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Dhol Music Suggestions for Your True Blue Desi Wedding

Can you imagine a desi Indian wedding without dhol music? Well, we are sure that the wedding is just incomplete without the dhol, so here's some inspo!

Sam & Ekta

Weddings are all about the shor and the naach-gaana as Indians don’t understand any other way of celebrating. Every moment that the bride and groom share at their wedding has to have a background score, sometimes loud and sometimes mellow. But what remains constant is the need for music at a wedding to set the mood both for the couple as well as the guests. While the music is responsible to set the mood you’re responsible to select the right kind of music for the right time.

Where's the fun if nobody threw some bills in the air and some others danced crazy to the dholwalas exhibiting sheer joys of a wedding!

So before you start working on making sure that the music fits right according to the mood, we thought of letting you know about some of the best times when dhol music is a must and can do much more to the mood of the guests than any DJ or singer would.

The Bride and Groom’s Mehndi

While the mehndi function is usually about the song and dance, the moment when the bride and groom sit to get their mehndi done is when you need some dhol music to add to the mood of celebration. The bride and groom’s mehndi in most cases happen much before the guests and is also called as the start of the wedding celebrations. So shouldn’t the start be as dhamakedar as it can be. For those of you that agree, here are some dhol music suggestions perfect for the bride and groom mehndi ceremony.

The Milni Function

Milni is when the bride’s family and the groom’s family traditionally meet before the wedding. It is also known as the start of the ceremonies and is when both the sides are happy and celebrating. So don’t you think it is the perfect time for some dhol music to take over and make sure that it seems like a celebration with all the chachis and maasis dancing to the dholak. Well, then look scroll through these dhol music suggestions that are sure to set the mood on fire.

The Sangeet Ceremony

While the Sangeet ceremony is all about the song and dance, the dhol music can add a desi touch to it. So surprise your guests with desi dhol beats in your performance and also open the dance floor for them to groove along with you. And we promise you our dhol music suggestions are sure to make the night ten times more fun. You can also perform for your partner with a dhol mix on a romantic number to give it a twist of your own.

The Baraat

While every other ceremony is debatable, there is no doubt that a baraat is incomplete without dhol music. It is not just the perfect time for the dholwalas to go all out but also the time when all the groom’s family and friends let loose and celebrate the groom’s permanent surrender to his bride-to-be. So the music must be loud and so should the excitement, and for which we know just the perfect dhol music that the groom and his friend’s need to make the baraat fun and memorable.

The Bride’s Entry

If the baraat is the time for the groom to celebrate his last moments of singlehood, the bride’s entry is her most important moment at the wedding. It is when she finally walks the aisle to get to her groom and make the commitment for life. Not just are all the guests waiting for her grand entry, but the emotions of the ladkiwalas are peaking at this moment too. So the dhol music isn’t just important to lighten the mood but also make the bride’s entry as grand as she always wanted it to be. Scroll through some of our suggestions to make the moment special for her.

The Bride's Grah Pravesh

The final stage of a wedding is when the groom takes the bride home. This is a big moment as the ‘grah pravesh’ of the bride is known to be extremely auspicious. So shouldn’t you add the tadka of dhol to make it an even bigger celebration and welcome the bride with love and grandeur? Here are some suggestions for dhol music that is perfect for the bride’s entry in her new home.

So do you now agree with the power of dhol music to make a desi wedding more lively and memorable? Well, we are sure you are. So wait no longer to shortlist your dholwalas who are going to be the centre of all the fun and dancing at your wedding.

Have you shortlisted the list of dhol music you can’t wait to hear your dholwalas play for your big day? Comment below and add to our list!