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Consult an Astrologer in Delhi for These Wedding Predictions

So what kind of predictions an astrologer in Delhi will make for your wedding? Let us find out now!

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Whenever you visit an astrologer in Delhi, the first thing they will do is ask you both individual questions. These questions will be around your birth details, name, geography and details of the parents and family. All this information will then be used to create astrology charts by astrologer in Delhi, either manually or digitally. 

Once the charts are in order, the astrologers will analyse the details to answer your queries, discuss details of your Hindu marriage and make wedding predictions for your life as a couple ahead. These predictions, although not guaranteed to be 100% true, are considered important and accepted with respect by most families.

We are here to brief on all types of wedding predictions that you can expect being made when you visit an astrologer in Delhi.

1. Influence Of Marriage

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According to the Hindu astrology, when a couple gets married, their individual Kundlis get influenced strongly. The tying of the knot in the holy Indian wedding ceremony brings about a huge change on both the individual’s personal lives and effects the course of their lives ahead. This influence of marriage is predicted with the help of a Wedding calculator.

An astrologer in Delhi feeds information of planetary position and the birth charts to the calculator. The wedding calculator then analyses the inputs, to provide predictions on the wedded life ahead. This calculator gives insights on each planet's influence on the couple, providing predictions on the positives and the troubles they might face later.

2. Prediction of Obstacles

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This is something every couple wishes to avoid and something they wish never even occurs during the conversation when they visit an astrologer in Delhi. But the prediction of obstacles can be considered as a blessing in disguise. If there is an obstacle, there is a solution to it as well. Every astrologer in Delhi has his/her list of solutions in terms of performing small rituals to get rid of the obstacles.

In earlier times, a Kundli match and obstacles were big deciding factors whether to go ahead with the marriage or cancel on it completely. But in today’s times, the couples and their families look forward to a more positive approach, which means performing rituals like Manglik-Puja and the likes to ward off the negativity.

3. Prediction Of Individual Lives Of The Bride And The Groom

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The wedding charts and planetary positions play a major role in deciding how the life of the bride and the groom as individuals will change in the future. In technical terms, the lord of the 7th house and the presence of Venus in a man's Kundli can predict how his married life will turn out to be. Whereas, the lords of the 7th and the 8th house and the influence of Mars can predict the married future of the bride. 

Any astrologer in Delhi will use planetary positions to depict this information, letting the bride and the groom know about their futures ahead. This can also be, in a positive light, considered as a way of preparing the couple on how to tackle situations in the future, respect and communicate with each other to lead a harmonious married life.

4. Prediction Of Time For Wedding Ceremonies

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The main reason why any couple and their families visit an astrologer in Delhi and otherwise as well, is to seek consultation in terms of finalising the date of the wedding and specific timings of each ceremony. A Hindu marriage consists of many small ceremonies that need to be performed at the exact Muhurat times only.

After predicting an auspicious date to hold the wedding on, the astrologer moves on to taking out exact times for Pheras and Vidai. Since a few ceremonies differ region and culture-wise as well, some Hindu families request the astrologer to predict auspicious timings for Baraat welcome, Varmala and other such ceremonies as well.

5. Overall Prediction And Remedies

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To conclude a visit to an astrologer, the couple can sit with the Pandit Ji, understanding what astrology has to overall say about their marriage. Consulting the astrologer to suggest remedies for a smooth wedding ceremony can be a great idea to move ahead with the preparations.

Apart from the main wedding ceremony, the couple can also consult the astrologer about any additional rituals that can be performed later in marriage for a harmonious and prosperous life ahead. The remedies and rituals suggested by the astrologer, as per Hindu belief, help in blessing the couple with long married life.

Astrology is an acquired belief that many Hindus adhere by. When it comes to arranged marriages, the parents first prefer matching the Kundlis and then deciding on the course of steps ahead. But in case of love marriages, the consultation is made to know how best astrology can shape the wedded future in a positive light.

Whether you are a believer of astrology or you simply follow the family norms, it is always wise to visit an astrologer in Delhi with a positive mind. Be open to the idea of performing rituals if need be and do ask as many marriage-related questions from your astrologer.

The most important thing to remember is, that these are predictions and do not hold confirmed significance to what the future consists of. Respect and communication is the key to having a successful visit to any astrologer in Delhi.

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