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Jewellery Set Design Ideas To Ace The Perfect Bridal Look!

Wedding in a month and still confused about the best jewellery set design for you? Here are a few incredible designs to inspire you.

Image Courtesy: Evotique World's Instagram

India is one of the biggest consumers of gold, and other precious stones, in the world and the most basic reason for this is the huge market for it in the Indian wedding industry. It can be a piece of heavy bridal jewellery set with many ornaments involved in it or a lighter set with much fewer articles in it.

The fact is that the jewellery sets are an important part of the Indian bride. It is not just about looking great or plush in it, wearing gold jewellery at your wedding has a lot of good luck and charm associated with it.

Kundan jewellery, temple jewellery, Polki jewellery, Meenakari, the list goes on with when it comes to the types and styles of jewellery. With so many designs of jewellery out there, it is natural that any bride will be overwhelmed when finalising jewellery set design for herself.

As a bride, if you are a bit worried about not finalising your jewellery set design to wear on your big day, you need not worry as we have come up with some stunning examples of jewellery set design ideas.  Once you go through the list, you will have some clues about the style of and design of the jewellery you want.

1. A simple look for Haldi

Image Courtesy: Evotique World's Instagram

If you want a minimalistic look with your jewellery set design, then this set with pink beads hanging from its ends make it a perfect choice for you. Be it the neckpiece, the earrings, the Maang Tikka or the Jhoomar on the head, all the ornaments have the beautiful pink beads.

It is ideal to pair with a yellow or blue bridal outfit, as the jewellery will be in perfect contrast with the attire.

2. A contemporary design with pearls

Image Courtesy: Evotique World's Instagram

Thinking of contemporary jewellery set design? This multi-layered neckpiece with pearls on multiple parts of it makes it a stunning set. The choker part of the design uses square blocks with hanging parts with pearls at the end of it.

The earrings are in leaf shape and the Maang Tikka is a basic one with stones connected to form the chain.

3. Big unpolished blue stones with gold base

Om Sons Bridal Store

This unconventional jewellery set design with huge unpolished blue stones is perfect for a bride wearing a blue lehenga. All the ornaments in this jewellery set follow the same pattern with the base or the casings made of gold with big blue stones in it.

4. The perfect combo of diamonds and emeralds

Om Sons Bridal Store

Simple. Elegant. Plush. These are the words that come to mind when you think of a diamond set with emeralds on it. A pyramid-shaped necklace with big emerald stones and huge earrings makes it a heavy jewellery set but it does not feel that way because of the colours involved.

You can wear this at your Reception ceremony!

5. Square jade stones

Om Sons Bridal Store

Jade stones are not something that you usually see on an Indian bride, which is exactly what makes it ideal for a bride that is looking for a unique look. The use of square-shaped jade stones at the bottom of the neckpiece and then the unpolished stones and gold makes it quite huge.

The earrings and Maang Tikka follow a similar pattern.

6. Kundan jewellery with pearls

Om Sons Bridal Store

Kundan jewellery is all the rage in the Indian bridal scene. This jewellery set design is stunning in every way with the use of kundan stones and pearls. Since all the stones are big enough to make it clearly visible, you get to see the design easily.

7. A huge choker necklace

Om Sons Bridal Store

If you love choker necklaces, then this huge Kundan choker should do it for you. The choker covers your whole neck and the neckline of your blouse, making it ideal for you as you do not have to wear more neckpieces. The big Nath and Matha Patti complete the jewellery set design.

8. Kundan neckpiece with emeralds

Om Sons Bridal Store

A complete Kundan jewellery set with slight use of emeralds in it, this set is ideal for you are wearing a heavy bridal lehenga as so that you can have an all-heavy bridal look. The subtle use of emeralds is what makes this design so beautiful.

9. Polki jewellery with green beads

Om Sons Bridal Store

Apart from the Kundan jewellery, Polki jewellery style is fast becoming a popular choice for north Indian brides. The right mix of golden, white and green stones on different layers makes a beautiful necklace. The huge earrings and Nath are the other major attractions of this set design. Do not miss the beautiful finger-chain.

10. A beautiful Rani Haar set

Om Sons Bridal Store

The Rani Haar jewellery set design has become quite popular these days. The main necklace has a semi-choker design with big emeralds hanging from it and the rani haar has 5 emeralds hanging from it and acting as a pendant collectively.

You must have gotten an idea about the popular choices going on in the wedding circuit. Choose your jewellery set according to the attire you are wearing and also the kind of look you want. Be it a heavy bridal look or a simplistic look, these examples will help you pick what you want!

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