Rock Blast Event Solution

Narrowing down your options too quickly

It may be tempting to quickly avoid getting a DJ or even a live band on board for the event. Don’t blindly fall into any trap. It’ll be easier to work on your research before you take the final call. Consider your music taste and the kind of experience you’re really looking for before moving onto the budget, location and other factors. Don’t be hasty while making your final choice.

Not doing a sound check

This is absolutely necessary. You want to avoid sticky situations with the way the music sounds at the venue and you also want to ensure the sound system is in place and everyone’s comfortable with the setup. There are might also be venue rules and regulations to watch out for. It’s best to do your research well in advance and get a test run done to check everything once.

Causing too much of a delay

You don’t want to wait too long to introduce the music and make your guests spend a lot of time in silence. It’ll be a much more pleasant experience for them to be welcomed with music and include songs as fillers during the ceremonies too. Balance the elements together in order to ensure a pleasant experience.

Not meeting your DJ well in advance

Your DJ may be an established name or a well-known musician and you may love their work but it’s still a good idea to attend one of their events before the event. See what they’re like with a large audience, consider rapport and also grab a chance to talk to them to figure out whether you’re on the same page. You can even go out with your partner on a date for one of the events and have some fun while getting work done. Don’t take this one for granted and prepare a list of questions in your head about playlists and your expectations before the meeting too.

Not monitoring the volume

Make sure it isn’t too loud or uncomfortable for you guests. They should be able to talk to each other without struggling and the music should be a beautiful add-on instead of being a major distraction. You’ll have to figure out these details in advance and tick off all the items on the checklist before proceeding with the final plan.