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Check Out the Cheapest Countries in Europe for Your Budget Trips

Looking for a getaway that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Here’s our guide to the cheapest countries in Europe.  

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Whether you’re a newly married couple or someone looking for a break from the daily grind, we all deserve that fancy getaway for some escapism. However, the cost of travel plays a huge role in your time away.

Thankfully, for all the travel aficionados out there, hopping on a plane to a fancy city in Europe doesn’t always require breaking the bank. There are numerous cities around Europe that are totally cheap and ooze that old-time charm and beauty that the continent is known for.

If you are looking to plan a fun-filled getaway this year, here are the cheapest countries in Europe that will fulfil all your escapist dreams. 


Image Courtesy: Vladislav Terziiski

If you are looking for the perfect mix of city life and beach-living, the picturesque country of Bulgaria offers both. Nestled in the heart of Bulgaria is Sofia which is considered one of the most budget-friendly places in Europe.

This pretty city has a lot of international influence from the colonisation period that has shaped the culture and architecture of this city. Revel in the wonders of the Ottoman and Greek buildings that reflects the melting pot of history that this city was built upon.

If you fancy a winter escapade, a trip to Bansko in Bulgaria is a must-do. While hitting the slopes is usually hard on the budget, Bansko proves otherwise. The Pirin mountain resort offers ski-lovers with scenic runs that allow you to absorb the breath-taking beauty of the city as you glide down the slopes.

After a day in the snow, you can explore traditional Bulgarian food in the pubs that line the cobbled alleyways of the town. Famously known for being one of the cheapest countries in Europe, make sure to add Bulgaria to your budget-friendly itinerary.

Czech Republic

Image Courtesy: Mark Nayman Photography

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic is one of the most popular cities in Europe as tourists flock to catch a glimpse of the historic buildings and charming cobbled pathways that dot this city. Although it is not known for being one of the cheapest countries in Europe, it is still quite budget-friendly if you scout the right bargains for housing and food.

A stay in this beautiful city warrants a trip to the microbreweries on the beer trails and the monastery taverns that reflect the rich cultural history of the Czech Republic. If one picturesque city doesn’t satisfy your escapist needs, take a day trip to the Cesky Krumlov.

This pocket-friendly town that is home to a stunning castle perched on a hill and an old-town square that makes this city is famous for its backpackers and travellers who enjoy offbeat destinations.

When planning a trip to the Czech Republic, make sure to do your homework on the lesser-known cities so you can capture the true essence of this country.


Image Courtesy: Callicles

A trip to Lake Como, Italy isn’t the most budget-friendly of places but a stunning replica of these Italian islands can be found in Porto, Portugal. Soak up the sun as you lay on the beach with a wine glass in hand and take in all the sights this gorgeous island has to offer.

After a day at the beach, take a walk on the river-side where you’ll be spoilt for choices with delicious food and wine. Another budget-friendly city in one of the cheapest countries in Europe is Lisbon where you can learn more about the rich history and culture of the country.

This city is known for its seven scenic hillsides that overlook the city that is lined with ancient ruins and white-dome cathedrals. For the budget traveller, Lisbon is known for its cheap hotels so accommodation and food costs are a win-win!

If you are looking for the cheapest countries in Europe that offer captivating sights, Portugal should be on top of your list.


Image Courtesy: I Am Greece Photography

A quick Instagram search will tell you that Greece is known for the snow-white houses that line the hillsides of this stunning country. If you covet a holiday that includes lying by the beach with a drink in hand, islands like Santorini is the place to be.

This is arguably one of the most popular destinations in Europe but the number of cheap hotels and food options also makes this place one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Enjoy the slow-paced island life in this picturesque city.

However, for the adventure traveller who enjoys learning about the cultures of different cities, Athens, located in one of the cheapest countries in Europe, is a city packed with historical sites and medieval villages that reflect an old-town vibe.

The city of Athens was constructed for the Olympics and the ruins that remain from this never cease to amaze those who witness the incredible architecture. A combination of budget-friendly travel and historical value makes Athens a place you need to see!


Image Courtesy: Simo WR Photography

A city that was the cornerstone of World War 1 and 2, Germany is home to many historic sites that tell the tale of this once war-torn country. Berlin, the capital of one of the cheapest countries in Europe is bustling with tourists all year round who flock to see the Berlin Wall and enjoy the entertainment scene that is rivalled by few other cities in Europe.

Do your research before you visit to take advantage of the numerous budget-friendly hotels this city has to offer. Cities like Berlin, Germany and Frankfurt are the are incredibly popular tourist destinations. However, if you prefer to explore cities that are lesser-known but just as beautiful, venture out east to the cities like Leipzig.

This gorgeous place has a cultural scene that is bustling with artists and a fun nightlife that’s perfect the traveller on a budget. Visiting Europe on a budget can be quite a challenge as you want to soak in the rich history and culture of the continent while not breaking the bank account.

A little research can introduce you to a world of beautiful cities that can satisfy all your travel cravings while sticking to the budget. Some of these off-beat cities are offbeat, affordable and totally worth planning for.

We hope this guide to some of the cheapest countries in Europe can help you plan the perfect trip!

What are some of the cheapest countries in Europe to travel for honeymoon? Let us know in the comments below and find some with our vendors.