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Budget-friendly Destinations Perfect for an International Honeymoon

If you want your honeymoon trip to take you places & still be within 1 lakh, here are our favourite picks of off-beat international destinations in a budget!

Image Courtesy: Bruised Passports

Now that the wedding is over in all its glamour and celebrations, it is time for planning the most awaited getaway for the couple - THE HONEYMOON. Excited much? Pack your sombreros, sarongs and bikinis with a lot of sunscreen for the two of you, because its beach time!

The ideal picture of the honeymoon is to get off the flight and whizz past gorgeous sceneries to reach the resort. There will be a bottle of wine and two glasses kept aesthetically in an ice bucket. Some fresh flowers and a basket full of fruits in the room waiting for you.

Sounds fancy? Well, not all that fancy after all because here are some of the off-beat international places for your honeymoon that will make it an unforgettable affair. 

Raging Riviera Maya

Image Courtesy: Special Holidays

Known as the resort district of Mexico, this place has a lot to offer to the love birds honeymooning here. A romantic breakfast facing the coastline and beaches, and the perfectly blended mimosas right by your side is everything that you can look forward to.

The honeymooners get spa credits and also a gorgeous private dinner by the sea! The packages start at ₹95,000.

Captivating Croatia

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This city by the bay in Europe is the perfect mesh of old Europe and the Mediterranean influence. If you love the serenity and class, this place has to offer the view of the extravagant Walled Old Town and art that leaves you speechless. The Banje beach is a must-visit for the perfect tan while sipping on to some sangria. With the gourmet tour and food and wine, Heritage Hotel Antique Split is our partial favourite here!

The packages start at ₹1,00,000.

Blissful Belize

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If you travel a little further south of the coastline of Riveria Maya, you will find yourself in a scenery almost as if straight out of a painting - formerly known as British Honduras is Belize city. 600 sites of ancient beauty worth a visit and more than 100 cayes, you must look forward to the Belize Barrier reef. The usual offering of luxury stays and Haute getaways into the islands is no news, but must-try the cashew wine.

Packages start at ₹90,000.

Passionate Pamalican Island

Image Courtesy: Rod Ruales

Pamalican Island is one of the many dots in the islands of the Philippines, and the houses on stilts are a treat to be cosy inside. With water everywhere around you, the shallow lagoons are the best place to windsurf if you want to bask in the sun with some sand and breeze in your hair. The two of you can start your day with a delicious breakfast of Tapsilog and make way for the well-known mess of an absolutely lip-smacking dessert - Halo Halo. Tanduay Rhum has its own reputation of being the choice of poison for the locals.

A beautiful tan line and an ecstatic experience will have packages starting at ₹1,00,000.

Scintillating Seychelles

Image Courtesy: Bruised Passports

Glimmering picturesque beaches in the east coastline of Africa, this exquisite beauty has heart dishes to offer along with heartwarming people to welcome you and a carnival-like spirit that complements your honeymoon spirit. The palm wine calou and Bakka rum is a must-try! Vitamin Sea is always the perfect getaway to get you love-life rolling deep!

Scuba diving and snorkelling is also an option to try and the packages start at ₹1,00,000.

Serene Sumba

Image Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveler

It is an off-beat island in Indonesia and yet, the luxury that the place has to offer to you and your man is worth appreciating. Bottled Brem Bali and Arrack are a must-try and after which you should avoid driving or riding the adorable scooters you can hire here. Nasi Uduk and Satay are the famous delicacies you can relish with a beach facing private dinner spot. A ferry to the Tanah Lot, Komodo and Togean islands is an experience you and your mister must certainly consider!

The packages start at ₹1,00,000.

These are 6 of the quaintest honeymoon destinations and packages that will be easy on your pockets and at the same time be an experience of a lifetime for the two of you! 

This romantic getaway, make sure you watch the sunsets with your mister and always, ALWAYS wake up to a kiss! Take enough pictures for your #throwbacks on Instagram and obviously cherish the moments to the fullest. 

If you like any of the international destinations from these, you can get in touch with our honeymoon vendors who will surely guide you right! Don't forget to share the pictures from the trip!