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Make the Most of Your Bridal Makeup Cost with These 5 Guidelines

Be it a smart save or an extravagant ka-ching, your bridal makeup got to look glamorous to the T. But is your bridal makeup cost worth every penny on the bill? Here’s a checklist ensuring just that, #BossBride!

Blinkd By DeepikaAhuja

Make room for jitter elephants, because ‘getting married’ butterflies are nothing in front of the limelight stealer – the bridal makeup. More than the trousseau, it’s the makeup that becomes the talk of the party. And that’s exactly why the #BossBride needs to spend more time in finalising the perfect makeup services and the bridal makeup cost, than anything else on the shopping list. Whatever the tag price be, you being the smart bride should know what makes bridal makeup so costly, and what the breakdown looks like, sans contour. Helping you tally that, we’ve created a checklist, ensuring you don’t look any less than Anushka or Priyanka Chopra, without shelling out a bomb!

1. Pre – Wedding Prepping

Makeup by Salma Sajjad

Okay, brides-to-be here’s a piece of advice that you need to swear by. Prepping up for your bridal makeup is crucial and your MUA should be up for it. Many professionals offer pre-wedding facials regimes included in the bride makeup costs. These are a must to prep your stressed out face for the star event. From pre-wedding facials, de-tans to extensively hydrating your skin and eliminating acne, skincare regimes go a long way in keeping your bridal makeup look flawless, dewy and natural.

2. Airbrush vs HD vs Traditional

Tripti Malhotra

Airbrushing makeup technique has become quite popular among Indian brides in recent times. The technique consists of evenly spraying foundation on the face with the help of an air-gun. The final result is a light-weight flawless look which pleases the shutterbugs. Having said that, airbrushing is only suitable for the oily skin type, as dry or sensitive skin can become flakey and patchy; post application. It is also considered higher on the bridal makeup cost, given the special tools (air-gun) and a certified training required practising the art. High Definition makeup consists of using high-end brushes, sponges, and studio-products, to achieve a natural and most complimenting look for the bride; hence, a higher bridal makeup cost.

Pros – that it suits every skin type and is above averagely priced.

Cons – If done carelessly or generously, the bride’s face can end up looking heavy and quite unnatural. Not to forget, that it’s very time consuming as well. Traditional makeup consists of daily-wear products that we generally use at homes. The procedure is easier, is pocket-friendly and comes more naturally to the bride. The only two flaws of traditional makeup are that it’s quite a challenge to achieve camera-friendly makeup with the basic products and that it can or cannot be long lasting as well.

3. Flawlessly Au Naturale

Pooja Sethi

The right foundation, colour correction and contouring goes a long way in attaining natural makeup and deciding the actual worth of your bridal makeup cost; whether you use airbrushing, HD or even traditional makeup style for your D-Day. It is very important to discuss the foundation shade with your makeup artist well in advance. We say, go all out investing in the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone and gives you that natural glow. If need be, take a few trials in advance to finalize the right shade of foundation for your wedding day. Long lasting and being flawless is the rule, brides!

4. Pouts Are Forever

Sagar Ahuja Makeup and Hair Artist

 While Anushka Sharma has given us nude-lip goals, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sonam K Ahuja have advised us to keep our pout game bold. Another chunk of your bridal makeup cost goes into getting you the right shade of lipstick that compliments your skin tone, matches the trousseau, as well as lasts for long hours. Say a big no to drugstore lippies. Do your research on international as well as Indian cosmetic brands.  Make sure that your MUA invests in a shade of lipstick that lasts longer with the rare need of a touch-up in between the wedding meet & greets.

5. Glam Eye Games

Lofiel The Beauty Parlour & Spa

The type of eye makeup you go for also defines the bridal makeup cost. Based on the eye makeup style, the time taken, tools used and the makeup brands used; the accumulative cost of the eye makeup can be defined. With reference to the Bridal Makeup Forecasts of 2019, bold eye makeup is leading above smoky eyes and minimal hues. Add glitter, give a metallic touch, blend traditional colour hues, curl your smudge-free mascara to Jesus or take a makeup leaflet off Deepika Padukone’s traditional Lake Como wedding looks; just be G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.!

Pro Tip

Invest in individual false lashes as they give a more natural look and are not too heavy on your eyes. Also, get an emergency makeup touch-up kit prepared by your makeup artist, that can be used during the wedding functions, if need be.

These are some of the tips that will help you make the best bridal makeup cost and choices. The key is to spend time well in advance with your makeup artist to ensure you get the most complimenting makeup on your wedding day.

Which style of bridal makeup do you prefer for the D-day? Tell us in the comments below.