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Pick One of These Rani Haar Designs for a Stunning Bridal Look!

Rani haar designs are the new talking point in the wedding industry because of the popular demand of such jewellery. Here is all you need to know about them!

Image Courtesy: Badal Raja Company

A typical definition for a Rani Haar states that a long chain that is quite heavy is called a Rani Haar. However, over the years, the traditional long necklace has had a few changes in the design, with some of them being not that heavy and some of them being really heavy because of the use of multiple stones. Such Rani Haar neckpieces were traditionally worn by princesses of the different kingdoms of Rajasthan. A different variant of the same was seen among the princesses from South India as well.

Since a Rani Haar is a long neckpiece, the best way to pair it is with a Choker necklace. This combination is the most preferred combination of all time. When it comes to picking bridal outfits to wear, you need to consider the Rani Haar designs as well. You can go for an all heavy look by wearing a heavy bridal outfit along with the heavy necklaces that come with huge stones or go with heavy jewellery and a subtle bridal outfit.

When it comes to Rani Haar designs, one of the best things about them is the incredible variety you get with the designs. You can experiment with the cut of the stone, designs, the use of stones, the colours used and much more. The following are some of the best examples of Rani Haar designs and the reasons why they work with such grace.

1. Temple jewellery

Weva Photography, Kochi

Temple jewellery is a common style with South Indian brides and the Rani Haar designs from that culture are quite different from the North Indian designs. The designs are something similar to what you see in the statues of the Indian goddesses in temples.

The multiple layers in this neckpiece add more volume to the look. You can pair it with a choker necklace with Lakshmi motifs.

2. Green base with multiple stones

CoolBluez Photography

What makes this design so great is how it matches with the choker necklace and looks like a complete set. The right use of stones on the green base makes it look incredibly great.

Moreover, the multiple layers of the long necklace create the illusion of wearing multiple necklaces or chains. It should look great with an attire that has a shade of green in it.

3. An incredibly heavy set

CoolBluez Photography

If you want a heavy bridal jewellery set, then this is one of the best Rani Haardesigns that you can think of. The huge pendants on the multiple layer finish with Kundan stones on it makes it an incredibly heavy jewellery piece.

It not only looks heavy but it actually is heavy. Such an accessory is perfect for a bridal lehenga that is on the lighter side, allowing the jewellery set to get all the attention.

4. A Minimalistic approach

Delhivelvet by Divishth Kakkar

If you are looking for a minimalistic approach with your Rani Haar designs then this Haar design with white pearls is the way to go. This looks perfectly fine with a heavy bridal outfit with heavy patterns or embroideries on the blouse.

The multiple layers of this neckpiece are at a distance from each other and therefore give the feeling of wearing multiple chains of beads. Pair it with a choker that has similar beads in it so that the two can complement each other.

5. A princess look with a simple necklace

Dipak Studios

If you want an elegant princess look, then wearing a simple Rani Haar would be the best. The key here is to wear a bridal outfit with intricate embroideries throughout the outfit. This intricate finish of the outfit creates a heavy and elegant aesthetic. Therefore, with such attires, the best way to go ahead with jewellery is by wearing simple ones.

6. A long necklace with huge pendant

Image Courtesy: Ed Pereira Photo

A long necklace with a huge pendant is one way to make sure that you have one of the best Rani Haar designs in the market. The chain of the design has a line with a huge pendant at the bottom. The use of green stones along with the gold makes the set so beautiful that you can wear it with almost any bridal outfit.

7. A single-layered chain with Kundan stones

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

A simple layer of chain with Kundan stones gives you enough elegance to look your best at a wedding. The beauty of Kundan stones is that it matches all light coloured attires, allowing you to wear it with a variety of outfits.

8. A mix of white and red stones

Image Courtesy: Simran Takkar

This is one of the most gorgeous Rani Haar designs in the list because of the way it uses the white unpolished stones with red stones at the lower layer. The continuous multiple layers of stones increases in size with each layer.

With all the different Rani Haar designs, you must have noted how it looks so great with different attires and colours. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you want to get such necklaces, then you don’t have to worry about styling it!

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