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7 DIY Bangle Decoration Ideas You Need This Wedding Season!

Are you looking for some fab DIY bangle decoration for your traditional Indian wedding? Is vibrant summer décor what you are looking tirelessly for? Then your search ends right here.

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Leave the heavy floral decorations for the rest and go Hatke for your special wedding this summer. Dance to ‘Mere hatho me nau nau churiyan hain' with actual Churiyan taking your wedding décor to another level. Whether it is the entrance, guest tables or your dream stage, here is something for all your bangle decoration dreams. This summer wedding season, it is finally time to ditch those posh feathers, (poor) flower buds, huge antique show-pieces and everything flashy and fancy.

The lovely list below gives you a fine overall glimpse of how you can play with bangle decoration for a vibrant big fat Indian wedding and honestly, ditch every (materialistic and fancy) décor idea waiting to cost you a bomb! So, what are you waiting for? Shall we begin the summery bangle ride?

1. Please Take One

Image Courtesy: Roseville Wedding Planners

This is one of the most thoughtful ideas that I landed up with during my research and the picture itself brings a smile on the face of anyone imagining this kept at a wedding entrance. Keep this little tree painted in the shade suiting the décor colour palette and let all your lovely guests take one from it. As a token of gratitude for making it to the wedding or just a little souvenir for all the pretty ladies (or even gents if they like). Do not forget to keep one on both the sides of the entrance.

Isn’t this the most adorable bangle decoration idea which not just spreads bangles among your guest list but also priceless and adorable smiles. Keep a different size in each branch in a different colour and let the beauty add a distinct charm to your wedding. You may even go for a different bangle holder, say, a traditional bangle box with multiple linear sections to hold each size in place. Enjoy!

2. The Massive Bangle Tree

Image Courtesy: Utopian Events and Castaldo Weddings

Does it look expensive? Compare this massive Bangle tree adorning your wedding hall to a (super-expensive) chandelier and then maybe you can breathe out. Doesn’t it look beautiful? Pretty and colourful glass bangles attached to each other in a linear downward fashion making it look like a dangler is an artistic masterpiece. Wouldn’t it look absolutely perfect at the food counter?

If you still want to cut on cost, get your friends to work. All you will need is truckloads of thick metal wires (pool your garage resources), Plaster of Paris and a medium pack/bottle of fine gold dust (don’t forget to buy its super affordable liquid base). A few dozen bangles are obvious, aren’t they? With a heavy base to hold all of it, you are set to try your hand at that bangle decoration beauty.

3. Bangles Up On The Tent

Image Courtesy: Dquirkei

Imagine a massive variant of this bangle design with a room for hundreds of bangles together, hung to the centre of the tent which joins at one centre at the top. Doesn’t it look breathtaking? All you need are the same previous set of things and your bangle decoration will be ready in a few hours. Hang it up with bangles in colours matching the rest of the décor shades, even contrasting colours would work like a dream and it will be just perfect.

You can team it up with smaller variants of the same bangle decoration and the entire wedding decoration would look way more complete. It would work as choco chips to your cookies if you get a big pair of parrots or birds arranged in order to attach them on to the big bangle ring. A peacock with huge falling feathers would make it a bangle decoration worth a million dollars.

4. One Mini Bangle Tree for Every Table

Image Courtesy: Events Khadejah

All of us have to admit that trees and bangle decoration are a super hit combo. Even though there are a billion ways to mould bangles into a fabulous piece of decoration, trees are never getting old. If you go for that massive bangle tree in the centre of the wedding ground (you can have multiple smaller ones as well if the ground is big) then these miniatures would do wonders for the guest tables.

Every mini bangle tree as a part of the overall bangle decoration with the couple hashtag (example) #RahulKiNeha or #Nehul pasted in glitters at the bottom of the trunk is just the perfect Instagram story for all your guests. Did you realise, we just created a brilliant marketing strategy for your wedding together? Now get your gang moving and turn this pretty wedding dream, laden with colourful bangles into reality.

5. The Ultimate Bangle Background

Image Courtesy: Shribha Events

Isn’t this one among the most Hatke wedding stage backgrounds out of the ones that all of us have seen at some point in time? It is a perfect choice of bangle decoration for your wedding arrangements? With colourful bangles fit on to cylindrical rods in each wooden box, the set up looks dreamy for any wedding. It can even work for a fabulous photo wall at the wedding.

You can replace the wooden frame with empty cardboard boxes painted in vibrant colours, contrasting with the bangle colour arranged right next to it. A glitter flower or pre-wedding picture posted on every alternate box will add to the entire DIY charm of the bangle decoration. Don’t forget to experiment with colourful dupattas on the sides as well.

6. The Bangle Tokri

Image Courtesy: Photographick Studios

There are ample tables at every wedding functions to either eat or enjoy games or activities put up for the entertainment of the guests. Keeping such baskets full of colourful bangles can be a major addition to the entire vibe of the set up brimming with bangle decoration. With colourful dupattas, lassi glasses, Manjiyaan and everything traditional, the vibe is all set for the traditional Indian wedding.

You can organise some interesting games or a separate section with authentic food from U.P or Punjab. With tandoor and old-style barbeque set in a traditional corner, such bangle decoration with baskets and dupattas become a major hit. Your bangle decoration will definitely be a trendsetter for the coming couples and it is going to get extremely popular on social media handles. Are you ready for the limelight?

7. The Vibrant Bangle Photo Wall

Image Courtesy: Shahana Jewels

Photo walls are the latest hit in the wedding industry. With celebrity pictures from celebrity weddings flooding the internet with the same decorative background decided for capturing the first look, photo walls have become a massive trend these days. How about a medium sized wall-like background set up with bangles arranged like this as a #VijayKiPayal selfie spot?

A unique selfie spot just for your wedding day is priceless, isn’t it? With all the Janta looking back for its roots and traditions, such an earthy, warm and colourful style to welcome all your beloved guests is a fantastic way of making use of bangle decoration. Get ready to be flooded with all the Instagram and Facebook tags with your couple tag being a star, stuck in a massive glittery cut-out at the lovely bangle loaded selfie-wall.

With such thoughtful and unique ways of making use of bangle decoration at your wedding, listed right at one place, you are all set to break the conventions and choose the DIY décor as against the bomb-costing (pseudo-sophisticated) Swarovski loaded décor. Whether it is the hatke entrance, or the popular selfie spot, vibrant table décor or a magnificent centre showpiece, now you have everything to choose from as per your likes, dislikes and budget.

Once you are confident to go with the unique bangle decoration, nobody can stop you. Listen to what your heart says and we are ready to help you with our DIY bangle decoration options listed right above, just for you. Either hire a fab team of decorators or get your Paltan to work. No matter who you choose, with such a unique décor, your wedding is definitely going to set a tough benchmark for others to beat!

Tell us in the comments below how you liked these wedding decoration ideas using bangles.