such designs if you want to wear something that is different from the usual bridal pieces but still has all the bling that you would want.

This Emerald Studded Kundan Dulhan Necklace Set

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If you are someone who wants to embrace their traditional side on the wedding day, this fine Kundan Dulhan necklace set with an addition of pearls and emeralds can be the design of choice for you. Paired with a classic traditional outfit, this jewellery set will add another layer of beauty to your D-day look.

This Beautiful Gold Necklace With Pearls

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This beautiful gold necklace is a safe bet if you want to go with a necklace set that celebrates the sheer wow factor of gold and some beautiful white pearls. Both these elements are blended together in a very intricate way. Such a design is surely a safe bet to go for and will be appreciated by all the fashionistas at the wedding.

This One-of-its-kind Heavy Necklace With Blue Embellishments

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This stunning Dulhan necklace set is surely a sight to behold and has us in awe of its sheer grandeur and beauty. The heavy and intricate design of the necklace studded with several precious stones and other elements. You can take inspiration from this necklace and wear jewellery that compliments your bridal outfit as well.

This Heritage Gold Dulhan Necklace

Image Courtesy: FotoArt by Sami Irani

If you don’t want to make any compromises with your bridal jewellery and go for an extravagantly heavy jewellery set, this is the right picture for you. This heavy heritage gold necklace looks straight out of medieval royal houses and looks beautiful paired with this traditional red bridal outfit.

This Gold Raani Haar Dulhan Necklace Set

Image Courtesy: Gurwinder Soor

Next, on this list of Dulhan necklace set, we have this traditional gold rani haar that looks very elegant and completes the traditional look of the bride on her D-day. The layer of golden pearls and the fine designing makes the necklace look so special.

This Kundan Necklace Adorned With Emeralds

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Kundan necklaces are a favourite amongst brides especially in Northern states of India, as they look the part on the wedding day and add a fine layer of bling to their ensemble. In this picture, we have the bride wearing a Kundan Dulhan necklace set that is made even more beautiful with the use of emeralds and provides a fine contrast with the bridal outfit.

This Traditional Yellow Gold Temple Jewellery Set

Image Courtesy: Rahul Ravindran

Us Indians have a strong love for all things gold which is why it is one of the most abundantly used elements in weddings. If you want to let the bling of gold shine on your wedding day, we suggest you go for such a heavy temple style gold Dulhan necklace set that will attract all eyes of the guests at the wedding on you.

This Intricate Silver Dulhan Necklace Set Design

Image Courtesy: Royal Touch Online

Next, on this list of Dulhan necklace set, we have this stunning silver bridal necklace that is studded with several precious elements that add to its oomph factor and make this a fine piece to go for your wedding day.

This Magnificent Gold Dulhan Necklace Set Design With Pearls

Image Courtesy:  Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

We conclude this list of bridal necklace sets, with this choker bib-style necklace in delicate white gold. The understated elegance of the design goes very well with this blush pink wedding outfit for the bride.

We hope that this list of Dulhan necklace set gives you plenty of ideas for your wedding day and helps you in your jewellery shopping. Feel free to share your feedback on these designs in the comment section below!

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